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John James Aug 2020
You make my heart race with the force of a thousand suns.
Reminding me how much I crave for adrenaline, and you're the one adventure that could **** me.
Every aroma surrounding you is my greatest aphrodisiac, and yout smile is just enough to lure me in.
You hurt, heal, and complete me all at the same time, and I'd have it no other way.
Because the ones who are able to hurt you the most comes side-in-side with who you love the most.
And that truly completes me because I lost my emotions once, and now I only want to get lost in them with you.
John James Aug 2020
Look up to see the ever encompassing sky.
And get lost in it's depthless beyond.
Than maybe for one moment, you'll understand how I get lost in your eyes.
Some days it's cloudy, and some nights it rains.
And just like your eyes, all I can hope for is sunshine and optimistic forecasts.
Which won't always happe. As we wish, pray, and plead.
But when the storms do roll in, I'll always be the umbrella you may need.
John James Aug 2020
Each time I close my eyes, and remember your face.
I can never see darkness, because you truly are a light.
And not just any regular old light like a light house, fireflies, or star in the sky.
But comparable to the final flash you see before death.
Because once I really saw you for all you are, nothing was the same.
In the sense that changes must be made in order to persevere.
Death was always the goal, but now I want to grow old.
Freedom was always my first choice, but for you I would do as told.
Fleeing was my last resort, but now I only want to run to you.
You are the final flash of light before death, or at least I'd like you to be.
John James Apr 2020
For every kind of ailment I looked at you to cure my pain;
No matter how crazy or far, I let you take reign.
And right now I don't know what I've become or who I'm turning into;
And it's impossible to figure out how I'll ever make it from here without you.
But enough is enough and relief from a nightmare isn't a solution;
Being so dependant on you was a mere illusion.
And from here sobriety turns from vase to road;
As I once again try to stray off from the ones who strive to corrode.
John James Apr 2020
What's the point of feeling good when you just can't feel good;
So might as well be bad, when the times are bad.
John James Mar 2020
Once before, The commander said "as vanguard, you hold the line"
Since then I've been afraid to be anything less than my strongest
Show anything less than my bravest face
But every soldier's shift ends one day, and in that moment of vulnerability
Is it okay if I just for once revert to the self I wish to be?
Is it okay if I just once am allowed to cry? To show the feelings I hide so well?
But before you know it day comes again whether you slept or not
And it's time to put on the brave face once again, and hold the line.
John James Mar 2020
I went on a trip to Paris to see the Louvre;
But out of every room the only masterpiece I saw was you.
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