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Canis Latrans Jun 2019
Eternity is the constant abandoning of oneself to infinity.
Time is eternity in motion.
Canis Latrans Apr 2019
Seed, tilling around.
Ravishing soil, tickling leaves.
Dancing on sodden land.
Canis Latrans Apr 2019
Babylon rests, in sun-golden rays.
Fortuna smiles upon you.
Material happiness, fortunate marriage, contentment.
Canis Latrans Apr 2019
Heavens lament,
lest they find what drunkeness suits them best,
and be called happy.
Canis Latrans Apr 2019
Yellow roses, shine golden.
Adorned with blood.
Canis Latrans Mar 2019
Smoldering, in a sea of cosmic smoke.
Burning, in a dazzling blaze of glory.
Dying, brightly.
For all the stars to see.
Canis Latrans Mar 2019
"Do not worry I will be gentle," said the wolf.

"You mean to tell me, a beast as monstrous as you, is capable of mercy," said the traveler.

"No, not mercy," said the wolf. “Gentleness, there is a difference. I will devour you tenderly.”
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