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Nov 2014 · 639
Corey Kuropas Nov 2014
Dreary sky
Gloomy view
Worry sinks in
And settles without consent
Powerless to fight
Tired and worn
Hoping for a better light
Wanting for a change of view
Nov 2014 · 533
Corey Kuropas Nov 2014
The snow gently falls outside
Picturesque as we open our eyes to start the day
The cold sneaks in to the room
But you manage to keep me warm
So quiet, and so serene
Your "I love you's" are my soundtrack
There's no need to get out of bed yet
Let us stay for another minute
Nov 2014 · 1.1k
Those Strings
Corey Kuropas Nov 2014
Where did those lovely strings go
They disappeared and I want them back
The strings that made country so beautiful
Those strings that instilled what was real
The deep sound of that big bass
The furious squeals of a fiddle on fire
Where did those lovely strings go
They disappeared and I want them back
Nov 2014 · 994
Corey Kuropas Nov 2014
You look so **** good
Wearing only my flannel
Driving me so wild
Oct 2014 · 10.1k
Corey Kuropas Oct 2014
I'm a simple man
A country boy north of the Mason Dixon
I don't look for much
There's only the little things I that I yearn
Like the love of a good woman and a smooth whiskey
Maybe a reliable old truck and some folks that would miss me

I'm comfortable anywhere I go
From the corn fields of Illinois, to the mountains of Tennessee
I travel light, some blue jeans and some shirts
Perhaps with a few bucks for a little fun
I listen to some old country every day
Like No Show, Hank and Mr. Conway

I'm cut from old school cloth
Just like my folks before me
Yeah, I'm not fancy
I just am who I am
A lover and a fighter
A son, brother, uncle, and lover
Oct 2014 · 833
Corey Kuropas Oct 2014
You've set my skin ablaze
A fever that I cannot shake
This fever has no cure
Nor would I want a cure

Again and again I feel this heat
From my head, all the way down to my toes
This fire comes from within
And you are the one who lit the match
Oct 2014 · 471
What Love Is
Corey Kuropas Oct 2014
Love is not supposed to be hard
Love is not what the skeptics say
Love is laughter
Love is caring
Love is true
Love is fun

Love is learning to to share your soul with someone special
Love makes your heart beat to the drum of your special someone
Love is dreaming of that special someone when you're away
Love is feeling the utter warmth of happiness of being with that one and only

That's what love is.
Oct 2014 · 1.0k
Corey Kuropas Oct 2014
I can still taste you
White hot linger on my lips
Tattooed on my tongue
Oct 2014 · 484
A Heart
Corey Kuropas Oct 2014
My heart had become stone
Like a victim of Medusa's stare
Cold, hard and lacking of any love
I thought it'd be trapped for an eternity or two

But along came a shy girl
Such a surprise to me
I wondered what her intentions were
Curious, and slightly stricken

This girl knew what she wanted
She began to chip away at this encased part of me
Every day, a little more would come off
So diligent, she worked with a sense of determination

I showed her there was more to this
That there was something under it all
Even though she could of walked away
What she did was stay

Even when the rocky slab seemed like it couldn't break
She still pressed on, undeterred
Until one day, it finally happened
What was nothing but stone, now resembled a heart

And for her hard work
My heart was hers
And once again to my surprise
Her heart became mine

Such luck and such beauty out what I never thought could be
Oct 2014 · 944
Corey Kuropas Oct 2014
I'm not a manufactured cowboy
Don't you dare call me one
I'm just a simple man
A tattooed hellbilly from a small Illinois town
I know of loss, sorrow and woe
And I don't give a **** about tailgates or daisy dukes

Too many folks talk too much
Throwing words around, saying they're outlaws
You ain't no outlaw and that is plain as day
There's many dues that you haven't paid
Country radio all sounds the same
Not one true, blue word in anything they say

When did so many people lose their soul
Become cookie cutter, and not care anymore
I miss the sound of real guitars and fiddles being played
Not interested in the trash that's get peddled these days
I'm not turning coat, not softening my stance
I'm a real **** hellbilly, and real **** proud
Oct 2014 · 1.1k
Tennessee Honey
Corey Kuropas Oct 2014
She's my Tennessee honey
My blue eyed baby
Her kisses are sweeter then the whiskey
With a smile so soft
She will make you see stars

When she catches a buzz
I catch one off of her
When she gives me that look
She shines brighter then a bonfire light
Just want to drink from her lips all night
Oct 2014 · 542
Good ol' Ed
Corey Kuropas Oct 2014
Oh, Good ol' Ed was a very strange fellow
Good ol' Ed was a quiet one
Good ol' Ed laughed to himself
Good ol' Ed was someone nobody could understand

