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Constantine Mar 2021
itsnot numbing me enough anymore
i want to do harder drugs
if i had my own place i might leave earth there
fly me to the moon and never come back
over dosing the drugs because im not scared any more
its easier than pulling a trigger
Constantine Feb 2021
i wanted a safe space and i found out too late
that my safe space was never safe at all
you were reading all my words as i wrote them
Constantine Feb 2021
i lose the mystery and i lose your attention
i'm better off as an idea in your head
Constantine Feb 2021
I never dream but i dreamt of you
no idea why instead of nothingness until i wake up
you occupy my mind
it is odd
my mind has an attachment to someone who left
in no more than 2 months
Constantine Feb 2021
nodding off opiates i want a ****** girl who isnt afraid of the void like me
she knows what the ground feels like and we can lay there together
without a responsibility in the world
companionship is all we need to get by in this world
this version of us is not the most beautiful
but it is the one that we are stuck in

so lets leave together while we feel the most connected
she needs to know i was one of a kind
never to be seen again
in the sunlight or the moonlight
only in her dreams will i live on
Constantine Feb 2021
i dont know you and you dont know me
but we can make this small room feel so serene
taking x and benzodiazepines
our brains melt away with so much ease

your not the one for me as i am not the one for you
but tonight we can make it feel like eternity in this room
Constantine Feb 2021
we are worlds away
but i wanna make you feel immense pleasure
simply blissful
maybe there is no true connection
but our bodies were made for eachother
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