Christopher Jan 4
Sing a hymn
Sing a song.
Rejoice! Rejoice!
A ***** I am no more.
So now freely shall I roam

Onwards to a brighter future,
To a brand new start.
Pack your things and we'll tear away once that they had started.

But why?
Why burn something so nice?
Claim it for yourself.
Make something new!
Trust me why don't you.

Let's work it!
Keep it as it was,
Maybe place this chain here so I won't forget where I'm going.

Its okay, it's not a like it was before.

Funny how free I thought I'd be once they called it off.

Yet I find myself going back to where it all happened.
Christopher Jan 4
Such a day
Such a night.
Quite a sight to see my old friend,
Just like we have every night.

Clyde my friend it's been a while,
Yet I see you everywhere with a warm smile.
My inspiration and my pal.
My only one I can see when all are gone.

Not a word you say,
but if you could,
You would question of where I stay.

"Why so astray from all those who love you dear?
Is there something you fear?
Or something you despise.
Either way, I know how you lie so don't try."

Why should I see you and speak a word when all you do is see me sink in to the abyss of depression.
While I cry and try to think of why I don't need to waste time of making my mind believe there's some kind of guide or ally that I can rely on or whine on...

Why am I an oddity.
Why could I never lie down my life all those times I wanted to just...



It's okay Clyde... I don't know why either.

You know I recollect at these nights but I just keep remembering why I cry most of the time. **** it why can't I stop rhyming
Christopher Jan 3
A game of chance,
But a game of smarts.
So easy to play but easier to lie.
It's not your first time is it?

Not mine.

So great to see you again.
I know you've seen me even now and then. Yet you act like you're some stranger who's never been around.
Such a card.
I can't tell if you're 1 or 11
Switching back and forth till you've become aware of...

All we see is two.  But she doesn't know I see 4
Christopher Dec 2018
As she sings,
Letting her heart about,
It's a beauty to see her change into an outfit suitable for the occasion.
Of course she was somewhere else but they can't tell. That's how we all are.
It's one of my favorite things to see

Watching the two of you craft something new,
I know there's a future out there for both of you. Funny how they pull it off though;
Planning the idea but with few resources and actions.

And to see you paint a colored sky is enough to blind her mind.
Knowing it's just a hobby and I'm still waiting to see you get out and make a dime for these kids is a waste of my time. But it's my favorite thing to see

Especially when all four of you are just wolves deceiving the world. Just like me
I'd really love to run away and paint my sky. But I'd just make her cry.
Christopher Dec 2018
4 out of 5 become different.
But the one will change the world.
So why not me?

I've got the plans but no action.
Seems I'm no different than the 4 and 3.
Except I'm not dependent on chlorine or finding the right thing to make me happy.

1 and 2 just remind me that we can all fall into the ability of finding ways of not being so panicky.
Though hold your breath deep and hope these things will stay for a while.
So why not me...
Chlorine and the Right Thing seem so easy and the thing that keeps them from being shakey helps them.
So why not me?
I've already found my thing but the sad truth is there's no way out.

Counseling is a way
Sure talk about why it seems so wrong.
Even though I caught you looking at them the way I do, you still lecture me as if you're not doing it.

I admit I'm an addict
But could you blame me as they blame themselves.
Excuse this excuse that.
So why not me....
I ******* hate myself a lot for my addictions but you know, life is weird. Happens for reasons we do or don't understand.
Christopher Dec 2018
Oh Creator, my maker.
So much I thank thee for
But so much I can't say.

So much has passed by but it's been years since we spoke.
Yet my mouth remains tight
As if you had much to say anyways.

I stand here in the position as you have made me.
But life slowly repositions me.

Why bother repeating what you've heard.
Cover your eyes like the weeping angel you are.
My time has come and soon I'll break the chain.
Time to create a new...
Just like they all said...
So let's put action.

Where am I now.

Arise and become anew.

1257 Dear Child
Sometimes my direction changes. Sorry master that u broke your rule but sometimes to please, you have to displease
Christopher Nov 2018
I don't know what to say or how to say it but we all struggle.

These last couple of months I've take off to myself.
Wondering what to write and what to say but it just seems like any way seems to be have already said.

I've learned to be patient,
I've learned to hold my heart.
It's still a work in progress
And I know I'll end well.

Keep your eyes up and cry down those tears.
It's better you do instead of building it up for many years.

Now remember when I say this, you can just forget.
Write it down in a journal or on your skin.

Change it up,
Guard your heart,
But never ever try to blame your doubt.
Remember what to do it in humility and never it claim it in the name of Fame.
For who you are now is changeable but only if you are willing to put the work.

Sorry if I sounded like a mumble but this is what's needs to be said from the inside of my head.
Glad to hear back but time to take it at my pace what I've gotta say.
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