Oh, Good ol' Ed loved women
Good ol' Ed loved his women dead
Good ol' Ed love their skin
Good ol' Ed loved to wear their skin

Oh, Good ol' Ed had many prized possessions
Good ol' Ed had a lamp shade made out of a face
Good ol' Ed had bowls made out of skulls
Good ol' Ed had a heart in a sauce pan

Oh, Good ol' Ed wasn't so good after all
Good ol' Ed had his share of issues
Good ol' Ed loved too much to play with dead things
Good ol' Ed wasn't so good after all
This is a piece based off of killer, cannibal and all around ******, Ed Gein. Ed Gein was the inspiration for such Hollywood monsters such as Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Buffalo Bill (Silence of the Lambs) and Norman Bates (******). I know this one is a bit morbid, but it was one that came to me.
Oct 2014 · 20.8k
A Viking Haiku
Corey Kuropas Oct 2014
I fight for the gods
To make it to Valhalla
Thirsting for sweet war
Oct 2014 · 978
A Night of Ritual
Corey Kuropas Oct 2014
This night has been planned
This night is special
This is the night that is right
This is the night of ritual

A coven of witches, with a passion for Satan
Are ready to show their undying love
With a willing victim, only in her teens
A sacrifice is what they need
These witches undress
Showing their bodies to the night
Scarred with symbols of Lucifer
They have desecrated themselves

The victim writhes in pain
She is giving birth
But not to a beautiful baby
Instead to a horrid beast
Cackling sounds of glee fill the air
As an abomination comes into this world

An undeniable evil now is here
Writhing in the arms of a witch
It's twisted form already growing bigger
With thoughts of havoc building within
Oct 2014 · 790
Corey Kuropas Oct 2014
The fuzz in the air
The tempo stomping
It's so heavy
It's so slow
It surrounds me
It drips onto me

The sound encases me
Piling on thick
Not letting go
Not letting up
I crave more of this
I need more of this
Just a small piece for my love of doom metal. I feel that the genre and the amazing bands in the genre should feel the love of a wider audience.
Oct 2014 · 481
Corey Kuropas Oct 2014
I do not know how I ended up in this predicament
It's still a mystery to me
I've come here to slay a creature of the night
Yet, this creature has me wrapped around her finger
I have logic and wits
But as I gaze deep in her eyes, my logic ceases to exist

In the back of my head
I know she is a lap dog of Satan
But she has me frozen
She has me wanting
As she presses against me
I know she can taste the blood racing in my veins

Her cold, but inviting hand brushes my cheek
Soon after, her sharp nail nicks my lip
I am frightened
Though I do not run
This is her game
And she is the best at it
This vampiress has me
And she knows it

Seductively, her lips reach my neck
The brush of her fangs tease
It's all coming to an end
This is true
But as she bites down
I have not a care in the world
The romanticism of vampires has always been such an interesting subject. Usually, the subject involves a male vampire/female victim, so I wanted to switch it up.
Oct 2014 · 350
The Pain of Being Dead
Corey Kuropas Oct 2014
Time drags on slow
Just another moment in this coffin
I'm not wailing now
But if I was, no one would hear it
There is a pain to being dead
Such a sick existence

I can feel myself rot
More skin leaving these bones
I want to break through this wooden box
To crawl through the dirt and the roots
Craving the brains of the living
To try and ease the pain

But for now, here is where I'll lay
Sinking more into the earth
I shall hurt for a little while longer
Till I get my chance to be above ground once more
This piece was inspired by the 80's cult film (and one of my favorites) Return of the Living Dead. A couple lines are very close to what is said in the movie by a zombie being interrogated.
Oct 2014 · 285
Corey Kuropas Oct 2014
She's perfect the way that she is
I wouldn't change her for a thing
For I love her
And I love all of her
Oct 2014 · 337
Tattoos & Scars
Corey Kuropas Oct 2014
On the outside I have many tattoos
Some black, some blue, some with splashes of color
Some represent good or evil
Others represent pain or triumph
I feel right
I'm comfortable in my own skin

On the inside, I had many scars
Some were from people of past
Others were from events that weighed heavy
I felt hurt
I felt like I was beyond repair

