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Mar 2020 · 160
Cans of Memory
Adam Mott Mar 2020
Like a blank canvas
Strewn about the sky
A theory of longshots
Forever crossing the sea

Sailing to the forefront
Of mind and maritime
Need to put the pieces together
Still just treading endlessly

Pictures of places and people
Long since experienced
Words hanging still in the dead of memory
Vibrant and alive yet somehow dull and faded

Last night I lay under those stars
Today I walk the city streets
Past blank faces in dingy bars
Last night I swam in the ocean
Today I dream of how it felt

These things in memory, effervescent
Existing just long enough to leave an impression
Before fizzling away
Mar 2017 · 846
Reverberating Mausoleum
Adam Mott Mar 2017
Sifting through strands of broken time
Segregating parts of the human mind
Underwater where the silence is immense
Inside the sun where the heat is intense
All experiences which come and go
Deteriorate to even the flow
Before all we know
Dissolves like snow
Mar 2017 · 1.1k
Blue Eyes in Dreams
Adam Mott Mar 2017
On occasion, a dream will show
Eyes of someone I am yet to know
In these moments, I feel alive
Justifying the existence of an internal drive
Outside of these flashpoints
A monochrome life
Coated in nothingness
Frigid cold, emotional strife
Yet, I carry on
If only to dream of those eyes
Once again
Feb 2017 · 931
Everyone at Arms Length
Adam Mott Feb 2017
Art can touch
That which I do not allow
Anyone to see
Moving images
Give weight and value
To a life
Lived isolatedly
Feb 2017 · 586
Adam Mott Feb 2017
World of worlds, under great impression
Which word of choice would lend the greatest voice?
Could life give such a gift
Or, perhaps, merely bestow further myth?
Under everything that has and will come
In silence of our hearts
Will time mend all such parts
Or simply induce the next to enter
Unto a valley of evolving platitudes
Feb 2017 · 514
Monkey 2
Adam Mott Feb 2017
Frustrated by the weight inherent with trust
Too many words written in stone turning to rust
Nonsensical as it may seem

Everything fails eventually
Heart, host, body and mind
Time and reality,
Rather unkind

Mimic those that do it best
Failing to succeed
Puffing out your chest
Laugh and smile in the mirror you bought

Unkindled by the spirit of rot
Everything is everything
Until it's not
Jan 2017 · 876
Adam Mott Jan 2017
Hello, my little memories
Sounds and sights
Wrong and right
All I think about, most the time

I dream of places no soul could find
With brighter stars in otherwise empty skies
A place I belong
Where all feels right

Perhaps in a century or two
Word will reach some of you
Of such a place as I described
Where the young go

To feel alive
Dec 2016 · 832
Too Far Buried
Adam Mott Dec 2016
I walked a path down to the water's edge
Where the stream diverged to a larger bay
All around me, teeming with life
The world moved on while I was consumed with inner strife
It wasn't my fault or at least I did not think as much
Rather, it was being human, the cognitive touch
For all I knew and all I thought
I'd buried the lead, gone too far
Dec 2016 · 605
Anything at All
Adam Mott Dec 2016
Like lightning through the trees
Wish I could see the rest of what is around me
Maybe when I'm older
I'll understand, things can be simple
Until then
Beneath the waves I go

Whatever lies beneath is another layer gone
Nothing any one person knows
With the weight of these feelings at night
Colour and contact filtering through
A smattering of light
Nothing more

Regardless of life and happenstance
The future could be anything at all
Beauty of rising actions
Pain from the fall
Dec 2016 · 383
Adam Mott Dec 2016
How frustrating it is to be
Existing indeterminately
             Constantly wondering
If you came out wrong

Moments in time
Capsules of hope and dread
Anxieties burning inside your head
                Never again, forever upon a trend

Mysteries of life
             Unsolvable by all
So why concern yourself so deeply
With fixing it all

Empty dreams
Insecurities overflowing
      I've tried so many times
But now it's up to you

             Time has come
And underneath this blinding light
You are a part of me
Ever absent

                                                 but more than a memory
Dec 2016 · 354
Adam Mott Dec 2016
Shouting at the sight of me
Eyes, clothes
Nothing but rotating degrees
Covering nothing
For, now,
You all can see
Dec 2016 · 322
Meant to the Sea
Adam Mott Dec 2016
How many dreams continue to sift
The colours, the world, the memories
Moving on
Sometimes wondering where it has gone
Been in the sea, so many times
Drinking in the sun
For the right to dream of better days

