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Jody Sep 2019
You and Kurt feel the same
Please do not follow his name
For in this club there is fame
I hope it's not your Endgame.

Smile back to all those, on that list
Foxy ladies, will never quench this
Hello I love you, so dearly, miss
Me and Bobby, are not as hopeless.

Make no deals, at the crossroads
Riding with death, and it now shows
Checkov burrried, sadly, in willows
Offered up rehab, and you said no.

I does not matter, if you believe in heaven.
To live long and prosper, may be an errand.
The belief that we have, I hope it may leaven.
All I can ask is that you live past twenty seven.
Jody Feb 2018
Please don't pity me because I am single
I enjoy life, get out, play hard and mingle
Soul mates will meet when the timing is right
For now, I'll do me so the future looks bright.

Being alone is not making me pensive
It's opened my eyes something extensive
I'd rather see love than have it myself
Seeing you thrive is good for my health.

I see all your posts of how happy they make you
Of bad and good and of all you have been through
Of how they are faithful and loyal to the end
Of being being a lover and also a friend.

Being single has not brought me sadness
I'm seeing love thrive in a world filled with madness.
To me that is beautiful and that's that all I need
As long as love lives, my sorrow is freed.

What does bring me sorrow are all these **** cheaters.
These liars, scumbags, and f** spouse beaters.
It's ignorant, and no it is not the human condition
It's going on too much and needs decommission.

To all the boys sending ladies pics of your ****
If you're trying to get any, that's going about it all wrong.
Sure some are into it but, they'll say if it's true
That's not how men act, what's the matter with you?

Spreading love is my purpose, I can't let it die
My heart beats as long as true love is alive
You can call me a wimp, or call me a hippie
I really don't care, so don't get all lippy.

This is for everyone who is in love or inquiring
Your love is amazing and I find it inspiring.
Let's get rid of the habits that have diluted it's beauty
Love is resplendent, and to protect it's our duty.

Please don't think I get sad when I see you're in love
Wishing for someone is not what I think of
True love persists, and for that I am grateful
Please keep love alive and away from the hateful.

Some call it all fake or just a chemical reaction
But what brought it on? It's not just from attraction.
Monogamy's not necessary to survival of species
It helps with procreation but, it's also our Achilles.

Our minds evolved love because we aren't human without it.
It's from the soul, if you never felt it don't try to doubt it.
Don't hate on love, it has the best of intentions
It just wants to grow and spread it's affections.

And for now I'll do me so the future looks bright
I'll find my true love when the timing is right.
Keep this in mind as we mix and we mingle
Please don't pity me because I am single.
With Valentine's day recently I have been seeing a lot of couples talking about how happy they are and how they feel bad I don't have anyone. I wrote this to try and show I could care less if I have somebody I love seeing love not just being in love. Thank you.
Jody Dec 2017
My beliefs do not matter tonight
To believe or not to believe?
This is no time to start a fight.
Faith in love on this silent eve.

I do not celebrate it as the saviors birth
I have nothing against those who do
For me tonight is about family first
Talking about the year we've been through.

I do not say I'm celebrating Christmas
It is not my place to take your holiday.
It is a chance to calm and destress
A time to love and put hate away.

I'm just siezing the opportunity
My family together for their Lord
I come along for peace and unity
I know that love will be assured.

The year gets to be demanding
This is a time to release and relax.
Religious or not, it's outstanding
Serenity of the world off our backs.

So to all I wish you love and happiness,  
A silent night free from worry and fear.
May your mind be free from craziness,
full of merry,  and have a happy new year.
Happy Holidays Everybody!
Jody Dec 2017
Silhouette dreams of a peaceful world
Born with the gift of consciousness.
Washing over with fear and decay
From these powers' egoistic callousness.

They don't know who we really are
They don't know our aspirations!
Every moment should be cherished
We're our own administrations!

Our minds have abilities not yet realized
We're being held back from our true potential.
Visual stimuli to distract from oneness
But we must come together, that's essential.

Talk of revolution but, all it is: just words
We aren't going to win with just phone screens.  
World peace isn't found in a text or emoji;
It's in us, most of us are kindhearted beings.

Our revolution will be a new seed,
One not fallen from a tree of war.  
War begets war, and so history repeats
This cycle can go no more.

Revolution rooted in peace?
An unreasonable request, to say the least.
No matter the hardships, or the struggles
It must happen, lest our freedom be deceased.
Jody Sep 2017
On a summer's eve I heard your call
Hearts beating faster than a drumline
Speechless with overwhelming joy
Everything became brighter

You have your pains and your past
I have your relief and your future
Time will ultimately heal you
Until then I will tend your wounds

I know you feel for your past lovers
It does not waiver my love for you
The past is something we must all carry
I'm not here to make your load heavier.

I fell in love the first time we met
Though I was too ignorant to realize it
Your beauty is unmatched by any in my eyes
And your heart is where mine belongs.

I am making a commitment
A promise for the ages
I will hold on to you my whole life
You are what I was put on Earth for.

It may be hard to comprehend
I'm not entirely sure I do
Love doesn't have to make sense
Love means I am here for you.

Through sorrow, pain, happiness, and life
There I will be, with your heart in mine
There I will be, your pain is mine
There I will be, forever, my wife.
Jody Sep 2017
Welcome to my sunrise
Seven years I've spent in night
I am making a reprise
Because I chose to fight.

The glass lay broken
My reflection lost for years
Words left unspoken
Battling all my fears.

Love comes when you don't expect
At least it did for me
Seven years I was wrecked
And then she set me free.

Old friends who never knew
How the other felt
In these years we both grew
She had to let it out.

My life before was second rate
Seven years of solitude
Then a few words sealed our fate
And now I have more altitude.

I've never been so full of life
I thought I'd always be alone
Seven years of lonley strife
My reflection has been shown.

Stars aligned through our hearts
Fireworks blazed above
This is where our life starts
The story of our love.

Though all I've said cannot express
The euphoria that she brings
For only stars can truly process
The way her beauty sings.

This is the end of condemnation
Of a seven year depression
This is my reincarnation
And also my confession.

Life will improve in time
That mirror will be mended
You have to make the climb
Your strife will be tended.

Seven years I spent in night
My reflection thrown above
Then she brought me to the light
And now I have found my love.
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