It's funny how much can change
How one girl can accept you
How she can make you feel like you aren't too far gone
And how much she can build you up
She must be some kind of angel
She loves my tattoos, and erased my scars
Oct 2014 · 458
Corey Kuropas Oct 2014
The light loves her face
The candle wick dances slow
The light loves her so
Corey Kuropas Oct 2014
I walk through the door
Ready to see my lovely girl
But tonight, there's a twinkle in her eyes
Mischievous and daring
She has intentions of a special fun
And I'm ready for it
There are leather cuffs that playfully dangle from her finger
I disrobe as her feminine, yet strong tone commands

The cuffs find their way onto my wrists
This feels dangerous, yet so comforting
She toys with me
She knows my heart is racing
Her light touch is like ecstasy
It's hard to control myself
Even a slap from her
Feels like pleasure

I know she is still my sweet girl
Yes, she is still my princess
But at this moment
She is my loving mistress
And as I look up at her
I just yearn to make love
To fall asleep beside her
To enjoy these moments
With only her
Oct 2014 · 583
Corey Kuropas Oct 2014
When Halloween approaches
Something inside triggers
The leaves turn vibrant and fall
The air has a crisp, clean taste
The inner child comes out
To enjoy all things spooky

No longer frightened of things that go bump in the night
Those things become welcomed
We begin to enjoy those scary flicks a little bit more
From zombies to slashers and everything in between
Costumes become such a priority
Making sure you have every detail right

The spirits start to sneak through
As the 31st approaches
Doors become weaker
And our world seems more attractive
Let them dance among us
Just one more time before it's time to go
Oct 2014 · 564
Corey Kuropas Oct 2014
Her look sends chills down my spine
Her kiss sends jolts from my lips to my toes
Her touch gives me goosebumps like a scary story
Her embrace warms me like nothing else
Everything about her is good for my soul
Oct 2014 · 818
Rockabilly Boy
Corey Kuropas Oct 2014
I got my converse on
My hair slicked back
My blue jeans cuffed
A brand new tat
I'm just a rockabilly boy

Conway Twitty playing in my head
Got me singing along to Maybe Baby
Feeling too **** good
Just right, on a Saturday night
I'm just a rockabilly boy

I wanna get my baby on the dancing floor
Then back to my bed for a little more
We can do monkey
We can do the twist
I'm just a rockabilly boy
Oct 2014 · 445
Corey Kuropas Oct 2014
It's my cry that echoes
No other words come to mind
At this point, it is all I can say
The city is a distopia
Filled with destruction and smelling of rot
Just passing through, there is nothing
Only the flesh devouring corpses
The physical evil that roams this place
A moan here
And a groan there
That is the twisted chorus I hear
The soundtrack to this infected world
Oct 2014 · 1.0k
It's Hard To Be An Outlaw
Corey Kuropas Oct 2014
I dream a reoccurring dream
One that luckily frequents
I walk into a little dive bar
It smells of smoke and whiskey
I sit a table with three gentlemen
They happen to be outlaws
These aren't ordinary outlaws
They are the men that set the bar

There is the Man in Black
Next to him is good ol Waylon
Next to Waylon is No Show Jones
These men have seen it all
I sit down and order a glass of bourbon
They treat me like an old friend

They share their stories
Imparting wisdom I could never imagine
From the pain, the woe and the happiness
I take a lot with me
They tell me not to go soft
Stay the course, be who you are
As I finish the bourbon, I shake each of their hands
Giving them my honest thanks
I am an outlaw
And I hope to fill their boots one day
Oct 2014 · 670
Corey Kuropas Oct 2014
I wake up in the morning
All tangled up in her
I still have not shaven
My ****** hair rubs against her soft face
She awakes, feeling lively
Together we share a kiss
She acts so silly
I cannot help but laugh  
Then we play a game
Under the covers we go
We pretend it's the ghost world
And it's an adventure
We share another kiss
And together we smile
Oct 2014 · 758
A Very Voorhees Haiku
Corey Kuropas Oct 2014
Don't ever come here
My machete will cut you
Here are Crystal Lake
Oct 2014 · 603
Corey Kuropas Oct 2014
I used to believe that love was an illusion
Something dead and cold
You shattered those trick mirrors
Reanimated it once more
A storm raged within for so long
You became the calm, the break in the clouds
At first, I refused to fall
Pain and insecurity were too familiar
That was until the negative was washed away
You brought so much color to a grey view

When it comes to you
There is no such word as mundane
Beautiful, inside and out
The world feeds off of your smile, as do I
When it comes to special
You are the warm star that guides me home
I lay around and think about how you are mine
Lucky is too tame to even describe
I never want this to end
I never want to be without you
Because you are love
You are my love

— The End —