The cold and shattered waves
Upon this sea of memory
Nov 2016 · 659
Mental Stasis
Adam Mott Nov 2016
Messages come and messages go
Matching with people I barely know
Some I like and others pass the bar
None are worth more scars

People see and people know
Asking why I let it all go
Some understand a portion
Nobody really knows

Friends try and friend fail
Hoping I pull out of it
While I double down
I should let go

Gym now and gym then
Consistency, my true friend
Sweat and blood
For better days

Not okay, now I am
Through heartache and time
Found something to fight for
Is that 'away
Nov 2016 · 381
Looping Feedback
Adam Mott Nov 2016
By all means, see through this facade
Peer into the rivers where I run from God
Evenly weigh speculation and observation
Asking yourself, "What are you doing here?"
For, even you do not know
'Though, the person in question
Is thee
Nov 2016 · 319
Holiday from Progress
Adam Mott Nov 2016
Snow upon the land
Skies ashen gray
Cold and unperturbed
Every bit of nothing stays the same

Who is one to know the time of day
No sun, no moon
Only moral decay

Lights adorn the suburbs
Green and red
Children dreaming recklessly of days ahead

In windows and mirrors, I see my name
An idea, an entity
Someone to blame
The only season yet to change
Nov 2016 · 561
Ramble to the Days
Adam Mott Nov 2016
Colour coded wonder drugs
For the replacement
Of Love and it's joyous thugs

Out of the woodwork comes my moral obligations
Black and white
Never more than an understudy
'Watching time go by

I hope you see the end of this song
Gradients so plainly tight
Miscast by mothers
The theory of the other

Watching, time goes by
Drinking and praying
Black and white
Shades and gradients
Of things I tried
Can't ever speak straight
Nov 2016 · 545
I Think it was Far Away
Adam Mott Nov 2016
I'm not who I was before
All moments awash upon your face
Including those upon which I witnessed your tears
A solid lifetime of grace

Now that we are here, the pain and anguish of every day
Has become a tangible play
A busted rift in time and reality
But given everything
I think I'm doing okay
Nov 2016 · 540
Adam Mott Nov 2016
Mechanics of motion
Internal divide
Colours of tomorrow
External lie
Nov 2016 · 433
This November
Adam Mott Nov 2016
Crisp leaves in sunkissed hair
Colours of love

Saturday evenings
Spent at home
Wine in hand
Never alone

Late November, almost done
Every moment a thankful one
Nov 2016 · 584
Adam Mott Nov 2016
The stories of your life
Enlighten me
Sic Parvis Magna
Frightens me

A motto of strength
Guile and will
Things I had

Or so I thought
Prior to my reignition
On Sisyphus's hill
All for not

Not for naught
Adam Mott Nov 2016
Perhaps it took too long
To realize how far this has gone on
All I can remember
Is this

The Lifeline Exercise Card
Fear & Love
A hundred opportunities for both
But always, the middle

Loneliness for which I subscribed
Companion, oh companion
Myself, I
The Lone Wanderer unwilling to try

For the rare occasion
As the sunlight in your hair
A moment in outer space
Willingness to care

Till lone fire permits me to do
The bonding question
Of those like I
"Show me your scars and I'll show you mine"

Each instance hoping
This, "Hello" for the last time
Maybe love
Maybe love indeed
Nov 2016 · 684
Adjusting to Realities
Adam Mott Nov 2016
Out on the sea, my boat and me
Letting love in through the periphery
Whispering sweet nothings
While silently screaming at insecurities

Jostled and shook by the tranquillity
Silently, the anxiety
All I've become accustomed to
The silence of the Sea
Not sure how to handle
Another's affection for me
The obstacles of an emotional Sisyphus
Nov 2016 · 394
Kernel External
Adam Mott Nov 2016
Regular evening activities
Knocking on the bathroom floor
Sound echoing amongst the tiles,
Out through the crack in the door

Splayed light, oh how have you been
Familiar flash
Reflection, I count to ten
Conversing like we understand

Still knocking
Bathtub overflows
Water in my ears, filling up my vision
This is what you want, finally
Oct 2016 · 569
London Fog
Adam Mott Oct 2016
Tallest trees, burnt out realities
A hundred acre wood, haunted
Life, a fairy tale without ending
Bitter bedtime story
Buried in a segmented quarry

Bothering through, the hurt of two
Conquered by sorrows with fear of tomorrows
As the seasons' change

