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Oct 2017 · 2.7k
Chloe Elizabeth Oct 2017
often times

when I am laying alone at night

I feel his presence with me

and my love for him is overwhelming

it beats within my chest

so hard I worry it may break my heart
This poem may be unfinished, I don't know completely yet
Aug 2017 · 1.0k
Tired Hearts
Chloe Elizabeth Aug 2017
He asked me if my heart is tired
I told him it is
But those who are tired eventually wake
My tired heart will be just fine
Mar 2017 · 708
Thinking About Happiness
Chloe Elizabeth Mar 2017
What a beautiful gift to have the ability to be happy in the hardest of times
Oct 2016 · 1.9k
These Little Pieces
Chloe Elizabeth Oct 2016
When you're involved with someone, you slowly collect these little pieces of their life. The 40 minute break that they have between their classes on Tuesdays. The amount of sugar that they like in their coffee. The time that they wake up for work on Monday mornings. The side of the bed that they prefer to sleep on. And then this day comes when everything comes to an end. However, these little pieces stay with you. You feel so incredibly empty while you drown in the fragments of their day-to-day life. Suddenly, you find yourself wandering around aimlessly for 40 minutes on Tuesday afternoons. You don't put sugar in your coffee anymore. You sleep in on Monday mornings. You lay in the center of your Queen-sized bed. You float around in this uncomfortable space between the life you lived before and the life you shared with this person and their little pieces. You float here for a while as you try and get back to a life that is all yours again. A life that is familiar and forever different. And you know that this will happen time and time again, you will repeat this agonizing process of building up and tearing down and rebuilding until that one day, where nothing comes to an end.
Feb 2016 · 933
This is the Truth
Chloe Elizabeth Feb 2016
They asked me what happened. They asked me what went wrong. For a long time I wondered the exact same thing. Where did everything go so wrong? Lots of things went wrong in the passing time of our breaking love. But the truth? The very painful truth to our final collapse is this: I could no longer stand by and watch him slowly **** himself while we both pretended that nothing was wrong. Every morning that we woke up, I woke up beside someone who was wishing that they didn't, and it ripped my heart out of my chest and threw it onto the floor while the sun streamed through the windows. Watching him be unhappy was the hardest thing I ever had to do because into my eyes he could admit he wanted to die, and still walk away and refuse to do anything about it. Some people may disagree with my choice to leave him. He certainly did. Abandonment is what he called it. However, I put my everything into trying to mend his broken heart, while in the process I was ruining mine. I would not let us both be broken. God, did I ever love him so much that it almost killed me. You can say that I did a lot of things, but abandoning was not one of those things. I couldn't wake up one more morning holding my breath hoping that he was still breathing.

Chloe Elizabeth
Nov 2015 · 546
Goodbye J.S.
Chloe Elizabeth Nov 2015
The painful truth that I could not bring myself to tell him is that I cannot bear to be with someone who is unhappy. I could no longer look into his eyes and search for happiness that was not there. I could no longer fall asleep in is arms to wake up in the morning knowing that he would rather not wake at all. I could no longer wait for the day to come when he discovers what it means to be happy, because I am already there and I could no longer slow my pace waiting for him to catch up. Life started to stand still as I found myself engulfed in a person that was not capable of giving me what I really wanted from them, and as much as they told me I did, I could not give them what they needed either: happiness. Upon this realization, I had to let go. I had to say goodbye. All I can hope is that one day, one day soon, he will not have to pray for his life to have meaning, he will realize that it already does.

Goodbye J.S.

By Chloe Elizabeth
Oct 2015 · 1.4k
Chloe Elizabeth Oct 2015
The hardest thing I have done, and the thing that I am also the most proud of, was getting to a place in my life where I could say, with the deepest and most heart wrenching honesty, that I am truly happy. With every movement of my fingers, and blink of my eyelids, through even the hardest times and thickest tears, I am happy.

