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Kasey osvirecic Mar 2014
Like a flower, my love for you grows.
It blossoms into something beautiful,
Only to wither away in the Autumn twilight.

Is it because it is not pure, or true?
No, it is because I cannot contain it.
It out grows even my own expectations,
Unfortunately like weeds.

It is because I cannot stand to be hurt.
My emotions are more fragile than my bones,
Easily broken and shattered with only one word.

I find it so difficult to love.
Kasey osvirecic Mar 2014
I never believed in love
It was fiction
Because it only existed in fiction

My parents were great parents
But that’s all they were
The hollow title of husband and wife
They were parents
They were not lovers

My grandparents were different
They held hands often
He held the door for her
She laughed at his jokes

But they fell in love ages ago
Before society was corrupt
When chivalry existed
Doors were held
Hands were held
Hearts were held

Now doors are slammed
Hands are clasped tight in each other
Praying for a miracle
Hearts are broken

Until you, who held the door
My miracle
"Prayers" suddenly answered
Mending my broken heart

I believe in love
It is real
Because it exists in me and you.
Kasey osvirecic Jan 2013
She was crippled
Lost in her thoughts
As pieces of her life shattered around her
She was caved in
The room began to spin
Everything raised
As what was left of her hope began to fade away
Spinning, and shifting; no escape
Never let loose for a breath of fresh air
But caught in despair she drops the razor
Flushes the pills
Drains the alcohol
But grabs the knife, and gets rid of what's left.
Kasey osvirecic Nov 2012
There's nothing that can be said
About the beauty of your eyes
That wise men with pens wiser than mine
Haven't wrote centuries ago

They curiously follow others
god knows who
And hold the most amazing secrets
That I'll never know.

— The End —