Time will mend these roles and parts
Actors on a stage possessing real heart
The first time in human history,
Happy endings

No more bitter glories
The flavour of life underwater
Another colourful persona
Built to make them believe you
Decide to write something vaguely spooky prior to election season
I mean, Halloween
Oct 2016 · 688
Life on Cassette
Adam Mott Oct 2016
Nothing is forever
Always something better
Swings of highs
Valleys of lows

All the flavours of pain and hurt
Come and go
Old, young, beat up
Cheap whiskey, girls listening to me on cassette tape

The follies of me when I was you
So much to see and so little to say
The going price for the life in a day
For all I bought and all you sold
The single drop of a river run cold

A late goodbye
Something good
What had been done
Late October day
Endings of new beginnings
Tears of the many roads
For which I died
For E
Oct 2016 · 1.1k
Supply & Demand
Adam Mott Oct 2016
Old fashioned backseat
Nostalgia, I'll sell you a feeling
Cigarettes and fast times
All of the flavours fleeting

As complicated as simplicity
Ubiquitous oxymorons
Dancing between tide markers
While we stand beneath the summer sun
Upon the docks upon the sea
Just another memory

I'll sell you some meaning
If you share this bleeding
Even at cost
Just to taste old feelings
In this tumultuous time
Just a time in a place under a glassy sky
Oct 2016 · 683
Childhood Friends
Adam Mott Oct 2016
Little light filter and wane
Cold winds rising again
For the years where seven meant twelve
Where seasons could feel like time born anew

Love dominating our worldview
All for adventure shared between friends, two
Now the world, forgotten and new
Continues to grow, just as the trees once faded from view
In the mirror where I said goodbye to you

Lights of distant futures idly pass by
Not in the iris of a loved one's eye
Rather the lowered box around which the gathered cry

Selling all these years out from under you
Tonight, or yesteryear, a hundred months ago
Just the sweetest bit of mind for a momentary respite
The colour and taste of a heart unbidden by time
A machination of the human crime

Cold winds low and gentle
Warm winds high and dry
The sound of rain as cars drive by

An upstairs I haven't seen in years now long gone
In places where not even my memories I could rely
The only safe spaces to say goodbye
To a friend, all I can offer aside from my thoughts
Oct 2016 · 332
2015 & the Real Kid
Adam Mott Oct 2016
Mechanical cogs that never seem to fit
Single boys and girls that never get over it
Songs and sounds of newlyweds lost
Hosts of parties long now gone
The favourite flavour of those moved on
Food for heart and food for thought
The kind of taste that is bitter and hot
Too much to see and too much to taste
Hopping aboard the next train
Before a mirror can reveal their face
Figured I'd release one from last Fall that has been in the draft box
Sep 2016 · 292
Rulebook 3
Adam Mott Sep 2016
Leftover from the time when
Shards of glass buried within
Amounting to a stretch of time
Where the heart is made to lie thin
A torn visage of regular men

Cool and collected
Shaken and anxious
Both describe a man
Wedge between lives
Broken, again and again

Remedies come and remedies go
Changing hair and clothes
Learning from each meeting
Losing a shard of that fear
Sep 2016 · 590
Ledge Friends
Adam Mott Sep 2016
Who needs a ledge when the horizon strikes so strong
Inaction honoured through the one refrained
Quartering the past away
Through taste and somber liqueurs
Drinking words, the follies of this young man

Leaning over the edge,
Legs dangling and fingers dancing
Among the strings of a weathered old guitar
Unexpected recollections in regular looking bars
Too young to buy and too old to rent
Not but a starstruck kid
In a wealthy man's land

