What is right,
Is not left,
It is pushed,
Face first into a wall,
As slowly,
It begins to fall,
It isn't usually used,
And if it is, it's abused.
Because people use it to mess around,
So right format is bound,
To not be useful,
It is old not youthful,
But in the end,
It will still be there,
At the perfect moment,
At the right time.
Continuing the format poems, now right format.  This is the RIGHTful end!
Let me tell you some more struggles,
I have ADHD,
I have PTSD,
And I have Anxiety,
I might have insomnia,
In the dark I see things,
I forget everyday things,
Why did the universe make me this way?
Why do I have to choose between straight and gay?
I am always scared when I am alone.
All the nightmares I have experienced,
Have set me this way.
I can't take a shower in peace.
My imagination causes most of this downfall.
Who can help, who can I call?
I had a therapist for two years.
I just want all my memory of horror gone...I can't live my life like this.  It's painful.  I hate how every day I am scared when I am alone.  Nothing has helped.  I waste my life away playing video games to pass the time.  I sneakily watch porn.  I get addicted to different types of porn.  I may have been raped when I was younger, I don't like the texture of fat.  Yes, I sleep in a cocoon of blankets and stuffed animals.  I have a nightlight,  I am almost a teen!  What is wrong with me!  I am not gonna kill myself, don't worry.   No point in doing that if my goal is to help people around the world.  As a doctor, maybe create medicines or robots, or technology to help.  This is me right now.  As I want a girlfriend, I realize I am too young.  I can't take a joke well, because I don't know how.  I was closer to my mother, so I act girly sometimes.  I think sometimes about being a girl, but that's just my imagination running wild.  I want to be a straight, smart, funny guy.  Who helps people and is always nice/gentlemanly to girls.  This will take a lot of work.  But one day, I may achieve this.  And so can you.  Sorry, it turned into rant. Meant to be a poem.
The truth about me is here.
Remember that girl I told you about?
Rejected me three times?
Well, even when I liked I had problems with her...
When she gets obsessed with something she always makes me try it,
And never have I ever liked it,
I don't want to read twilight or harry potter!
I am sorry, but I am not your daughter!
I am guy who used like you,
But even then I kinda had spite for you,
Leave me alone don't force me to do this,
Quit saying your tired every day we have been through this!
I don't hate her, or want to date her.
But I just can't deal with her anymore,
I listen to her when I want to ignore.
Why do I do this?
It's just a bore.
I just realized that at some point...if any relationship happened...I would be easily annoyed.
Sorry I have to say this, but...I can't take it!
When you don't play basketball,
That is a social downfall,
When you don't play fortnite,
People tell you to play every night,
Why can't I relate,
To my fellow guys who talk about a date,
All they do is talk about fights,
Roast each other without rights,
To whom can say what,
About girls and buts,
I feel bad for some girls,
Who have guys after them in swirls,
I try to be nice to them every moment,
She is a sweet friend,
And even though I have feeling for her too,
I don't want her to be my boo,
Will she start hating me?
Am I showing them too much glee?
Some guys are just nuts,
Others get into ruts,
I don't like how they act,
I am annoyed by both genders some time,
But that's not why I am writing these rhymes,
What I what to say is be equal,
And compliment good people.
One more thing...Is it okay to not like sports?
Have a semi-racist but not be racist?
Read books and do work,
But play games where gamers lurk,
I am white and not cool?
Why do they not believe!
I am Puerto Rican!
I only got semi-popular,
By winning roast battles,
I hate when they boast,
Because it rattles,
I don't want to be friendly.
I'll I try to be is nice.
But when people annoy me it will suffice,
With hyper and random actions,
Messing around with friend groups and factions.
Another long poem you may relate to.  This a lot of my opinions and problems.  You maybe might feel empathy.
May be a reason.
But wondering gay or straight,
Is in my mind treason.
My body says gay,
But my soul says straight.
My mind says ignore it,
But which do I want to date?
Is it ok, to have need to be gay,
But have a want to be straight.
It's the opposite for most,
But for me I boast,
That I want to be straight, not gay.
If you are gay,
Tell me...
Is being straight okay?
There are drugs.
There are pugs.
But my addiction,
Is not fiction.
Technically it is,
Since it's fantasy.
Maybe it's clear,
What my addiction issue to see.
But actually,
It's videogames.
I have a problem,
That requires medical help.
If I even see a videogame,
I will yelp.
Because otherwise I will waste my life away,
And I will not let that happen today.
But maybe I could play for a few minutes...
I have a bad obsession for videogames.  Well, still not as bad as drugs or alcohol!
I say failure if I trip,
But when the realization makes me stop,
That when I make a real big slip,
I understand what it is to really flop,
I tried out blunt,
I know I am the runt,
Still I thought I could,
And I wish I would,
Have gotten her favorite flower,
Ask her best friend to help me talk to her,
All I could do,
Was just be happy when my heart became stew,
And it was cooked to be burnt,
What I thought may be a flirt,
Was really just sadness,
Hiding in the madness,
But hey it's okay,
It's just life in it's fray,
I'm just gonna say,
That it will happen...one day.
I failed.  I'll just ignore my hurt.
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