Our youth is our structure.
We only keep it for some time.
We delve into the wonders of the earth
And create things that do not exist with others.
We gaze and gander into simple like things
Without thinking of consequences.
We don't realise how innocent we are
Until we grow into a stage where our lives are in our hands now.
We must fend for ourselves
Into a world of greed and guilt
A world created by us
A world that craves serenity.
We oblige into rules
That we create for ourselves.
Holding us against inhuman acts
Yet promoting it too.
We lose and we win
We pray and we sin
We use our strength to overcome barriers but
Sometimes the barriers are far out of our reach.
We sometimes fight and kill
We fall down the hill
To show that we are sometimes out of the character
That we were seen to be.
Sometimes being a child is what we all need.
We go back to a stage where our violence was not a weapon.
Where love was everywhere to be seen
Where we felt safe and sound once again.
Now,we torture our beings
For victory
We cannot stop this
As we are seen to oblige it.
Bring me to a time where I truly felt peace.
Bring me to be a child again
A youthful place where we don't have to refuse
Where we do not have to cease.
My mind is fragile,
My life is a play.
I will break if you let me go,
I will hurt if i'm thrown away.
I am not in control,
My soul has extinct.
You ripped apart what you did not need of me,
As I watched with no instinct.
Without you I would be forever muzzled,
But my body is becoming sore.
With you I am a person,
But you don't seem to notice my silent call for help anymore.
Day by day,
I watch you bleed.
A pain so violent,
It triggers my only need.
You don't look the same,
You are a victim of prey.
I can only smile and watch you battle,
My only wish is that I could stay.
The last day you came over,
To the shelf that held a wasteland.
I felt a presence so cold as you reached for me,
Yet I felt comfort as you took my hand.
We went outside as it was raining but,
You looked at me with a cold eye.
I knew that I was nothing anymore but,
I couldn't say goodbye.
You gave me to another person,
And I felt that this was the last origin.
You didn't look back at me and I never saw your face again but,
I was nothing but porcelain.
Chelsea Quigley Oct 2017
We fight for those we cannot have,
We cry for those we cannot help,
We hurt for those who don't feel the pain yet,
We still try.
We kill for those we cannot fix,
We break ourselves for people who don't care,
And let things go.
We hurt ourselves so bad yet,
We still try.
Why can't we all feel the same?
Why can't we all be okay?
Why can't we all bear the pain?
Why do we always try again?
Why can't life be easy?
Why is it always so breezy?
Why do we fall for the false things?
We all wait 'till the alarm rings.
Yet,we still try.
Yet,we still die.
We still get up and pretend we don't feel,
We pretend this isn't real.
We all pretend life will get better,
As we all break and whether,
Into people we don't recognise.
We don't know who we are anymore do we?
Yet,I still try.
This poem is about me and other people trying and worrying for things that we have no control over,pretending that life will get better if we do.We soon then begin to realise that as we begin worrying and putting time into things that are out of our reach,we lose contact with ourselves,and the people who really matter.
Chelsea Quigley Jul 2017
What happens when you feel a way that you don't really experience that much?
A way in which you feel like your stuck in an endless cycle,
A way that internally feels like there's nothing there to reach for,
A way in which your emotions become unwanted.
What happens when it becomes apart of you?
A way in which it enters you like a virus,
Keeping you trapped in an emotional fa├žade,
Tearing you apart until you feel like you can't have control,
Using you to make itself claim power over your inner being.
What happens when it interferes your daily life?
It slithers its way around your mind,tricking it with false perspectives,
Making you wish you weren't born into this world,
Cutting your ties between you and your self-respect,
Distracting you from what makes you the most happy.
What happens when it becomes too strong for you?
Sitting there,wasting what's left of the real you,
Giving up on someone you have worked for your whole life,
Wanting to exit something that is made for life forces,
Cutting the real emotions from the fake ones,
Realising that these emotions have been gathered by something unwanted and uncalled for.
We just let it be,
We hide it.
We see it,yet ignore it as it grows.
We don't listen to people when we need it.
We take responsibility for others fault's.
These are nothing but broken steps,as we see it.
Chelsea Quigley Jul 2017
The quietness caresses my ears,
As each moment goes on.
The peace without my others,
Makes me feel strong.

The subtle vibration movements,
The tranquillity of the room,
Begins to bring out my feelings,
And all ends too soon.

I begin to hide myself with strong emotion,
I gave up the cure and brought out the sick.
The tranquillity flares into red fire,
As my inner self begins to play the trick.

I needed my others after all this time,
As my feelings corrupted into regression.
Every flicker of pain matched with the quietness,
As I didn't even think of confession.

The quietness burns my ears,
As each moment drags on.
The peace without my others,
Now seems so painfully wrong.
Chelsea Quigley Jul 2017
I feel trapped inside a cave,
Of which is wrapped with pain.
But every time I am with you,
You keep me sane.

My heart is torn into two,
And I feel unsafe and full of fear.
But whenever you talk to me,
I always feel you with me,here.

My mind spins with regressed thoughts,
And my desire to give up is more than strong.
But every time you ever do anything with me,
It makes me feel like I can go on.

The pain attacks me with unnecessary worry,
And my deep sadness grows within me.
But whenever I feel broken,unwanted and troubled,
You unlock me from my cage and let me be free.

I feel like i'm never ever going to be good enough,
And that people only look down at me and walk away.
But you make me feel as if i'm a person,
And that I should stay.

Thank you for everything you've ever done for me,
This is all I can give,
Your a beautiful person inside and out,
And an important reason as to why I still live.
this poem is mainly about a very important person in my life which is my best friend,called Eve.She helps me with all my struggles with depression.

— The End —