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I look around and see
A very lonely me
For people's only desire
Is to abandon those they meet
The only way
To make them stay
Is to bribe them
With gold, silver, or hay
Only with something
Of value to gain
Will a person choose
Not to run away
But why can't it simply
Be enough to keep them close
Just to show them love?
There once was a kingdom
Towering high
Great it would stand
Strong and grand
But it was really shy
This is the first
Of three lands
But only two
Were different brands
You see the greatest
Of them all
Was the one
That was often small
The two lesser kingdoms
Fought and fought
The third kingdom join
Is what they sought
But war and anger always despair
And cause fires and damage
That never repair
So neutral the third
Did try to remain
But it seems only soldiers
Are continually slain
Why can't borders be kept
Or armies swept
Qhy can't fences be made
Yet also rode
Why can't farms grow
And bring forth yield
Because armies clash
With sword and shield
Because no yellow
Is neither green nor blue
Because no trade
Can ever reach through
For ever person and every war
Is a raid on life
On breath
On blood
But from this third kingdom
Will never come aid
For when fires burn
And when they smother
Can you ever truly gain another
You're my love
You're my dove
You're my angel from above

You're my light
Shining bright
You're the cure to all my fright

You're my friend
My coffee blend
You're the newest fancy trend

You're my fire
My one desire
You'll be why I leave the Shire

You're my sky
My wings to fly
You're the reason I blush and sigh

You're my love
My shining dove
Your my angel from above
A thud, a knock
A tap at your door
Will you open

There is a person
A practicing friend
Who desires to know you more

Yet will you chose
To let them in
Or for them to stay on the porch

To unlock your door
Is a notable challenge
With pains from burns and scorch

Yet is the price
Worth having a friend
Will you open the door

Will you respond
To the thud, the knock
Will you hear the tap at the door
There was a creature
With a heart of good
Knowing what's right and wrong
Yet hidden behind a hood

This hood was called
The hood of false hope
For in it was hidden all greatness
Never washed away by water or soap

The creature it tried to give joy
The creature tried make smiles
Yet over and over the hood made it fail
So it walked and walked for miles

For her an outcast
Forever alone
Forever with no one
To remove this cone

This cone of shame
This hood if dread
This lingering shadow
That surrounded its head

No matter the effort
No matter the intent
No matter the smiles or joys it sent

No matter the creature
Beneath the hood
No matter the effort
To share only good

No matter the creatures appearance
No matter its face or emotion
This creature will forever walk
For no one will make the notion

No one will make any effort to try
To make this creature a pleasant surprise
To make the creature feel at home
To show it the joy or a pretty sunrise

But because if this hood
That covered this monster
The creature is hated
Never to be, nor show, nor be shown good
I feel this yet I'm in this
How can this all be

Joy yet in sorrow
Comfort yet in pain
Peace yet in war
Fame yet in obscurity
Crowded yet alone
Warm yet in the cold
Blind yet in light
Deaf yet in sound
Wise yet in idiocy
Close yet in distance
Near yet far away
Patience in anxiety
Happy yet in anger
This is my mix of emotion
A dilemma I can't explain
How can one be in such a mood
Yet know the trouble surrounding
Here I am on a cloud
Staring over a sea
Here I am in the air
Longing for inner chi

In front of me
Is a sea of prints
Marks are everywhere
Yet I need a hint

A hint to tell me
Where to go
Where to put my step
But none seem to glow

No one print tells me how
Or directs my placing feet
No track of walking
Shows readiness to greet

Here is a sea of choices for me
In whose steps shall I follow
Im so uncertain, brave yet lost
As I sit in fear and swallow

Will I ever chose to take
A step towards what is right
Will I ever chose to make
A descision in good sight

Will I follow what I know is true
What is worth the pain and fear
Or will I slip from honest to lie
And never smile with cheer
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