Ounii Sep 2018
My hands are cold
So cold
Ounii Sep 2018
My one pupil is bigger than the other
Strange, ive never noticed that before
Ounii Sep 2018
run run run

The world blurs
Silhouettes shimmer
I run past them
Others run too, shimmering next to me.
I can’t touch them.
I don’t look back as they disappear.
I run,
run run run
until I’m Alone
Left only with these stretch marks
  Jun 2018 Ounii
Neon Beaches
To walk neon beaches

The space between (dimensions)

A vibrant limbo

16 bit roads lined with palm trees

These neon beaches I walk

This purgatory between life and death

A simulacrum of reality that bleeds colour

A place isolated from existence

— The End —