Over rolling hills and obscured vistas
To the land of yesteryear
No longer something to alarm
Simply a whisper upon the wind
It's been a while and I missed this part of myself
Tags unrelated
Aug 2016 · 538
Conscience 365
Adam Mott Aug 2016
Fight because you have to
Sweat and bleed for the right to be proud
Ignore the colours of temptation and lust
Sleep wearily upon many a sleepless night
Remember the joy as well as the pain
Appreciate the caress of winds both warm and frigid
Treat your friends
Call the family that misses you, distant and busy
Retain the right to cry again
Summon the confidence to talk to the people you care for
Use that strength to address those you do not
Date around, not every person has to be the one
Use the past to better understand yourself, it is a guide, not a rule
Never hide your heart even when it hurts most
Private life is best suited for just that
Appreciate your partner without the idolization of ghosts
Sing with the windows down, passionately and without shame
Love the life you live, live the life you love
What a ride the past year has been. Beautiful and harsh, trying and rewarding, fun and emotional. The friends made and those buried, love lost and love discovered, sweat and tears, journies and awkward encounters.
I'm not sure who I've become but I know I enjoy being this person more than anyone I've been.
Jul 2016 · 500
Goodbye in October
Adam Mott Jul 2016
A cruel frustration intermingling with history long surpassed
Amidst such a condition as memory allows
Righteous fury unbundled on the path
The cold realities of "Now and Then" give texture to emotions ethereal
Like the band named after the drugs, taken year after year
Only now unburdened of their weight and blandness
Not unlike a pond after a heavy rain
Traces remain in the air and body
Slight trembles in the wake of motion
Until, finally, serenity
Tags are for your discerning.
However, this is the textual doting dedicated to the anti-depressants I relied upon prior to bidding them farewell in the Fall of 2015.
Adam Mott Jul 2016
Driving is all I can take
Hesitating exclusively in my mind
Turning away tender companionship
A hundred or more times

Discerning somebody kind
Touching, intimacy, closeness
Until the heart stirs in sleep
And then the cycle begins anew

Thou all propose something distinct
I've altered my understanding a million times
Emotions buried for the purpose of pride
Loved unyieldingly till the wick was done

Veins consequently run dry
Thin with consideration
Never ceasing to consider or appreciate
Too afraid to venture love forthwith
Tags are as relevant as you want them to be
Jul 2016 · 591
New Brunswick's Last Call
Adam Mott Jul 2016
In a town where it's always after hours
Where progress and time mean nothing
Neon lighting and sparrows fighting
The call of simplicity becomes enlighting

Streets that remain quiet, Friday nights past 11
Where the bay meets the loyalist man
While fog creeps its way across the land
And cellos play to the tune of a lonely band

Tomorrow night is winding down
As is my familiar little town
Draining away with the rest of the province
Until there is nothing
Save the sound of waves upon the shore
To the quiet city in the quiet province
Which becomes more and more quiet every time I return
Those tags certainly encompass the range of emotions people have regarding such a place
Jul 2016 · 891
Summers of 17
Adam Mott Jul 2016
Coming home for summer
At season's end
Returning, again and again
Reality falls into place
Struggles of a long distance race
Rationalization of my place,
Finite as the lines on my father's face
A time of appreciation and humbling grace

Each passing day marked and counted
Like days upon a jail cell wall
Often a dream, the end of summer at beck and call
Twice now it was sought with tears and pain
Only to realize the sanctity of time and not haste

Working towards the world's collection of dreams
Reality falls into place
Like the tears once upon my face
Gone now, as I soon shall be from this familiar space
The Summers of my University years
Once filled with fear, stress, tears
Now calm and serene, simple and clean
Tags are, as ironic as it may be, unrelated
Unless you decide they aren't
Jul 2016 · 689
Adam Mott Jul 2016
Surmise your gravity with verve and wonderment
Donate love to the basest of desires
Avert the eyes from a silhouette of man
The lifeless frame ringing in your head
Reflecting all of time,
The mechanisms holding back the years
Ducts which no longer produce tears
As all things do, pass
Tags are not representative of content
Jun 2016 · 414
Singles for Singles
Adam Mott Jun 2016
The Life essentials as told by the dead
Mention Love above all
Alluding to connections missed, mayhaps it all means more to the dead
Love, a rouge virus banging on the walls of your head
Baggage sold to the dumb or poor
A capital offense with or without the bed

Making love but shoulda been a celebrated man
Whispering "I love you"
But shoulda plead the 5th instead

And here we go, once again
Date to date
Hand in hand
Until we leave or end up dead
Singing 'Darrin in a speeding corvette
Dating, married, or dead
Married to the marriage
Essentially, dead
Heard a song and had to sing along.
May 2016 · 555
Her Name was Beauty
Adam Mott May 2016
Reality doused upon the scoured seas
Nothing allowing for recognization of faces
Tasting the lies of one so faithless
I, phasing through the emotional paces
Grew too big for such a love so aimless
One can only imagine it was baseless
So, back through the paces
To another love
To one whom may prove love is not waste
Either way, learning yourself, shameless
Loving for the right reasons, blameless
To one day recognize a face
Beauty no longer nameless
Finding her name, finding the definition
Tags are here for you
Not to define anything
Apr 2016 · 2.0k
The Isabel
Adam Mott Apr 2016
Up in a room,
Cool and sterile
The walls echo silence
Light filters in