By Chloe Elizabeth
Sep 2015 · 384
Chloe Elizabeth Sep 2015
They were right when they said you can still feel lonely when you're sitting in a room of 500 people

By Chloe Elizabeth
Aug 2015 · 1.8k
My 5'5 Hockey Player
Chloe Elizabeth Aug 2015
This isn't going to be much of a poem, just a thought; something that I was thinking about today.
I was asked if it was weird to have dated my ex, since he was 5'5, one inch shorter than I am. And you know what, I've dated professional go-kart racers, jujitsu gold medalists and kick boxers, yes, all much taller than I am, however, none of them made me feel as safe as my 5'5 hockey player did. So the answer to that question, which actually surprised me as well, is no. It was not weird. It was not anything but another relationship, with another boy, who proved to be much more than how tall he was. Height does not matter to me and I don't see it ever mattering because he made me feel just as loved as someone twice his size could have. And even though he turned out to be a complete *******, that was not because of his small size, that was because he was, and is, a ****** person. Case closed.

By Chloe Elizabeth
Aug 2015 · 304
Chloe Elizabeth Aug 2015
Day after day of running away,
My mind keeps coming back to him
I guess time does not heal everything
Unless time can bring him back to me

By Chloe Elizabeth
Jul 2015 · 290
Where It All Started
Chloe Elizabeth Jul 2015
"I'm falling in love with you by the way."
A sentence I will never, ever forget
Jul 2015 · 297
All Good Things
Chloe Elizabeth Jul 2015
Nothing about this life is easy and all good things are the hardest to get. They are also the hardest to let go of. If you want them bad enough, you either have to let go or fight harder and I think that there is a very good chance that I will spend the rest of my life searching for him. I will walk, I will run, I will fly, I will not stop because he is the face I will always be looking for in a crowded place. Some say that all good things must come to an end, but I refuse to believe that is true. He is the best, and yes he is the only, love that I have ever had. I will not let that go easily. I will not let him go without a fight.

By Chloe Elizabeth
Apr 2015 · 2.7k
Chloe Elizabeth Apr 2015
Just as I thought we were beginning to fall apart, he took my hands, looked me in the eyes, and said "No, we're fighters." I've never felt so strong in my life, standing there looking back at him.

By Chloe Elizabeth
Apr 2015 · 5.3k
Chloe Elizabeth Apr 2015
He told me he didn't want to fall in love with someone 423 miles away
"That's a whole lot of foot steps" he said
I can't say that I didn't feel the same way
But I couldn't help look up at the moon and pray he was looking up too
I wished for him on every shooting star I ever saw
And I watched all the sunsets thinking about his hopes and dreams
"But the truth is I really do love you a lot" he said
The truth is I really did love him with all my heart too
Not a day goes by that I don't think about being with him
I never believed in soul mates, I always believed a person could love many people
And I still think that's true
But never in the same way you love that one person, the person you're meant to be with
That person in the world that in some way, somehow, finds you
That person was him
And maybe some day we'll end up together; but that day is not today, and it's not tomorrow
But one thing I know for sure is that I'll always love him
Just like I did from the start
All those footsteps away

By Chloe Elizabeth
Feb 2015 · 398
That Love Of Mine
Chloe Elizabeth Feb 2015
And suddenly I was able
To put the pieces of our broken love story
Into words

I held them in my hands
So gently, so they would not shatter
And blew them to the sky
Never to return again

No where in the world I'll find
Someone quite like that love of mine
Forever floating in the wind
Our love is gone but will never end

By Chloe Elizabeth
Chloe Elizabeth Jan 2015
As a 17 year old girl, I have been through a lot and I have been through nothing at all. If I've learned anything from the years I've been breathing, it's that the world is not black and white. Nothing is one sided and nothing is going to be as easy as you would hope it to be. So, you have to fight. You need to be understanding, patient, kind and you need to put all of your heart into every single moment. No matter what happens, you need to be strong because moping will only wilt you more. I refuse to be someone who chooses to suffer. The most beautiful flowers still get stepped on sometimes, but they grow back. So will I.

