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CloudedVisions Oct 2020
You invest time
Money, and mind
Soul and heart

But in the end
All you see
Is love broke apart

You try your hardest
You give your all
But it never will safice

So why try
Why push ahead
When every step
Is a sacrifice

You do everything
With perfection
Trying hard not to offend

You do so great
Perfection really
Then you fall off
the deepest end

Your mind goes dark
Your thoughts become fear
And never do you mend

Your unconscious thoughts
Your fear of loneliness
Have now appeared

Be her friend
Let her grow close
The demons all sneered

But then those demons
They have won
They applauded and cheered

You've been left

A powerful light
A beacon of hope
That had once shone

Now dead in the tower
Hides above
Never walk bellow

You have tried
You gave your all
But even perfection
Is only third best

Is this a test?
To try my worth?
To check where my faith lies?

If so why have You left?
The temple gone
The millenium far
Unhearing to their cries
CloudedVisions Sep 2020
Time with you
Walks and talks
Drives and shops
Never is a waste

I cherish the minute
The moment
The hour
It passes by
In haste

Never does it feel
Like it lasted long enough
Always passes by too fast
But it's joy
Will always last
You make me happy

Time with you
My favorite thing
I get to know you more

Talking with you
My favorite words
I wonder if you snore?

Walking with you
My favorite steps
Along the rivers shore

Sitting with you
My favorite rests
My heart wants to soar

Eating with you
My favorite sight
Food never is a chore

Dates with you
My favorite nights
Endless fun, smiles galore.

At these times
Time spent with you
My happiness shoots high

My mind awakes
My heart is alive
I feel at peace inside

But pursuing you
Is my favorite call
For it is with you
I can overcome all
CloudedVisions Sep 2020
A candle sits
On top a desk
A lonely flame
A shining light

But then the darkness
Breaks away
Another light
Now shines real bright

It casts a flicker
It catches the eye
Of the other
candle present

Is this light
This flicker
This flame
A friend?

Or maybe this sight
Should be a source
Of worry, dread,
And fear

After all,
It seems that each
And every year
A new candle
Can be seen

So is it a friend,
A foe, 
A fear,

Or is it someone
Who should be
Brought near?
CloudedVisions Sep 2020
No matter the twinkle
No matter the star
No matter the wish
Or the distance far

No matter the night
Or the monsters fright
There is someone
With all the might

Watching, listening
Keeping you safe

It's our Father Above
With eyes of love

He desires your best
A good nights rest
A kiss and a hug
With no bed bug

A sweet calm dream
Of a steady stream
Or a sailors ship
Or a family trip

No matter the vision
Through out the night
There is our Father above
Who keeps away all fright
CloudedVisions Aug 2020
Your head
Is in a spin

But sometimes that
Is what you need
To see the earth
In its orbit

Around the sun
It spins around
It never stops
Always in motion

So spinning
In life
In shadow
In your head
Or in your heart
Should only be
Seen as natural
CloudedVisions Aug 2020
We sit and watch
We look around
But what we see
Is never sound
Our ears can perk
Our noses smell
But never will
We realize Hell
Is often closer
To our hearts
Then all the clouds above

Our vision blurs
Our ears can droop
Our noses plug
Our hands grow cold

So ever key we hit
Only becomes
harder with ice
We play a key
And yet don't see
The giant size
Of what is lost
A feeling
An emotion
A thought
A song

For in a moment
It all turns wrong
No note is heard
No shadow seen
Only a growing fire
With but one desire
To burn all
That we love
And rid us
Of our hearts

For deep inside
We all know
Our shadows grow
When no one sees
When no one listens
Hears or smells
And slowly we enter
A dark damp room
With locked doors
And no source of light
In this room is a piano
One with shimmering keys
Tainted in blood
Wood is sanded
Smooth and soft


Hit a note
And no sound comes
For all the stings
They have been cut
And each string
A dream that will never come

So curl up
Try not to cry
For your head is gone
Your eyes are blind
Your ears are deaf
Your nose is plugged
Your hands are cold
And feet are numb
And soon you will
Be dead
CloudedVisions Jul 2020
We look around
The world is full
People everywhere

Yet, as we look
We see no life
No breath in the air

No one sees
The suffocation
Of hearts that care

No one sees
The coming death
Of what once was there

People come
Breathing joy
Only to turn away

They snuggle close
Then flee in horror
And this is what they say

"The darkness rises
The clouds grow
The moon shines red

The trees creak
The fires glow
Yet no light is shed

I will search
For those long gone
Till all breath is dead"
An endless search.
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