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Yindrachapa Nov 2019
How to overcome writer's block :
Be less happy?
Be too happy?
You won't have time.
Writer'sblock time busy happy
Yindrachapa Nov 2019
When stars detach from a constellation  
there is a rendezvous for them.
I will meet you there,
and say hello for one last time.....
Yindrachapa Nov 2019
It s this time of the year,
With nowhere to be directed heavenly vibes are loitering in the psyche.
Yindrachapa Nov 2019
Most hated places i hate to leave.
Very few in square meters a rectangular shaped
It has its own environment from a tungsten tomas made sun
Probably Tesla if they had not shaken hands on things

Cage for a man of my diameter
One of the hottest places on earth
Even under the rain,
Tesla ensures sweats
Yet, they are not felt
, And dancing manoeuvres are limited

The portal for all
To travel from bigbang to sven suns
To discharge all emotions
To refresh and recharge
And the witch doctor to all evil

Second to none
Prehabs to the berth which is all angel
Yet, this portal known to both evil and angel may be the most underrated places in universe..
Yindrachapa Nov 2019
Do you match cloths with stars?
Do birds invade you?
Do flying machines disarray you?
Oh! Dear desolated clouds.
Half finished
Yindrachapa Nov 2019
It has been 1247 day ,3 years and 05 months
So before i go,
let me tell you a story.

Hundred of thousands of memories,
memories within memories in the river of life , precious to most but,
not a single one admired by the dark soul.

but each and every second with her
is engraved into its soul.

It, dark soul,
is a lost soul moving towards void...

Long ago the dark soul found the only glittering soul from far beyond the stars,
The dark soul and the glittering soul were attached tight, no force in the universe thought separation was possible
It was only until that the dark soul decide light would do the better than the darkness did
Was it the right thing to do?
The answer,
One may never find,

It s all gone.
It seems the dark soul has lost his way. It has gone numb, slowly fading into the void.
"Dear void, take my body" says the darkness
an old poem i wrote when i was sad :D :D
Yindrachapa Nov 2019
When motionless
it sounds like an old German train.
On the run
It s some Disneyland adventure ride.
At times
it s climbing mountain Everest
Stationed Burnt Bodies are the
signs of its inescapably...
It s just
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