By Chloe Elizabeth
Jan 2015 · 332
Chloe Elizabeth Jan 2015
I know I always gave you every benefit of the doubt
I defended you through all the faults
But you should have tried a little harder
Fought a little longer
Loved me a little stronger
Because I never stopped killing myself
Trying to save the small chance we still had
And that wasn't fair
It wasn't right

By Chloe Elizabeth
Jan 2015 · 282
That Feeling
Chloe Elizabeth Jan 2015
I don't know how to explain it
But it feels like my heart is going to beat out of my chest
I don't have many words to describe it
But I think this is what falling in love feels like

By Chloe Elizabeth
Update: That wasn't what falling in love feels like
Jan 2015 · 4.8k
Chloe Elizabeth Jan 2015
When I'm with him
He's so real
Then when I'm not
He seems like a dream

By Chloe Elizabeth
Jan 2015 · 3.1k
Chloe Elizabeth Jan 2015
After all this time of chasing his tide, he comes back when I'm no longer by the water

By Chloe Elizabeth
too late
Dec 2014 · 471
All Of Our Maybes
Chloe Elizabeth Dec 2014
Maybe he was right
Maybe we weren't meant to be in love
Every star in the sky and page in all of the books in my collection could never explain us
Maybe we should have fought harder for each other
Fallen to our knees and surrendered when we really had nothing more to give
Bruised and scarred from trying to hold on just a tad longer
Maybe it was our doubts that cut the rope
Perhaps it was all of our maybes that killed us in the end
We didn't believe in the 2 a.m cups of coffee or even the blood in our veins
We didn't have faith in what our future could hold, we didn't even have faith in ourselves
I think he was right when he said we couldn't do it
He was right to turn away and never come back
He saved us from more pain and maybe that's a good thing
Receiving peace in exchange for love

By Chloe Elizabeth
Dec 2014 · 1.3k
Beat of My Heart
Chloe Elizabeth Dec 2014
I think from all the craziness and hectic paces of my life of madness, I never had the time to sit down and study the beat of my heart. And the truth is, maybe I did love him a little more than I thought I did.

By Chloe Elizabeth
Dec 2014 · 13.0k
Chloe Elizabeth Dec 2014
It just makes me sad, oh so incredibly sad, to see him with someone else who was able to hold on to him longer than my poor hands could bear.

By Chloe Elizabeth
Dec 2014 · 494
Dim Lit Cafe
Chloe Elizabeth Dec 2014
Sitting there, in that dim lit cafe, I could see his beauty. Before I could even see his face, I could see his eyes, and on that bitter cold winter day, I felt their warmth. You know, I've seen his face many times before, he is no stranger. He was my slow dance in a dark room, my loudness in a library, my words on a piece of paper, and he is one of my sources of joy in this life I live.

By Chloe Elizabeth
Dec 2014 · 1.0k
Chloe Elizabeth Dec 2014
I think the bare truth of it all is that yes, it hurts like hell to look at someone who you had the potential of loving uncontrollably, but they never gave you the chance. And maybe, you will never be able to take your eyes away but that is the beauty of pain, sometimes, it lasts forever.

By Chloe Elizabeth
Dec 2014 · 8.3k
These Moments
Chloe Elizabeth Dec 2014
These moments in my life
Have taught me about love, friendship
And giving everything you have to someone
For them to lose it all along the way

By Chloe Elizabeth
Dec 2014 · 665
Chloe Elizabeth Dec 2014
I really hope it was all worth it for him. I really do hope that hurting me was worth it for him and that everything he threw away in the end means less than what he keeps close right now. I hope that it wasn’t all for nothing; that all the broken pieces and open ends have a new home. I would hate for all the pain, sleepless nights and 4 a.m walks to go to waste because those meant something to me; they were all ways of fighting for what I loved. I hung on until my hands were blistered, I supported every decision even if I got ******* over because his happiness mattered to me, it ******* mattered. But in the end, I had to give in to the blisters.

By Chloe Elizabeth
This isn't exactly poetry, I would consider it more spoken word but i still wanted to share it.
Dec 2014 · 509
Where He Went
Chloe Elizabeth Dec 2014
I blinked for a moment
And in that moment he was gone
Searching for what he couldn't find in me
I hope he found what he was looking for
Where he went I'll never know
I hope that I can let him go

By Chloe Elizabeth
Nov 2014 · 559
The Same
Chloe Elizabeth Nov 2014
You cried in my arms, a heart filled with shame
With tears in my eyes, I loved you the same

By Chloe Elizabeth
Nov 2014 · 342
The Boy Who Couldn't Dance
Chloe Elizabeth Nov 2014
I remember looking at his eyes in a dark room
My hand was still in his when the world took a break
Spilling out the truth that has been kept inside through unbearable days
We stood still in a room full of swaying people
His eyes had never looked so beautiful than when I could see his soul
I never truly knew who he was until that moment
When he placed his heart in my hands and mine broke
To watch someone fall apart at my feet and apologize for making a mess
I picked up every piece and put him back together
With all the strength in my body I still could not handle his tears
And never have I felt truer love than when I sat on that bench
With the boy who couldn't dance
And loved him for everything he was, is and ever could be
No matter who he loved

