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I think
is the greatest cause of inventions.
For centuries
Humans try to shorten it

Letters once send through pigeon
Are now turned into mere chit chat
Travel we had done in order to see other
Can be overcome by video-calls


It is not just physical quality
It does not just speed into time
It is more than that

Distance is a space
With gravity
If we get stuck once
We stay forever

Is a gap

Distance is a terrible void
For centuries we try to overcome it
We invent various technologies
To shorten it

I wonder
What invention you are making
To fill the void
The distance

I m careless about God
because praying give me a mental breakdown
The more I ask for forgiveness
the more guilty I feel
It's a never-ending circle.
I left praying for the last two years.
and I m doing better without Gods
at least for now.
I forgave myself, so
in a way, I forgave you too.
I hope you find reasons
to forgive yourself too, so
in a way forgive me too
for all the sins we committed
when we were in a dream
called love.

Yours sincerely,
A sinner from your formal heaven.
My parent crash-landed on the bed
and I was born in wreckage of the burnt plane
with missing windows and broken bones
with dead people and ghost-homes.

don't ask me
why my skin looks like coal
or why my anger is a match in gasoline
why I have hands made of scissors
and body wrapped in razor wires.
but mama,
i m all bruised
black and blue
not only from outside
but inside too.
But loving you gave me wings
So i climb up to the building
and jump off the twenty-first floor.
Pretending to fly.
I swear to God it really felt like flying
but gravity is a *****
with ugly make up
and love is the desperate lonely boy
watching porns.
I hit the floor and fractured
five ****** bones
three ribs
and one soul.
I picked myself up
and walked toward your home
but you closed your door on me
"Loves doesn't make us look like monster
You must have confused it with lust
and God! you look like smashed cockroach."

So here i am
At 3 am
A girl is moaning,
no, screaming
in a **** video.
The boy
is running out of breath.
And depression makes me a cup of tea.
In bed
I will also run out of my breath
but i won't be messing any woman.

— The End —