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Canis Latrans Mar 2019
Desolate sands, vacant blood.
Sunset bleeds into final night.
Aut Caesar Aut Nihil.
Canis Latrans Mar 2019
Sentinel of dust.
Guard your resolutions quietly.
Calamity comes but to no avail.
The card signifies strength in opposition. If attacked he will meet the onslaught boldly.
Canis Latrans Mar 2019
Animals do not know sin.
This is the principle difference between us,
and them.
To feel guilty is to feel human.
Canis Latrans Feb 2019
When I die, let the wolves dance in my silver.
Lay the dust of me down in a snowy place.
So I may melt into the earth,
under the weight of your sun.
Canis Latrans Feb 2019
The graphite colored smoke, that rose from your charcoal covered body, in billows of silver.
The ferocious orange and yellow flames, that dance at the thought of bringing your bones into the sun.
The smell.
Sandalwood and gasoline.
Canis Latrans Feb 2019
Look how soon we are all forgotten.
Even the best of us, cannot have our names, carried in the wind forever.
Canis Latrans Mar 2019
The oldest of demons.
Most loathsome of creatures.

You who dare claw and scrape at the light.

You empty thing.

Crude skin grafted over hollow bones.
Sunken eyes and misshapen spine.

Sleeping beast.
Primordial instinct.
Yellow teeth.

Rankest breath.
Twisted entrails.
Unnaturally long fingernails.

The cackling laugh of a snarling dog.

Disfigured cur.
You are but a crippled appendage of the world.

Rot like any other dead thing.
Disappear from my memory forever.
Canis Latrans Apr 2019
Heavens lament,
lest they find what drunkeness suits them best,
and be called happy.
Canis Latrans Mar 2019
A human being.
An abhorrent thing to be.
Poor loathsome creature.
A haiku.
Canis Latrans Feb 2019
As if your heart alone,
wasn’t enough to carry.

I've gone, and given you mine.
Canis Latrans Feb 2019
The moon ran its fingers through your dark brown mane.
A porcelain lioness, glowing under the night sky.
Canis Latrans Feb 2019
Norepinephrine. Serotonin. Dopamine.
Canis Latrans Mar 2019
No matter how wide my embrace,
I can never hold the sky.

I always fall in love with the wrong women.
Distant stars in the dark night sky.

Shinning brilliantly,
out of reach.
Canis Latrans Mar 2019
Smoldering, in a sea of cosmic smoke.
Burning, in a dazzling blaze of glory.
Dying, brightly.
For all the stars to see.
Canis Latrans Feb 2019
These are your waters,
I'm just drowning in them.
“Water, water, everywhere,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, everywhere,
Nor any drop to drink.”
Canis Latrans Apr 2019
Yellow roses, shine golden.
Adorned with blood.
Canis Latrans Feb 2019
Everyone needs to feel like they have secrets.
I loved you.
That’s my secret.
Canis Latrans Mar 2019
Soft curling flesh. 
Pink, supple and wet.
Canis Latrans Apr 2019
Seed, tilling around.
Ravishing soil, tickling leaves.
Dancing on sodden land.
Canis Latrans Feb 2019
I wanted to change, more than I wanted to die.
That's the only reason I'm still here.
Whispered, the butterfly.
Canis Latrans Feb 2019
I loath the sickly, yellow glow of mans fire.
How it paints the walls of his dwelling with unnatural light.
He has forgotten me.
Now that he can see in his darkness,
he has no reason to leave it.
Canis Latrans Mar 2019
"Do not worry I will be gentle," said the wolf.

"You mean to tell me, a beast as monstrous as you, is capable of mercy," said the traveler.

"No, not mercy," said the wolf. “Gentleness, there is a difference. I will devour you tenderly.”
Canis Latrans Mar 2019
The shadows grow pale.
The patient light of the moon,
Foreshadows despair.
Hidden enemies, darkness, deception.
Canis Latrans Apr 2019
Babylon rests, in sun-golden rays.
Fortuna smiles upon you.
Material happiness, fortunate marriage, contentment.
Canis Latrans Jun 2019
Eternity is the constant abandoning of oneself to infinity.
Time is eternity in motion.
Canis Latrans Feb 2019
You need not liken yourself to a beast,
as exclamation of your strength.
There are plenty of wolves in the forest already.
You don’t have to be one of them,
if you don’t want to.
Canis Latrans Feb 2019
You took the beasts among us,
and made them gods.
ravenous gods.

— The End —