I don't know the proper way,
To mature either standing or lay,
In your mental and emotional stance,
This is where my maturity prance,
Yet I feel still a child,
My thoughts of the world run wild,
What I have seen,
Has not kept clean,
Nor has been,
A profound win,
I am at a loss,
For the things crawling towards me,
In my mind,
Do they notice me,
Why my fate,
Has no date,
With destiny,
Or correction,
I am not surprised,
I already know who I am,
I already know my future,
This said with a slam,
Slamming shut my curiosity,
Life is no longer the boss of me,
When I know it's tricks,
When I know how it can hurt with stones and sticks,
So what to say,
Where my maturity already lay.
Feeling it tomorrow,
Feeling it today.
I already figured it out, my maturity.  And I am not talking physically.
It is music to my ears,
To know that you are happy.
Unless you're my heart's tears,
Then you make me sappy.
I may say I am selfless,
But really I am not.
I only talk about my troubles,
It was always in my thought.
For people who hate me,
I always understood.
For people who like me,
I never understood.
You could?
You should?
You would.
You would if I were a completely different person,
With less issues and more talent.
That may not be you,
Or you,
But maybe you.
You know why,
Deep down my true emotion isn't care?
Music helps me.
Motivates me.
To fight staying who I am.
But I know I can't.
You can.
Do whatever it takes.
Whatever peaceful and unhurtable method motivates you,
To be better.
That is music to my ears.
All the people at my school:  I can't relate to.
She didn't want this.
Neither did he.
Nor deserve.
Or need.
Yet the void,
Can still plant it's seed.
In a child's heart,
Watch their life's light bleed.
Even in the purest,
Darkness is corrupting.
People claw,
In different directions.
For power,
For their control over other's views.
Opinions and feeling don't matter,
To those with a strong void emotion,
It is a vile potion.
That which is dranken,
When people do true wrong.
Act true wrong.
Even feel true wrong,
It is a song,
That is sung,
Until someone,
Stops the multiple singers who sung,
The true tune,
That is the call of the void.
And even the smallest acts power it.
You know what, I will show what I know of the world.
Amognst the blaze,
Light shall stand,
The color of those,
Who see the void,
Are being dragged,
Towards it like a ragged,
Broken toy,
But you can fix,
Without either hurt,
Turn the gravity,
To the light,
Hope of peace,
If only our golden stars,
In that void,
Famous and infamous,
Could say the words,
Could breathe the words,
That MLK,
Could spill,
Into our hearts.
I got cussed out by a kid when I was walking by a kindergarten center.
Influence of our givers,
Givers of physical life,
Teaching us darkness,
When we should first experience light,
That is another importance,
What we first learn,
Is to cry,
But if it is someday relieved with true and bright happiness,
We no longer need the void.
Now do you see the power,
Of not a hurting fight,
But a fight to show light,
To an unforgiving world,
Though we do not deserve forgiveness,
We can still spark hope in the shattered pieces of its heart, Places where the sun can't reach,
But humanity's light can.
I have made many people happier and better by inspiring them to do better, not physically or mentally, but emotionally.  The void of verbal and physical abuse removed.  I wish someday someone removed me from the void.  I need forgiveness.
The void has gotten to me,
Yet it will never win.
Because of my mental craziness,
This is song forever sung.
It cannot win,
Not even when I am done.
Remind me,
Of my one true desire,
Immune to all forms of damage.
I would like to still be able to communicate,
Feel emotionally/mentally.
I wished,
I prayed,
I don't put that much effort into most things,
Then I think of this.
The effort I put into fixing me,
Is useless,
If I used it for something else,
I could be...
Immortally powerful.
I could figure out a way.
But then I remember.
The void is waiting.
I will do whatever it takes,
To forever get rid of it.
In the rest of humanity.
For this task,
I will need immortality.
In conclusion,
I can never complete either.
So, the worthless and forever evil cycle goes on, without anyone having enough of everything to stop it.  One day, someone better, more selfless than me will come along, see this, and put an end to the void we all know.
Shape of life,
Shape of world,
Void is true,
Politics rue,
4 years,
We can start anew,
A better hope,
For patriots few,
The vines creep,
To destroy what is left,
Of the country's cleft.
As they fight,
Empowering the wrong,
Not making the country right,
Our leaders cause nothing but trouble,
If only to relate,
To the idea of hate,
Hating on their threats,
No noble opponents,
No honorable selection,
It's not good for a future election,
People hope to come soon.
Thought of doubt,
Thought of heart,
We can survive this,
With a new start.
This I tried to make like an actual old-fashioned poem, with a bunch of weird words and metaphors, but it was just too hard.  So, I decided to wrap it up with the central idea of politics.
Look at me,
Do you see who,
I try to be,
Better than other guys,
Gentlemanly wise,
Maybe not by size,
But my love is a surprise?
I don't know,
What to say,
And what to know,
I have no excuses,
I lost it I am losin',
I needed help,
More now than ever,
But I might need help,
Really forever,
Look at the weather,
Predict rain.
I am rain.
I want to fade away,
I am a friend-bane,
I am good at making friends,
but terrible at keeping them.
That's more about me,
But it's you I want to see,
I don't judge,
I won't judge,
But if someone hurt you,
I might have to "meet" them,
Friendly "greet" them,
That's just how I am,
I help with things people don't really need,
But they want,
For justice,
I would,
I could,
I should,
You know what I mean,
Now try to stay clean,
Your life gives me a mode and mean.
Other people out there who have been hurt, I haven't.  But I will fight for you.   If I ever found THAT kind of criminal...well, lets just say it won't be too pleasant.
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