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Sometimes people forget others
They kast them by the side
Never to see the person they left
The person who wishes
To with them abide

The kommon person doesn't think
To look around or about
All they wish to see or have
Is the lakk of any skar

They skan the horizon
They look for their friends
But often times
When the means meet ends
They forgot the person who matters most

They forget those who kare for them
They forget those who think life through
They forget people who life is debt
They forget the "c" in their alphabet
They forget to see what they bekome
They forget to see the added up sum
Are you the forgotten "C"?
When time goes by
day by day
You watch everyone
Walk away

Days can come
Days can go
Yet everyone
Takes actions slow

They see the fire
Burn and glow
Yet it never gives sight
Nor heat, nor light

Never gives warmth
Nor joys, nor laughter
Only burning coals
That remain after

The coals are there
Ready to ignite
If someone there
Will give the right

The darkness surrounds
The pointless fire
For its light is a lie
An empty desire

Its heat is a curse
To show you good
Then burn your skin
For bleed you should

For in the dark
Or in the light
The fire is
A source of fright

A thing to observe
But never tend
An item used for good
But then, to evil, bend

This is the fire that sill soon die
This is the fire that is done and shy
This is the fire that will no longer be
This is the fire or sorrowful desire
Are you this fire?
When smiles are blue
When oceans are red
When it seems like emotion
Is eternally dead

When the lights become dark
When the gold becomes lead
When you can think of only
All the sadness said

When the trees are purple
The grass is drown
When the leafs
Of all the trees are brown

When pains increase
When joy is lost
When happiness is
Of expensive cost

When the stars shine bright
Yet your eyes don't see
When the darkness decides
To refuse to flee

When the rain is pouring
And you it does drench
When you in a war
Burried in a trench

When you feel too much
But feel no more
When your heart is shattered
When your body is sore

When your muscles are weak
When your legs won't walk
When your friends are there
But gone and won't talk

When your hands are warm
Yet frozen as well
When your eyes are dry
Yet with tears do swell

This is when you will enter ****.
CloudedVisions Dec 2018
There once was a tree
Growing by the cliff side
A branch here and there
A place to rest free

Birds would come and birds would go
Flying by and by
Birds landing on the branches
As they take a rest and go slow

But then some big birds
Came from the edge of the cliff
They flew up from below
They came slow and swift

These birds would then land on that tree
They gave pleasure and joy to the tree
As they found shade from the sun
But as time went by, they were sure to run

For with each large bird
Also came a rope
This rope would connect them to tree
It would make it so they don't fall free

It saved them from falling off the cliff
From not being able to catch themselves
But if a branch ever moved
And made them uneasy
They would search for a tree, more good

But little is known
No tree is better
They all have pros and cons
Each branch has meaning
Each leaf has depth
Its just a matter what you chose

So will the birds say they have flown
Or will they stay on that tree
Will they remain content by that cliff
Will they stay through winter froze

Can a large bird find rest in a tree
Where branches constantly move
Can a large bird find rest in a tree
That needs their treasure trove

Their treasure is company
For a bird carries little
Their treasure is joy
For the tree is brittle

Why not stay through storms or rains
Why not be a friend
For every tree has moving branches
It just depends how they bend
Why do people not remains friends, for each free fails in its own way.
CloudedVisions Dec 2018
There is a beach on the shore
Where the sea will hit the land
A place where two words become one
As the sea and land form sand

And on this beach the waves will crash
And the shells will echo back
The wind will blow, the salt will smell
As you see the firmament's *****

The ***** of red, blue, and yellow
The streaks that color the sky
The birds that glide so high above
That make you wish to fly

But on this beach is one great thing
It astounds me most of all
It's all the sand, each individual grain
No matter how big or small

It's size doesn't matter
It sits on that beach
It's unique all on its own
This is what it will teach

Though the grains so numerous
Are each a single unite
No units are the same
Each differ a bit

This is astounding, the variety here
The shape, color, and shade of each
It reminds me of an experience
That all happened on the beach

How each grain of sand was all in place
And then I ran across its surface
Some sand stuck to my feet
Some moved along, it all missed the race

The sand was there, then gone, then back
It left, was present, and absent
Some sand remained true to the end
Some came and went here and there

Some sand showed strength by clinging on tight, others showed weakness
Both showed power
Though one shows reason
How close does the sand stick to you?
CloudedVisions Nov 2018
You say you're here
But then turn and sneer
Your words are empty
You'll never see
The world is dark and void
Yet you never stopped for the boy
You're gone, you're done
You seek for none
No help from tears
Though you were there for years
You're gone, you're grown
Yet I wish it was shown
That still I miss you
Though with me, you are through
CloudedVisions Nov 2018
To climb a tree is to be up some way
To be set free as you climb away
One branch up and then another
But never do we climb together
The sky we try to reach up high
But never till we learn to fly
So climb up one be one
But never will you reach the sun
It is best to stay down low
And here is why, here is what I know
The ground is safe it keeps you stable
But we chose to climb because we're able
Why do we go against that word
Why do we think in thought absurd
The sky is forever out of reach
Yet when one man tries to teach
We put up our hand to climb up more
But we don't realize our arms are soar
Up and up we forever go
But never will we truly know
To climb a tree will never truly set you free.
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