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Feb 2019 · 349
Bittersweet Romance
D Arvizu Feb 2019
A moonlit dance,
filled with new romance.
It's been years
since the the sparks began.
Feelings have spread,but they have often fled.
We have come
and we have left.
Yet here we are,
your hand in my hand.
I'm captured again.
you have my heart.
to the one who had my heart first
Feb 2019 · 176
Moonlike Maiden
D Arvizu Feb 2019
Her darkest thoughts kept tucked away,
but radiance is all she wears on that sweet pale face.
Phasing in and out of wholeness;she is still the same.
The light she exudes is not her own.
The light she shines upon me is reflective of the damage done.
Not by her but to her.
She is only seen as full after shes given her absolute all.
She is my lunar lass and i love her dearly.
original poem

— The End —