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Corey Kuropas Nov 2014
Dreary sky
Gloomy view
Worry sinks in
And settles without consent
Powerless to fight
Tired and worn
Hoping for a better light
Wanting for a change of view
Corey Kuropas Nov 2014
The snow gently falls outside
Picturesque as we open our eyes to start the day
The cold sneaks in to the room
But you manage to keep me warm
So quiet, and so serene
Your "I love you's" are my soundtrack
There's no need to get out of bed yet
Let us stay for another minute
Corey Kuropas Nov 2014
Where did those lovely strings go
They disappeared and I want them back
The strings that made country so beautiful
Those strings that instilled what was real
The deep sound of that big bass
The furious squeals of a fiddle on fire
Where did those lovely strings go
They disappeared and I want them back
Corey Kuropas Nov 2014
You look so **** good
Wearing only my flannel
Driving me so wild
Corey Kuropas Oct 2014
I'm a simple man
A country boy north of the Mason Dixon
I don't look for much
There's only the little things I that I yearn
Like the love of a good woman and a smooth whiskey
Maybe a reliable old truck and some folks that would miss me

I'm comfortable anywhere I go
From the corn fields of Illinois, to the mountains of Tennessee
I travel light, some blue jeans and some shirts
Perhaps with a few bucks for a little fun
I listen to some old country every day
Like No Show, Hank and Mr. Conway

I'm cut from old school cloth
Just like my folks before me
Yeah, I'm not fancy
I just am who I am
A lover and a fighter
A son, brother, uncle, and lover
Corey Kuropas Oct 2014
You've set my skin ablaze
A fever that I cannot shake
This fever has no cure
Nor would I want a cure

Again and again I feel this heat
From my head, all the way down to my toes
This fire comes from within
And you are the one who lit the match
Corey Kuropas Oct 2014
Love is not supposed to be hard
Love is not what the skeptics say
Love is laughter
Love is caring
Love is true
Love is fun

Love is learning to to share your soul with someone special
Love makes your heart beat to the drum of your special someone
Love is dreaming of that special someone when you're away
Love is feeling the utter warmth of happiness of being with that one and only

That's what love is.
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