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  Apr 2019 Charrrr
Vanessa Viniegra-
In a drop of you, I lost an ocean of me.
Charrrr Apr 2019
So far
I have met only one
With the same heart as I
It feels the same way
Breaks the same way
Loves the same way

I lost the other
With the same heart as I
Turns out, it’s pretty hard to find

Other hearts take mine for granted
They hurt and lie
Will I ever find another
With the same heart as I
Charrrr Apr 2019
You are the wind that sweeps me off my feet
You are the strike that takes my breath away
You are the cut that hurts only when I see it
You are the force that keeps me to the ground,
the damaged love I wish I never found
because now my feet can’t move, my breath will lose, my cut still hurts and I’m face down in the dirt

Charrrr Apr 2019
It is what it is
I couldn’t give a sh-

that’s the lie
That helps me sleep at night
Charrrr Apr 2019
When will you stop taking my love for granted;
when will I stop letting you?
When will you show that you care;
when will I stop hoping you do?
When will you tell me how you feel;
when will I stop needing to hear it?
When will you know you need me;
when will I stop wanting you too?
When will you hold me again;
when will I stop dreaming of it?
When will you just give in to me;
when will I stop thinking you will?

When will you see that what we have is true;
when will you love me like
I love you

#love #heart #iloveyou #unrequited
Charrrr Apr 2019
Your face is a picture
of suffering
Your jokes are cold
like the hearts of the ones who broke you
Your heart was lost
somewhere along the way
I’m sorry, i know it’s not okay
i will still love you every day
even if you fall
My tired broken angel
#love #broken #hearts
Charrrr Mar 2019
The clock says 3am
The darkness is coming again
Every night the same
The fear runs through my veins

It consumes my mind and soul
This dark and empty hole
Every night it takes me
Who knows when I’ll be free

He says he knows where I go
He says he’s been before so
This night he’ll come too
Help me fight the way he used to

The clock says 3am
The darkness is coming again
This night won’t be the same
But the fear runs through our veins

It consumes our minds and soul
This dark and empty hole
But now he’s here with me
And he’s trying to set me free

I’m lost to it now
I can’t see a way out
He’s slowly losing too
There’s nothing I can do

I can see him trying to fight
And next to him is his light
‘This is my shine that will always win’
‘It is stronger than the darkness that takes you in’

‘Find what it is that makes you shine’
‘And use it to fight the dark every time’
He came with me for just one night
He saved my life and taught me to fight

The darkness doesn’t come so much anymore
My light shines bright enough to win the war
I still get lost in it from time to time
But this life and light will always be mine

The clock says 3am
The darkness leaves me again
These nights aren’t always the same
And my light runs through my veins
The story of how a wonderful person saved me a long time ago
#darkness #light #shine
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