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Roger Kennedy Feb 2019
The first time I saw him it happened
The person I was, was no more.
The feelings, the happiness, it all added up, love washed over like the waves to the shore.

His fist gripped my finger so tightly and his love gripped my soul even more, and I knew from that moment until my days will be done, that I'll love him, oh love him, oh love him,
My son.
My son's.
Roger Kennedy Feb 2019
Is darkness a feeling or a colour?
For some it is both.
Black as an outcast sheep it
Drowns brightness and makes
Loneliness float.
Roger Kennedy Feb 2019
I worry about the future,
I worry about the past,
I worry about worrying and
How long will worry last.

I'm happy with my family,
I really love my wife.
I'm happy being happy
I really love my life.

It all boils down to perception,
Am I worried, happy, sad?
Step back and see you have all you need and enjoyed the things you had.

Don't worry about the future,
Don't worry about the past.
Don't worry about worrying,
Smile, laugh, cry, it's all part of life's blast.
Roger Kennedy Feb 2019
The mind is like a dagger
It both glistens and cuts deep.
The sharpened edge is worries,
That never leave you sleep.
Both can show a weakness
A blunt depressing state,
When in thought you are defeated,
Yourself you start to hate.
But strike that knife upon a stone and start to think more sharply,
And your mind itself can cut the thoughts that make you so unhappy.
Just smile, laugh and ponder the things that make life great,
Enjoy the now for now for soon will be too late.

— The End —