Down a flight of stairs
Out the side door
To the lake,
An Ocean unto itself

The Sun is high when the memories come
Water is warm, skin is cold
Leaving a wake behind, moving quickly
Out from under, the lucky ones

Clambering now, upon a pier
Out of the water with nothing to fear
The Sun is low and the colour is draining
The brush is drying, as is the painting
Tags are just tags
Apr 2016 · 347
A Favourite Tune
Adam Mott Apr 2016
Is her fame baseless?
The dress she wore
Terrible cloth weaved from their faces
Cool and collected
With all of the blankets gone
Fraudulent and naked

Remind us of the medicine taken here
In a rhythm of spaces
Drinking from this voice
Or peering into those eyes
Kissing her lips
Now tasteless

Furious hair often played with
Stockpiling laughter while investing in excuses
The many shades of pretend nooses
A plethora of faces

Like a bullet running him through
Fast and merciless
With a love for the faithless
Bring down the ship
With the burning of memories and places
The City is Fading, the Crowd is Moving On
Apr 2016 · 683
Dark Souls
Adam Mott Apr 2016
Colloquial examples of passion
Smoke rising lazily off the trembling waters
Skin soaked with the ethereal dreams of a thousand lifetimes
When I awoke, the night a moonless construct of infamy
Dreams are hungry, the nightmares seek
Artful expression which crashes downwards
The many beatings of a heart
Cold and scared

A smattering of thoughts
Void and *****
Callously sold to the empty hands of yesteryear
In corrupted frame, coiled rage
Another image bound and bled
New notes left unfettered or fed

Pulchritudinous, what was once a face
Since traded, since displaced
Hollow and ashen
Soul sacrificed to make space

Elements of fire and air
Clashing internally
Fluid motions, beckoning out to the few
Clutch thy mystic purse
Burn said embers anew

Dearest hollow, the waters tremble
The cold dark sings as the bonfire waivers
Bide your strength, close ashen eyes
Sip from holy estus
Summon or head on
Push through the fog wall,
Prepare to die
Felt like writing something about From's Dark Souls rather than doing this ridiculously large paper I have to write.
Tags are gleaned from the "Trending" page.
Adam Mott Apr 2016
I might have sold my mind to a fugitive cause
Tossing all belongings into the nearest inlet
Looking to Heaven, hoping to go
Rolling towards the sunset
For there was nothing more the day could offer

I think I met a girl but I can't quite remember her name
With bright green eyes and hair ablaze
Or perhaps those eyes were blue
Hair enlightened by the sun
I can only pretend to not know her name
Just a lie, buried beneath the bass

Now we hit the highway, sun still high above
Sinking slowly, like the rest of time
All that speed and rhythm but the girl, still on my mind
Pretending to not know her name
Drinking in the ocean air,
Shades obscuring deep introspection

Finally, we have arrived
As close to a destination as a band of roving dreamers could claim
Broad and serene,
Representing a wake, trailing behind all we have seen

Aya, your name
To which, I cede the point you've made
Stubborn in my decisions to abstain
To deny a relationship in a bid to be sane
Succumbing to your beauty and personality
I'll join you in this game

So, pass me the keys
Pack your things
We'll drive into the sunset
Just to do it again
I wrote a big thing after this but decided to not be a PDA-Monster and instead to thank everyone on the website for putting up with me. Also, to thank Aya for being the kind of person that constantly reminds me how beautiful life can truly be.
Apr 2016 · 634
Walked the Path
Adam Mott Apr 2016
"Heavy hangs the head"
Words which I left gently in my stead
While humming familiar songs
Regarding life and growth
Of which I find myself a part of once again

With newborn love,
Pulchritudinous eyes and light brown hair
Gentle and warm,
She demonstrates how she feels
Without needing to reassure of care

It's the little things,
Drives by the shore, the wind in her hair
The honesty beauty of her soul, almost too much to bear

To which I earned this juncture
Through patience and pain
I grew and evolved
Avoiding the easy path, the one of little gain
Of hiding in relationships to ease the pain

