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Dec 2019 · 290
Kleo Dec 2019
It’s crazy
How you can think you’ve
Figured it out.
But really,
You’re more confused than
Ever before.
Dec 2019 · 340
Kleo Dec 2019
I am not okay.
I just wish people would know.
But they won’t listen.
Nov 2019 · 209
Feeding the Fire
Kleo Nov 2019
They creep up my arms,
Like a greedy wildfire inching towards my wrists.
Every day the fire grows bigger,
Leaving ugly scars behind.
Yet I feed the fire every day,
Until all I see is red, red, everywhere.
The fire grows hungry,
So I must take up my blade and feed it again.
The flames hide my sorrows and cover my fears,
In exchange for never ending pain.
But god,
Do I love the pain.
Enjoy my first poem posted!! An ugly vent poem that I made in five minutes!!

— The End —