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My canvas is void of color.
Its missing shapes and lines,
not much other
then light pencil marks,
erased and faded.
My canvas is void of color
edges worn and tattered
from traveling
bare to the open air.

In the open air,
one path merged from two.
Painting the most spectacular view, one day,
you said, one day
"I'll share my paints with you"
So many radical minds
leaving their prints on the glass of time
manipulating the rules of aestiticts
infinity now ruled by natural synthetics
that minds aren't equipped
to fathom the elasticity of
nonlinear lifetimes
untethered from the lifelines that loop forever those loopy eyes
follow your rainbow
and you will find your gold
but you wont see the light
with that filthy blind fold

if you want to feel the sun
wash upon your soul
start to live your life
in an an infinite glow

want your fire burning
you just have to ignite it
want your passion beating
its in there hiding

if you want to feel the sun
wash upon your soul
start to see your life
as an infinite glow

dont worry about loosing
your footsteps back home
if you get lost
just look at the moon
and start to see your life
as an infinite glow
look up at the stars
and follow their flow
Ive tried to turn back time
Theres Memories  i need to find
Glances that I stole in hopes
That this would not end in bitterness

Now im standing in my gave
Surrounded by golden glimmers of my past
Reflecting reactions of fractions in time
Whered the time go
Why won't it slow
I can only hope that you know
With every tic toc
Of your  life's clock
My hands are always  there to hold

When you grow old
Don't grow too cold
theres more treasure to unfold
when you grow old
dont grow to cold
you can rest when you reach your bed of gold
When I die
Dont say my life was stolen from me
Dont hang your handcuffs on my grave
if the truth is to hard to swallow
Dont spit on my name

When I die,
dont hashtag hate or tag people to blame
I was not taken from this world, it was this world i could not take.
death saved me
death helped me relate

you may never understand
you may know more then i think
but when I die
do anything
be happy that i was alive.
don't be depressed. I was not
I just knew that this world was not designed for me.
Im off to find a new one
maybe ill see you in some world with crystals tall as mountains
and seas made of clouds.
and you'll see
To just let live, and live with peace
Every passer by is a fly on the road
I wanna look up but i dont want to see
every empty stare that goes straight to my soul
i hide so they dont see whats inside of me
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