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943 · Jun 2015
Clodagh Jun 2015
Oft times I dwell on Denmark,
Lilacs,Roses wild,
long stretch golden beaches
Sea for miles and miles.

Pure in fading sunlight
Rainbows laying down
colors everywhere.
Paint peel upturned rowboat,
dried out by the sun,
sits tight it's place upon the sand,
Someone left it there.

Shafts of Gold and Orange,
glorious in their cast
alight the magical fir trees,
sturdy,built to last,
to stand against the winds
that often prowl the sand,
echoing the Viking Gods
whispering through the land.

They tell of ancient stories
their legends and the Sea,
I hear them calling,
calling out to me.
853 · Jun 2015
Sea Blue
Clodagh Jun 2015
Once I stood upon a clifftop
where the wind rose up to brush my face
my cheek,
blowing my hair behind me.
It opened up my heart to feel,
as if
God himself was coming at my heel.

As if I stood on the edge of time,
glimpsed beyond life itself,
  heard the cry of gulls
beneath my feet,
howling some anguished message
in their desperate frenzy to eat.

I breathed the Ocean's scent
saw it's deep blue green erupt,
as it hit the hard rocks of time,
unbowed and unbent,
not to be tamed,broken or trapped,
mysteries remaining untapped,
perhaps only to be caught in my imagination,
like a photo, a painting,a dedication
for memories sake.

This magic,this ocean deep,
this pure,good energy,that heals and soothes,
the horizon,
where the water meets the skies,
these things,
I found
within your eyes.
588 · Jun 2015
A memory....
Clodagh Jun 2015
The scent of pinks assail me,
I'm walking down a hill,
evoking distant memories
that linger with me still.

Of secret garden places,
full of child delights,
where I played when I was happy,
'mongst Cillas, Daffs,so bright.

Cherry blossom tree drops,
pinking everywhere,
flying Dandelion Fairies
playing through my hair.

The scent of Pinks assail me,
travelling on the air,
once again,
they take me back
To a time without a care.
554 · Jun 2015
Gone to Earth.
Clodagh Jun 2015
I lay a lonely rose
upon my Mother's grave,
I'd never been,
Tears too numerous to tell
fell faster
then any rain
I'd ever seen.

I wanted in the Earth with her,
to lay beside her bones,
to wash myself among her dust,
all of her remains.
To try to feel her spirit there
to know that she was close
to try to take her pain.

I never knew my Mother,
She went before her time,
leaving all her little ones,
taken in her prime.

I believe she's ever watchful
yet never feel her there,
If I could only lay down deep,
I'd know that she'd be near.

I had to leave my Mother's grave
had to say goodbye,
Never got down in that earth
got on a plane to fly.

One day I'll see you Mama,
I'll see you bright and clear,
and we'll sit and talk it over,
Nor shed another tear.
546 · Jun 2015
Clodagh Jun 2015
I just want to smoke or eat or drink! ,
all three perhaps.
I'm ****** dependent
on the brink
can't think!

All this creativity
trying to get out,
I need to read or sleep
or shout!

Can't stop
the time is flying by,
can't believe I came here
just to lay down and die.

Must be something else
to do
out there,

I'll just sit and
try to get off the brink.
513 · Jul 2015
A Tribute...
Clodagh Jul 2015
Fair of face,
Full of grace,
She glides like Swan
On water.

Her secret soul
You'll never know
But mind,
Her soul is tender.

Elusive Charm,
Moonlight calm,
In this,
She hides
Her Embers.

A mind that knows
A thousand things,
listening to.

Celtic Light,
What should we do
Without Her?

For She has faeries
In her hair
and Magic
all about Her.
507 · Jul 2015
Young Husband...
Clodagh Jul 2015
Everyone laughed,
'A younger man?'
'By how much?!!'
even Pity,
I was surrounded,
By doubters.
Waiting for me to fall.
I did.

We tied the knot,
It felt forever,
An adventure into
the Land of never.

Oh! how we loved
right from the start,
couldn't stop
the beat of our Hearts.

''You maybe older then me''
He'd say,
''Beauty undiminished
You don't look a day,
It didn't bother him,

He really gave me his all,
in words,writing,
lovely cards,
whole being,
in thrall.
We were so happy
at the start.

I never tired of gazing
at his face,
incredible Grace,
His sureness of pace.

We moved and traveled,
all over the place,
two Nomads seeking
a secure haven,
to be.

Here, there, everywhere,
no cares.
I managed it all,
Never thought I would fall.

Then one day we kissed,
It was wanting,
His cell phone rang,
the sound was haunting,

No one there,
He said,
Yet had murmured
in a language
yet to be learnt,
by me.

Slowly by degrees,
He slipped from
my arms,
took his Heart with Him,
to bestow upon,
who knows?
some others?

I clung on and on,
not seeing the truth,
that somehow,
I was deceived,
then bereaved
by this youth.
for the loss of Him.

I don't regret it,
not a day,
I'd chucked  all
that came before,
for Him.
But worth it,
happy from the off,
in between.
Thankful for what
we had,
What has been,
Now gone.
Copyright Clodagh 2015
Clodagh Jun 2015
As I snuggle down in my Yellow stripe bed
all crisp with white and rose trim red,
all around,warm scent of musk
lingers still
from bodies touched,
of matted gold across pillow swept,
smooth silk back,
catching the glow of the half street light
that dims thru the blinds
out of the night
into the gloom
of my now,empty room.

Yet still I feel your warm heat there,
the softest touch of where you were,
the even breath listened to,
unsettling my own tried rhythm with you.

'Twas not the frantic beat of two entwined
that hovers here,
how whispered things
fell incoherent,drowning in my hair,
nor when the stars appeared and shuddered there.

It was later,
My thoughts so now embrace,
that moment when you turned your face
to sleep your dreams,your dreams unknown,
away from me,
How beautiful in that half light you looked.
Then tracing my fingers on your arm,
crooked around your head above,
I uttered wordlessly,
Goodnight my love.

— The End —