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AK chipmunk soul Aug 2020
Why does it always feel
like im about to crash
Impending doom lurks
in the depths oh so vast

Shoulders sinking low
Screen fadeing to black
All the lights r on
doesnt seem like that

Sadness overwhelms
Cant quite figure out why
My heart forever breaking
Weeping in the night

I know theres someone there
Who feels just like i
Then why am i alone
All of the **** time?

They dont see my light
desperate for it to shine
I think thats why it flashed
im heading for a crash

AK chipmunk soul Mar 2019
Yes, Today I thought about killing you,
all the **** you say, you don't believe it do you?
Check on reality and try to stick with it,
cause the path you went down, there's no pity for you

not giving a **** came back eventually,
not knowing what you're here for hurt exponentially
can you really blame anyone but yourself?
can't even get the courage to DO something FOR yourself.

The past is gone, and you won't get it back
so why you waiting to regret that you didn't act?
You'd like to believe in God, but commitment you lack
couldn't keep a job, if the job was to slack

I know it's kind of sad, you used to write raps
about what you wish you had, what you wish you did,
how you wish you'd act.

But that's not based on facts,
and only emphasized the things that you lacked

Weakness personified is the best way to put it,
writing rhymes to hide what's REALLY in the pudding

when you can't face reality, I guess THAT'S insanity
vocab full with profanity, argued with the utmost vanity.

How can it be, that you bother me so?
I guess it's cause, you ARE me,
just thought you should know

Today I thought about killing you..
and that thought just seems to grow..
trying a more standard poetic style rather than rapping style...  Inspired by and preferred backdrop of the instrumental "I thought about killing you" by Kanye West
AK chipmunk soul Mar 2019
Yo, you fukin with the baddest,
no i ain't the other kid
claimin hype, im gettin right and Ni
gas hate the status.

I think its cause, they just dont know,
how long i've been at this
i've never ever heard a beat I can't Randy Savage.

the way you lookin at me, lookin like I'm just average,
baby im just tryna make you see through..: Glasses
I hate when you're passive, the tension gets so massive
started from the basement... So why we in the attic?

maybe we some addicts, your love's asthmatic..
I love it when you in the bed, working that maGIC!
I know we got problems, so lets move past it..
no turn around.. back it up.. like that ss did!

You know I'm just playin, you already know these actions..
type of moves, keeps the mood.. total satisfaction
Baby aint no laxin.. specially when I'm rappin
t, I spit real, so much, they need Captions

Ain't nothing in this world, through the sadness.. the ashes
so baby can we live it up, until we in our caskets?
Don't go and be phony, like the ones who be actin..
look in each other's eyes... tell me, can you feel the passion??

I used to try to sneak these looks.. starin at her as* and..
she caught me lookin once, she tried to make it so dramatic
Baby, you a dime.. tryna find the way AT IT..
put you in my wallet, ya you can live lavish,

If I-ever-sign (Iverson). they might think it was the PRACTICE..
but baby its you.. its true.. how low that *ss gets.
you liein with a bull (
Liabilities).. who be likin all your assets..
Equity to get with me. Aint even seen the half yet.

And I aint even done.. I aint even at the half yet..
I'm just here to merc.errrr. bustin up your bracket
I'm in outer space. ya my mind reach the vastest..
choppin up your crew.. mutinies up at Krastor's!

I'm freeing all your chains so that you can **** the masters!
don't let them seize your fate.. you just gotta be faster!
Don't let them bring you down, ya they nothing but some bastar*s
tryna hold you back.. while you tryna move past them..

Dont let it bust your head.. life is what you can imagine,
Don't need a fking genie, to be the next Aladdin!
No need to show your pain.. don't just sit in bed saddened..
Find what you love.. WORK! then laugh at them...      here is the song if you'd like to listen :)

— The End —