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My Sunshine
You make my life so bright
Before you
It was always night
Nothing felt right
but then you came along
and held me so tight
I swear I felt sparks fly
For the very first time
I started to enjoy being alive
You always have the ability
to make me smile
even when I have tears in my eyes
I can always count on you
to make me see the light
My sunshine
the love of my life
your eyes.
your eyes are the key to everything
my guarded heart, my caged soul.
a strange sensation comes
i can feel it in my belly
i thought it was butterflies
but it was gasoline spreading
like a moth is drawn to a flame
you reeled me in
and leaned in for a kiss
as our lips meet
a flame engulfs me
you doomed me from the start
the inevitable breaking of my heart
Your love is my drug.
Your love has its highs
and its lows
one minute, I'm soaring high
Then I'm falling \
you pick me up
just to throw me down again
your sweet words caress my soul
then they cut deep
the words I'm dying to say
come bleeding out
but I patch them up
before you can hear my pain
I caused you pain
I'm not allowed to feel it anymore
you say you love me
then you say you don't know if we're meant to be
I want to set you free
I want to never let you go
why do I have so many confusing feelings?
Can you see the pain I'm hiding? \
Is the resentment in your eyes towards me?
Why are you even still with me?
time and time again
I hurt
but can't let you go
you hurt
but you won't let go
why won't you let go?
do you love me?
do you hate me?
do you feel both?
one day you're warm and safe like a blanket
wrapped around me softly
next day you're pushing me away
yet you're burning me like the sun
melting all the layers
deep in my insecurities
you pull out everyone
Sweet Butterfly, with wings now dry 'tis time to break away
and light upon the leaves of dawn while weeping willows sway,
not reminisce 'bout chrysalis discarded yesterday,
but treasure life, with colors rife in nature's cabaret.

Sweet Butterfly, you sometimes sigh "terrene so strange and new”,
but take a chance, with winged expanse of fairy-like bijou,
to taste delight in random flight, to drift beyond the blue
and then collect her naked nectar, sipped in morning dew.

Sweet Butterfly, you question why the breeze is seldom soft
when swirling you, your wings askew, while floating free aloft.
Some seem to find their peace of mind believing gods have coughed,
but others, downed, have often found more freedom when they've scoffed.

Sweet Butterfly, you needn't cry, the fields are full of clover,
and meadowlands bare braided strands that winds in waves flow over -
but if you fear that, more than here, another mead is mauver,
just flutter by, beneath the sky, unfettered flitting rover.

Sweet Butterfly, farewell, goodbye, you've left this world behind.
I oft gaze back along the track of flowers that you've mined
recalling days of light sashays and movements unconfined
that complement the firmament where beauty lies enshrined.
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