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Carpo 4d
Roses are red, violets are blue
I don't sleep at night 'cause I'm thinking of you.
So roses are red, violets are blue
It's all in my head, no matter what I do.
Carpo Oct 1
Asking myself "Was it worth it?"
The pain, the scar, the way you break it

My hand that is bathe in red
My heat that turned into shred

My soul lost in the deepest dark
My body about to disembark
Carpo Sep 29
Slowly losing red ink,
So afraid the writer won't blink.
writing poems, that's what they think.
a death note is waiting and it has red ink.

If the writer continues,
people will hear a bad news.
They won't know unless they try his shoes,
writing with red ink while feeling the blues.
Carpo Sep 26
Word that is written in red,
A tiny scar that now my heart is in shred.
Lay down as the rain is inside my head,
Causing a flood under my bed.

Dark as an ink,
Like a ship that sinked,
for a second that I blinked,
My hand is now covered with red ink.
Carpo Sep 14
Waving at darkness
Finding peace in this madness.
A sudden rain to keep me warm
the blues are my charm.
Carpo Aug 23
A fresh start,
Working in a new form of art.
following my heart,
Picking the pieces that fall apart.

Working on a new canvas,
Trying a new pallet to have a perfect pass.
A new brush for the new class,
Trying this form of art on a glass.

A shade of Tangerine for creativity,
A splash of Rose for you're lovely,
A brush of the Sea for the person I trust,
A little bit of Royalty for the mystery.
Carpo Jul 20
The alcohol running through my body,
Sipping it like fine wine,
Drinking like there's no time.
Drinking like it's the end of the line.

A destructive hobby.
A curse that's inside of me,
Drunk like Cleopatra,
Walking like a Drunk cobra.

Pull me out of this cage.
Free me from this chain.
I swore to change,
Let me endure the pain.
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