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Carmelina Apr 2020
I met you out on a whim.
Revenge in your heart.
Hate in your eyes.
Never any Lies.

You don’t know me.
Revenge is never free.

Now your stuck.
Not knowing what to do.
A curse of hope.
Running through your mind.
Turns out,
Your running out of time.

So hold my hand.
Keep it close.
Blink to fast.

You might over dose.
Because the love I have
Is hard to lose.
It’s not something your ready for.
Nor something you choose.
Carmelina Feb 2019
Always from a far I saw you.
Until one day you were there with warmth in your face I could not refuse.
Now you are the girl I  dream of.
A fear I never expected when I looked at you.
A love that lit like a candle in a dark still room.
In one flash you lighted my heart with warmth and fear.
Carmelina Feb 2019
Today you are loved.
Tomorrow will be a question.
Furthermore, where was this relationship destined?

Is okay to hold your hand.
Intwine my fingers.
Act as if I don’t feel your wedding band.

In this moment you are mine
But only for an hour or two
You must run off, act straight
But if only he really knew.

You love me more than just a friend
You can pretend not to be gay
But you know what to do.
As if it’s nothing new.

This bond that we both share
Has you questioning yourself.
Beware my love is irresistible
To much time with me
Starts to be conditional.

It’s not to late.

I know the pace

to every second

when your hearts

starts to race.

To be in love
is not a mistake.

But to hide
who you really are
is a risk.
Is that something You are willing to take?
Carmelina Jan 2019
I love you.
Your emptiness was filled with my soul
Together forever
we’d grow old

One look at you
My heart always knew
That nothing else could compare
To this love we beautifully share

To hold your hand, and know it’s mine
That’s the definition of a moment
Stopped in time
To feel so safe and secure

To feel your body so near
We’re the perfection of natural selection
To have your warmth
A feeling so real

We’ll share this love
Until it runs out
But without a doubt
I love you more

To a lifetime of you and me.
Where love is unquestionable
And faith is always in the air
Together forever, a love we both share.
Carmelina Jan 2019
I’ll whisper in your ear.
Tell you all the things you want to hear.
Sweet nothings.

Last for never.

No commitment from the start.
Your whole world is falling apart.
Jealousy leads to desperately.

You force your way in.
Push and shove.
Say words you don’t mean.

But my love

Has made you into a fein.
You crave my soft hands
And my simple touch.

Screaming at me
“Is that too much”

So I’ll give you what wish.
My very own special kiss.
Caress your hips.
Make love
Though my fingertips.

I’ll put you in that place.
That’ll have you wanting
More. You’ll call out my name.
Thinking you’ve  scored.

When morning comes.
I’ll still be walking
That door.
You’ll be left.
With love me knots.

A love that was once yours.
Is now being forgot.
Carmelina Jan 2019
I look at you and smile.
I’ll always love that face.
Since the day I saw you.
My heart raced.

No one but you
Can keep it at that pace.
The love we share.

Nothing else in this world
Can compare.
I fell in love with you
After one stare.

Such beauty and grace.
I had to chase you.
Because you catch my eye.

Any time you are near.
I can clearly see.
It was always
Just meant to be.

You and me!
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