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Savannah Jan 2021
I told you Autumn Crocus was my favorite flower,

as you ground the silty roots against my pointed molars.
Savannah Feb 2020
Crushed candy hearts in hand,
I love your smile.
Roses ripped apart petal by petal,
Won't you stay awhile?
Savannah Jul 2019
She is the golden hour,
Bringing out the beauty in the mundane.
Her radiance so contagious,
It is reflected by the rain.

I cannot grow green with envy
I can’t even look away.
She is the sun that is always setting
I am the sunflower wishing for her to stay.
She is gorgeous, really, I worry my lip between my teeth when I hear her voice.

I think I might be falling for her.
Savannah Apr 2019
Pushed out of orbit,
Venus shined ever brighter.
Her colors still swirled,
but her storms were deafening.
When our hands met it felt as if all the other planets had aligned for a moment. As our fingers intertwined, I wished to never let go, but you were already floating into empty space.
Savannah Feb 2019
Torn skin between teeth,
Observer's eyes unseen.
Words won't pass my lips,
Still I wish to speak.

Crimson spills from your fingers,
staining a golden ring.

What is it you fear?
The mirror's echo,
Or the screen.
You had torn the tips of your fingers in silence, I didn't dare say a word.
Your teeth were stained red when you looked at me.
What am I to say to you?

They don't see what I do.
Savannah Jan 2019
I now see why there are so many stories,
of artists going into a craze.

I feel the skin at my fingertips crawl.
I sit here in the middle of my room, a wooden easel stands tall by the open window. Dim lamp light falls over me like a sheet of silk, I can hear them thinking of me. I stare out the window, the moon doesn't dare shine upon my trembling form.
Savannah Jan 2019
Slow grasp growing,
Reaching for your radiance.
Once ardently awake,
My long forgotten limbs rest.

Wishing for vibrant verdant.
Instead of brown winter bramble.
Barren is the reluctant grape vine,
that awaits spring showers.
My hesitance had ruined it all.
I can't remember the way you felt against my skin.
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