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Jamie Gaskey Jan 2019
Wish I could share just how I feel,
Without you making me pray that it isn't real...
Jamie Gaskey Aug 2018
Our lives spin round and round.
Our smiles either up or down.
We're told to feel this
Whether it's a hit or miss
Told how to act and feel
Never knowing what is real
Keep on smiling we'll get by
We always find a way to survive
Life Tries to Get Us Down
But Don't you Doubt, Or Frown.
Keep that Smile and Pep
Never Lose it with Every step
Keep on trucking my friend
Cause today isn't The End.
Jamie Gaskey Aug 2018
When you look in these eyes
Do you even realize
The joy and happiness you bring
It's like a mothers warmth every spring.
Jamie Gaskey Feb 2018
Treat me like a princess
Then bend me over
And make me beg for forgiveness

That girl a Mess
Either I'm Obsessed
Or in Love with a Goddess

When I smile,
I feel like a child.
Reminiscing days of old,
When we were young and bold.
Jamie Gaskey Feb 2018
When you look at me,
What do you see?
Do you see your fantasy?
Or a bad reality?
Am I your everything?
Or just another fling?
Do my eyes captivate you?
Are you stuck like glue?
Do I make your knees quiver?
Do I make your soul shiver?
Does my kiss give you butterflies?
Or does it leave you in despise?
Am I the one. I need to know.
Will you Stay or Go?
Jamie Gaskey Feb 2018
Give me a reason to smile
A Reason to care
A Reason to prove you'll always be there
Give me that fire, that compassion
The one that ends in complete satisfaction
The love, the lust, the hate
Make it hard for me to concentrate
Make me fall in love with you each and everyday
Remind my heart why it chose to stay.
Jamie Gaskey Feb 2018
Why do I try?
Why do I care?
Why do I show
I'm always there?
You're going to believe
What your told
By someone who's dishonest
And isn't very bold
Try to give you my heart
In everyway
Just to have it returned
The very next day
Emotions running up and down
No wonder my face
Is always a frown
Trying to hold on
To what I see
But I'm starting to realize
It might always just be me.
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