By Chloe Elizabeth
Nov 2014 · 450
Suddenly, You Wake Up
Chloe Elizabeth Nov 2014
Sometimes, you get so caught up in a moment that you convince yourself that your life is supposed to turn out a certain way. You believe that these moments will define the rest of your life. When in reality, they are not your fate and you forget that before them, you were surviving. Suddenly, you wake up. What woke you up? Usually something gut-wrenchingly heartbreaking or the loss of something that, honestly, wasn't as great as you thought it was in the first place. For me, it was both. I fell asleep for far too long and woke up on a gloomy Wednesday night feeling empty. The person I loved as a young 17 year old girl was slipping out of my reach and I needed to let them go. I just needed to let them go.

By Chloe Elizabeth
Sometimes, letting go is the most unbearable decision that a person can make, but we all have to do it at some point
Nov 2014 · 430
Let Him Go
Chloe Elizabeth Nov 2014
You held him 'till your fingers bled
You meant every single word you said

You loved him 'till your heart was sore
But honey, he's not worth it anymore

Let him go

By Chloe Elizabeth
Nov 2014 · 613
Chloe Elizabeth Nov 2014
I found her while she was humming,
Her sweet symphony breaking the silence

My heart skipped a beat in that moment
As I listened to the song that was stuck in her head

And I just watched her,
I watched her move and everyone else disappeared

There was something about the way her eyes closed
As she got lost in the song
That took my breath away

I fell in love with a girl
And I found her while she was humming

By Chloe Elizabeth
Nov 2014 · 276
She said
Chloe Elizabeth Nov 2014
If I could, I would give you the world
she said

I would never ask you to do that
he replied

By Chloe Elizabeth
Nov 2014 · 271
423.3 Miles
Chloe Elizabeth Nov 2014
It was waste deep in a lake where I realized that if with you was where I wanted to be, then why wasn't I there? Why was I standing in the water, my family around the camp fire in the distance behind me, the moon lighting up my face, and not beside you? Why was I not with you? Sometimes, what seem like the most complicated situations in the world come to complete clarity in the strangest of circumstances. As I gently ran my fingers along the surface of the lake water, I saw a shooting star and I wished for you. I didn't wish for anything but the simple idea that me and you could some day be in the same moment together. That's all I wanted. For me, love was always an undiscovered emotion that I longed to feel. I watched the movies and listened to the songs people wrote about their love and I wanted nothing more than to find mine. But now, after tripping, stumbling and falling harder than I could have ever imagined, my love is 423.3 miles away and I'm stuck here, wishing upon stars and crossing my fingers, to be 423.3 miles away from here too.

By Chloe Elizabeth
Nov 2014 · 1.5k
If I Lost Him
Chloe Elizabeth Nov 2014
If I lost him
My heart would miss him forever

And my soul would never stop trying
To find pieces of him in someone else

By Chloe Elizabeth
Nov 2014 · 1.3k
I Will Run
Chloe Elizabeth Nov 2014
One day
I'm going to get on a plane
or get in my car
or I swear to God I will run
to you

By Chloe Elizabeth
Nov 2014 · 504
No Traces
Chloe Elizabeth Nov 2014
We said forever
And we said we would try
But I felt myself slip from your fingertips
And I watched as my reflection
Became smaller and smaller in your eyes
Until they turned into the sea
And there was no trace of me left behind

By Chloe Elizabeth
Nov 2014 · 650
I Still Dream of You
Chloe Elizabeth Nov 2014
Our love should be written
all over every page
in every journal that can be found
in the book shops in your big city

It should be sung
in every song
that has been played
in the small cafes in this little town

It should be yelled
from the mountain tops
in the pictures we would look at
while we planned our futures
and spoke of our dreams

You were always in my future
and always part of my dreams

Now you lay in your big city
and I lay in my little town
but no futures are planned
and no dreams are spoke of

There's just a whole lot of love
and no where to put it

But I still dream of you

By Chloe Forster
Nov 2014 · 1.2k
Bitter Happiness
Chloe Elizabeth Nov 2014
I think about you a lot;
when I'm sleeping
and our memories take over my dreams

