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Lovely 7d
We are so capable of love...but still choose to be toxic...
Lovely 7d
You were so afraid of my voice, I decided to be afraid of it too.
Lovely Mar 16
I don't want someone like you.
I don't want somebody brand new.
I only want you.
I wish you didn't have to second guess this.
I wish you wouldn't stress it.
I only want you.
I know sometimes it gets hard to let your guard down.
I know sometimes I make you feel like you're gonna drown.
I only want you.
I love you Cody.
I need you.
I wouldn't leave you.
I just wish you understood, I only want you.
Lovely Mar 7
Strangers of the night.
Poets trying to write.
Lovers who love a good fight.
We bring the sun to it's knees every night.
We look so good under the moonlight.
You're my knight of the night.
God, why does this feel so right?
Lovely Feb 6
They say, "Don't you dare. Don't you go there, cutting off your long hair. You do as you're told".
They say, "Go put on some makeup. This is a phase you're gonna outgrow. You're gonna quit this show".
They say, "What stress? You'll be fine. Now, go put on your best dress and heals."
They say, "Wipe those tears. We don't have time to go over all your fears. Can't you see, we don't care?".
They say, "You're so good at letting us down. You're the family clown. Why don't you go drown yourself out of our lives?".
I say, "I'm gonna buy a bottle of the best champagne. I'm gonna raise a glass in your names. And I'm gonna cry if I want to. It's my party without you. Here's to all the pain".
I don't need any of you anymore.
Lovely Feb 1
Never have I ever dealt with anything more difficult than my own soul.
Lovely Jan 30
Why do I bother?
Trapped in desire.
Feel so close.
But I can't touch the fire.
The sun goes up, then the sun goes down.
Day after day.
My conscience, she drowns.
We only pray for winter when summer comes around.
Don't look away...
I'm afraid of who I am.
Today, the winds howl on and on.
Please hold onto me.
I'm slipping away.
My dreams are starting to get freaky.
But don't worry, I'm still dancing to the leaking sink.
Drip drop, drip drop...
I'm starting to think I'm crazy.
There's no need for their worries though.
Because I believe they already know that careful gets boring.
And how would they know what's good for me?
The moon comes out, then the moon fades away.
Night after night.
My conscience, she drowns.
You're afraid of who I am.
Tonight, the rain pours on and on.
Hold onto me.
I'm slipping away.
Please spare me from myself.
It's hard enough with everyone else...
I think my soul's rebelling.
Can someone tell me what I'm thinking?
When the sun goes down and the moon comes out.
Day after night.
My conscience, she drowns, just a little bit more...
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