With all that has come and gone
I find that I can see again
Breathe again,
Smile and laugh
For the past is the past
And I'm no longer on such a twisted path
Rather, I'm happy to have hurt
Without that pain
I'd make the same mistakes
Again and again
So, finally, I write a poem that is actually about someone. It's been awhile and it is certainly not my best work but I blame that on the plethora of emotions that are inherent in writing about something and someone this close to my heart. Coming out of a relationship that I was completely invested in, too invested in, I felt lost and confused. There were opportunities to bury my hurt and lonely fear in someone, allow their new love to send all that pain away. Yet, I'm stubborn-- at times to a fault and I realized that the pain wouldn't go away, it would merely be buried under some new dirt- only to cause further heartache, greater heartache, down the road. I dedicated my weeknights to the gym, sent my emotions to a place of honest introspection. Until, eventually, I came out the other side of the tunnel. Changed, different, aware of my faults but proud of my strengths. It was odd to acknowledge that I did not need someone else to  validate me, to make me better. It just took a heartbreak and personal growth to get there. Now? Now I still have a great deal of growing to do- but I can do it with the knowledge that walking the path, the true path, gave to me, something I will never take for granted.

Tags are tags, nothing more.
Mar 2016 · 367
Only to Wake Up
Adam Mott Mar 2016
There's something about a dream
Neon and green lights blaring with deaf musical tones
Familiar faces drunk with time
Something unnatural in occurrence
Sparking an uneasy joy in the mind

Taking steps to remedy
Something too far gone
Ghosts which parade about you
Undercover in fantasy

Over, over, over
Closer, closer, closer
Gone, gone gone

Only to wake up'
Mar 2016 · 294
About Today
Adam Mott Mar 2016
Crisp autumn leaves fall on your car
Wine sits undisturbed by the front door
The sun is low and the tide is high
The mat at the entrance,
It reads, "Goodbye"
Far Away, About Today
Mar 2016 · 307
Where is my Answer
Adam Mott Mar 2016
Red wine and telephone poles
Satisfied with the colour of the sky
Setting sights on the lines in the middle of the street
To alieve the pain of another day

Justified in the minds eye
Living in a cabin outside of town
Venturing in to gather food and supplies
Heading back to fill empty eyes

Down the street, tangled in time
The city that is too tired at night
Behind all these lines
A pocket universe, trapped alive

Happy in the pendulum
Swinging from event to event
Ever present in a different time altogether
Living a life, a life that might be better
Mar 2016 · 424
Of the Bay
Adam Mott Mar 2016
Searching through old caves and coves
Colouring the sunset with our favourite hopes
Dreaming of the summer sun
The familiar taste of love
The feeling of being young

I think we found a seashell
But we were running out of time
Not talking about the caves
Even looking to the Ocean
Ever closer, the waves

Coming up from the banks
With retrospect and vigour
I see the signs as weathervanes
Twisted by all the directions they have been pulled

What was once a part of this story
Has gone out with the waves
Once, they came closer
Only to recede out into the depths
Of the bay
Mar 2016 · 405
Headed out to the Future
Adam Mott Mar 2016
Each bit a new skip of my heart beat
Keep playing, coffee and morning sun
Falling into bed with a smile
A colour contrast to the Fall I had
Trying not to look back

Don't skip a beat
Sip and breathe
Living and learning
Fear nothing
Not even that which came before

Higher now, closer to the truth
Becoming someone
Proud to be you
Old coves, new drives
Mar 2016 · 377
Shores from the Deep
Adam Mott Mar 2016
Capsized in a wilted heap
Together in a mug of loss
Drinking away our sorrows
Until I am You and You are Me

Staring at the epilogue, obsessed with what came before
Dreaming of the prologue
Leaving out the rest

Refusing to live today
Trying your very best
Dressing as well as you can afford
Living a life of self-acknowledged boredom

Falling out a porthole backwards
Splashing in the tub
Glancing out from within
Walking around the lake
Staring at a picture, manufactured and fake

What else have we learnt to do
Craft experiences and swim in *****
Yell at the walls as they cave in on you
Walking this thin geographical line
Time questions what exactly it is we'll do
A question muted by inability
Written for 315 final concept
No, not for a lady
Mar 2016 · 751
Adrift in Illusion
Adam Mott Mar 2016
Illusion & hope
Drifting in the midst of a vast, open sea
Hearing whispers from shores unseen
Sustaining reality with pints of memory
Illusions which echo dishonesty

Speaking aimlessly
Awash upon currents which pull me around
Waves caress and waves smash
The hope of the hungry

A journey which has taken years out of me
Months of maybes
The flavour of a foreign currency
Audible illusions designed to fool me

Surely, the shore grows close
Yet, upon this raft I see not
Only water for miles yet
Or, perhaps this too is an illusion
One my own mind has set
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