When I'm walking
and I walk past our spot
where I fell deeper into your eyes
and started to drown
and I watch that moment happen all over again

When I'm trying to hide your sweater
under my bed,
in the depths of my closet,
in the burning fire,
but I can still feel your arms around my waste

I can erase your name
from my life
but the indent will still be there,
and it will remain there,

And I have started to realize
that you exist
not as a figment of my imagination,
as much as I try and pretend you do

I have walked
in the imprints of your feet in the ground
and you have sat
on the counter where I always stay

And I find a comfort in the struggle
to act like you were never there
because every time
that I can feel your empty space beside me,
it brings me back to the summer
and that smile
and those eyes
and the rainy days
and the lies I called love
and it's overwhelming;
the bitter happiness

By Chloe Elizabeth
Oct 2014 · 2.5k
New York City
Chloe Elizabeth Oct 2014
I still loved you when the city lights burnt out
and you couldn't find your way home

By Chloe Elizabeth
Oct 2014 · 399
Chloe Elizabeth Oct 2014
She slept in silent madness,
for the only way to reach his heart
was through her dreams

By Chloe Elizabeth
Oct 2014 · 300
At What Cost?
Chloe Elizabeth Oct 2014
How bad does one's life need to be
for it to be considered vital for change?

At what cost do we wake up and realize
that we deserve more happiness
than we are allowing ourselves?

Humans can store mountains high of sadness
and regret and grief and anger and longing
and nostalgia and tears
and the bitter cold of hate
and still wake up with nothing to show for it

We get by on our brave faces
and comfort places
so that no one will notice
and no one will ask

By Chloe Elizabeth
Oct 2014 · 289
A Small Guide To Living
Chloe Elizabeth Oct 2014
I live my life with my heart on my sleeve and open arms because I don't see a better way to spend my existence than risking it all and embracing whatever I happen to stumble across in the end. Life ends too soon for us to be afraid of the possibilities it has to offer, so I choose spontaneity and the unknown over fear and comfort zones any day.

By Chloe Elizabeth
Oct 2014 · 702
My Head and My Heart
Chloe Elizabeth Oct 2014
My head and my heart
will never surrender
or back down

They are forever battling
between what I want
and what I need

By Chloe Elizabeth
Oct 2014 · 658
The Truth
Chloe Elizabeth Oct 2014
I am just so petrified of going through the same thing again that it turns my stomach and chills my bones
Not a poem but as real as it gets
Oct 2014 · 1.1k
Moments and Fragments
Chloe Elizabeth Oct 2014
These raindrops hit the pavement
while brakes screamed
and tires spun
in the stormy weather

In a single fragment of this lifetime
a heart stopped
and the night went silent

In a single moment
all these hearts collapsed
and the floor fell from beneath their feet

As love got stronger,
days got harder
and tears flowed
like the storm on the night
that took the young boy
from our arms

These moments
and fragments
of our existence
have the ability to change everything

Sometimes love is not enough
to hold broken pieces together
and things break,
they shatter,
lives shatter

But everything ends
so it can begin again

By Chloe Elizabeth
Oct 2014 · 1.6k
Our Hearts and Our Minds
Chloe Elizabeth Oct 2014
I wish we spoke in words
of fluent honesty
with no breaks or stutters;
our hearts in our hands
and our minds intertwined

By Chloe Elizabeth
Oct 2014 · 1.4k
Chloe Elizabeth Oct 2014
I looked at him
and I did not see my life,
I felt it

As my ear pressed against his chest,
I could hear his heartbeat;
the symphony that plays just for him

So I put my lips against his
and I played along

By Chloe Elizabeth
Oct 2014 · 466
To The Beautiful Boy
Chloe Elizabeth Oct 2014
When someone dies, some lives are changed forever and some will go on like nothing happened. I just don't understand why the world doesn't stop when a life does.

Rest In Peace to the beautiful boy, the sweet boy who walked the halls of my school, you were too young
A boy at my school died in the hospital tonight in critical condition after being hit by a car yesterday. His name was Trevor, he was in grade 11 and he is the second young boy to pass away in the span of three weeks. This is an enormous tragedy that is so hard to accept and understand. This piece of writing is for him.
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