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Kai 5d
Valentine oh valiant one
Will you love like a roman?
With whips and blood a' golden

Valentine oh voluptuous one
Will you love me like a pagan?
With great passion in the dark away from the suffragan

Valentine oh virtuous one
Will you love me like gods man?
With all the soft edges and sacred like his plan

Valentine oh victorious one
Will you love me like a modern girl?
With a drunken kiss and a smooth twirl

Valentine oh venomous one
Will you love me till the end?
With great care and through the light with me wend
A little poem representing the history of Valentines day. From the Roman and pagan celebrations, the Catholic take over, and today's version of love.
Kai Jan 23
Pressure around my lungs cutting off the air
Agitation and alarm shooting through my veins
Negativity surrounds my thought in a haze
Inkblots in my vision from asphyxiation
Crushed with the heavy weight of it
Part six of a series I'm writing called "The Little Words".
Kai Jan 14
We are intertwined you and I
mingling together at the support
we are stuck together from the dirt to the sky
you choke me at the roots

Me blossoming as you creep from below
tangling with me at the bottom
like creeping ivy, over me you grow
till breathe does not come from my lungs

I wither slowly when I'm with you
but your my support now
without it any weight topples me, even gentle dew
Breaking away would sprout new roots

but where would they plant
other then in the holes you carved
I need new roots I need a transplant
away from the rocks and the lacing cracks

Fresh soil and a breath of clear air
wear my leaves can spread out
without crushing of lungs and the ghastly tare
Freedom, oxygen, and happiness will wait for me

So for now I'm entangled with you in fear
a dark vine twisted around me
but soon I will escape from your **** leer
and with gentle sighs will bloom once again
Kai Jan 10
There was a porcelain teacup on the shelf
hidden away behind the others
Long ago she had found it in a dusty old shop
and held it with care as many would
close to her heart
cradling it like something precious
She took it home that day

There on her shelf was a little teacup on the shelf
shown proudly on display
Dainty and sweet with little tea stains
lips had left a little pink smudge on the corner
Loved and appreciated the teacup sat

There was a dusty teacup on the shelf
among the packed boxes it went
Surrounded by windows draped by black
and the smell of salt in the air
Packed away and stowed in a closet it stayed

There in the box lay a little teacup
dusty and chipped a bit on the edge
A reminder of times went by
of tea parties at the kitchen table
of little ladies dancing on the carpet

There among the other cups and such the teacup lay
as they mourned another lost and pulled their lips to a smile
remembering good times gone by and loves lost
Seeing the disrepair and with much care
they took the teacup from the box

There on the counter a teacup sat
freshly dusted and glued together
It stood filled with rosy tea and healing herbs
brought to a mouth kissed gently
They let out a sigh sat the cup down
and began to cry
My grandmother died recently, she used to always sit with me on the bad days and drink tea from antique cups, we would dance and sing around the kitchen till I felt better. I miss that about her. All my poetry seems to come from sorrow, perhaps I can use it to promote healing instead of despair.
Kai Dec 2018
Lovely and graceful
Ordinary yet beautiful
Victorious and kind
Everything I wanted to be mine
Dreadfully too fine
Part five of a series I'm writing called "The Little Words".
Kai Dec 2018
Queasy uneasy and afraid everyday
Unequal footing on a flat surface
Electrically charged with tension
Learning to hide the feeling
Left with internal anxieties unsolved
Part four of a series I'm writing called "The Little Words".
Kai Dec 2018
We don't have to sit back and try to fit
We don't have to toughen up and be a hypocrite
We can take and stand and change it

This isn't where we make shallow friends
This isn't where our story ends
This is how we overcome the dead-ends

Our reputation changes with us
Our reputation is not superfluous
Our reputation will not be our Aeacus

Don't try to fit in and stay bowed
Don't look down make sure your head is up proud
Don't be one of the crowd
I was responding to a quote in English class today and when I looked at what I wrote I was inspired to write this.
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