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Coco Densmore Jan 23
I never loved the way I loved you.

And the only way I could’ve loved you like that was to know we would never be together. That freed me up to make you anything I wanted in my mind and give you everything I could possibly give you. Because I had the complete protection of knowing you belong to someone else.

So even sometimes I wonder if that qualifies as love. Or if it just qualifies as unfettered pure joy coupled with the freedom of complete emotional abandon.
Coco Densmore Jan 23
Every time someone tells me I'm beautiful, I reply, "I'm not beautiful..................................................but thank you."

I wish I could just say thank you.
Coco Densmore Jan 22
They know what they want and they don’t play games.

They’re experienced and confident.

They ask for what they want, which is a huge turn on.

I’m a sucker for ******* and they know what they’re doing.

It’s like having *** with pillows; warm and comfortable.

They’re fearless.

Everyone likes Big Girls!
Coco Densmore Jan 22
One day you love someone.
One day you don’t know how you’re going to go on not having them in your life.
One day you think of them, and love overtakes you in waves.
And you cry.
And then you cry.
You cry for hours.

And then one day you don’t feel like that at all.
And you try to figure out why, and there is no reason.
You wonder what has changed, and nothing has.
Then you wonder if you ever really had those feelings at all.
And you did.
But they’re gone now.

And you realize you’re beyond it.
And you look up at the light, because now there is light.
And you feel safe to reclaim some bit of peace.
Coco Densmore Jan 22
I had so very little of him.
And I was so deep in him.
I fell deep.
And maybe I haven’t found anyone else,
Because there can’t be anyone else.
God I hope that’s not true.
How can someone still own so much of your heart after so long?
If I could have him excised, I would.
Would I?
Coco Densmore Jan 22
She’s the backbone
Of the entire construct
Of my life
What will I do
When she is gone?
I’ll want it back
This life’s construct
Even as much as I hate it now
I’ll want it back
Now, I choke on my words
I choke and I die
A little more every day
The living death
What will I do
When she is gone
I won’t have to choke
Any longer?
Will I want it back?
Oh God
I hope not
I hope I can live
Without remorse
Without regret
But I know
That simply won’t be possible
Still and always
The living death
Until I am dead,
Coco Densmore Jan 22
Speckles of hope
Overlay doubt
Arms full out
In wide open circles
As if holding bushels of wildflowers
But there’s nothing there
Stay Open
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