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Chrissy Jan 2020
All I ever wanted was stability
somewhere I could be safe
not afraid
but the universe has chewed up every bit of familiarity I held like a heartbeat
and made it flatline
Chrissy Dec 2019
Sometimes we regret that we let people flicker in and out of our lives
like a broken light bulb
we think that its our fault because we didn't hold onto them with our whole souls
and now empty rooms seem to echo even louder now that they are gone

but now the light bulb has finally died
and we sit quietly in the dark
we've realised that light bulb wasn't worth replacing ever
because they chose to leave you in the dark
Chrissy Nov 2019
It’s a little colder now
A little harder to breathe
Harder to get the words out
I’m a little choked up
so please don't ask me if I'm ok
I just might breakdown
Chrissy Oct 2019
Don’t worry it’s only cloudy for now
This fog will only blur your vision temporarily
You will be able to see the beauty growing around you again
The things you have built with your own fingertips
The things you watered with your emotions and nurtured with your kind heart
Chrissy Sep 2019
If there was a way self love could be bought
I would have invested everything I had into it
Chrissy Aug 2019
You will find me where the water holds tightly onto the horizon
You will find me in the way the clouds cry oh so slightly
but just enough to water my dry roots
You will find me where the breeze hits the sunflower fields
You will find me in the way the sunflowers sway at their elongated stem
You will find me in the way the petals fall as you say
She loves me not
Chrissy Aug 2019
I rather age like fine wine without you
Than be poisoned everyday by words that do not allow growth
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