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Charleigh Huston Nov 2015
ALTAR? Where the hills are.
The blessings of Angels from afar.
Falter? - Never under the sun!
Across the golden seas that run,
Where our love story -
Shall be questioned by thy glory,
In search of the perfect one.
Suffice? - Only when nature is done!
And the Doves cease to flutter.
Sweet as morning dew,
In questioning clutter,
My faith is far and few.
Charleigh Huston Nov 2015
Thou I did ALWAYS love,
I bring thee proof!
So the forces above -
May never turn aloof.

Always I speak to thee,
That love is life -
Forevermore that shall be,
Even when we find strife.

The swan's song may always sing,
And thou will forever feel dignity -
But thy honor is what terror may bring,
For men know not of chivalry.
Charleigh Huston Jan 2016
Take a kiss upon thy brow!
In parting, I shall bow,
On this royal wedding vow -
I am not wrong, to deem
That my days have been a dream;
Yet my spirits writhe to play,
Within the night, upon a fateful day,
Within a void, in Eternity sewn,
Is it; henceforth, less alone?
All I may see or seem,
Is only a melancholy of a Maiden's dream.

I stand behind a crystal door,
Of a crimson-coated shore,
With a ring upon my hand
With diadems at my command -
Faith in the river’s creek,
Drives the maiden to Sleep,
While she may weep - While she may Weep!
Alas! May I ever grasp
The kingdom’s only clasp?
Alas! May I ever crave
Another sagacious wave?
Is all that I may see or seem,
But a melancholy of a Maiden's dream?
Based on "A Dream Within a Dream" by Edgar Allan Poe.
Charleigh Huston Sep 2019
There’s no more;
Liberty -

Sing me summertime blues,
Color me different hues -
Take my joy away -
Set the rain clouds at bay

Drain my time from me -
Allow rain to fall in melancholy,
Sink it all in drugs
Let my heartstrings flutter about -
Lost and forgotten
Fluttering free and misguided
Alone in the dark
Like little lightning bugs.
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
AS if thou are the Winter,
That brightens my Summer’s day,
Never to splinter -
Shielded from death’s decay.

Under the graces of the Sun,
Within Spring's flowers -
Your love, I hath won,
During Sorrow's showers.
Charleigh Huston Mar 2016
I ASKED God no other thing,
For no other was denied.
I offered a Soul for it;
The priest of God smiled.

“Soul?” He Asked,
Without an eye turned my way;
“But madam, there is no Soul -
Away from God today.”
Charleigh Huston Mar 2017
There upon the ballroom floor;
Lights shone down -
On the couple of the evening grand -
With a choir singing their Love,
And eyes illuminated in beauty,
With stormy hearts ablaze;
That night may forever restore.
When you visit your prom this year or your next slow dance, I hope you find love within your partner's eyes. <3
Charleigh Huston Sep 2020
Our love was a BATTLE;
Between our two hearts
Swords clashed together
Of clanging steel

I refused to bow,
To your royal seal
My sword raised
And cut our love in two;

The battle ceased,
Victory rang prosy
And all I feel
Pain -
Of what I had to undo
Charleigh Huston Jan 2016
My heart must be a BIRD,
    Because it flies!
My heart must be mortal,
    Because it dies!
Hang that Bird from the tree,
    Ah, my sweet Heart,
Why do you burden me?
Charleigh Huston Nov 2015
O! - Nothing earthly is the dying day,
When I meet death's decay!
Far from your love on Heaven's coast -
Thy guardian ghost,
Ripped from your arms,
And ringing Death's fire alarms.

And I shall rest a white hand -
Upon thy brow,
During thy sobbing grand,
And who is happy now?

Once I finally fly -
Shall I find you in the sky?
Across Love's sea?
And into the night with me -
O, blessed is she.

Across Winter's grip,
Past Serenity Spring,
When the Summer showers drip -
Shall I hear Autumn sing?

And I shall rest a white hand -
Upon thy funeral gown,
During thy sobbing grand,
For I am happy now.

Once I finally fly -
Shall I find you in the sky?
Across Love's sea?
Where we can be thine and thee -
O, blessed is she.

Sorrow alights she -
Weary from the death of me.
Nodding, napping, at her desk of yore,
After my parting days,
Prodding, trapping! - Her taunting chore,
Mourning's craze.

Once I finally fly -
Shall the heavens hear thee cry?
Across Love's sea,
Where sorrow shall be.
O, blessed is she.
What? I don't even... Inspired by "Oil and Water" by Lights.
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
When Black Roses cease to BLOOM,
And violets are Black and Blue;
When Ravens in the dead of Night,
Fall upon our Morning Dew;

This Love that clouds thee,
Upon our Sublimity Day -
Idle in Auroras of August;
To my flower - pray!
Charleigh Huston Jul 2016
The CAMERA that rolls behind a silent film,
Is most distinctly heard -
Lest what Angels gift the snowy valleys,
May mystify His every word.
Charleigh Huston Nov 2015
I CANNOT live with you,
Thy honor is my life's crux -
With worthy values few,
Forevermore, I am in flux.

Outwards onto Death's sea,
Travels our love's gentle grace,
Into the night with thee -
The heart's only key.

Yet our love is in vain!
My heart shall lay broken -
Never to remain,
The fatal decree spoken.
Flux and Flow!
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
I am CEDED, and have stopped being theirs,
Away from the names they dropped upon my face -
With blessed water - delicate cares!
Won’t thou love my grace?

And with the least of these beautiful dolls,
You still entwine my heartstrings with spools,
For I shall forever answer your calls -
Won’t thou follow love’s rules?

I am blessed without choice,
Conscious of your saving grace -
Thy gentle Serenity Spring voice,
Won’t thou set my heart to race?

When thou shalt call on my name,
Summer's bright moon shall wane -
Against this graceful dame.
Won’t thou remain in vain?

And by the castle near the crystal pond,
Crowned am I - hailed to thee,
Our fatal love bond,
The queen that is not free.

The adequate noble reject!
A queen all alone -
Her heart ship-wrecked,
Without her throne.
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
His CHARM invests her grace,
The Love she beheld -
Through the tears on her face,
Collar her Spirit dispelled.

Paint her your Gentle Art,
Colored with Dreams -
Never to Depart,
In Charm’s Streams.
Charleigh Huston Sep 2017
Chivalry prevails all,
On this mired moonlit mascarade;
None may avoid its shadow,
None evade its pride.

Charity it ensures, of pride,
May channel it's empathy;
Through bells - Silver bells!
Carried with stride!
Charleigh Huston May 2017
She's the sweetest thing from down in Brooklyn,
Took my soul on a train ride,
Back to Upper West Side;

Her hair was like the Hudson Bay
Running off with my soul downstream,
Taking it back away -

She's like roses,
Perched upon Times Square;
Swaying in the November air
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
From all beings we desire increase,
So our own garden may nev'r wilt,
Nev'r to falter with time decrease,
Fading in the folds of the quilt.
Bound only to thy own eyes,
I add flames to the fire, as mine own fuel
Burden'd by lamenting lies,
Thyself thy foe - so sweet and cruel.
Confront me with thy ascent,
To the sweetest serenity spring,
Where I shall inurn mine own content
And tender love, with the waste they bring.
        Pity this ordinary I abode, along with he;
        To englut his sagacious selfishness - by the grave and thee.
Charleigh Huston Jan 2018
There's no poem to describe,
Death on a Christmas Night -
Amidst the stars of the city,
The toys idle in their shops,
The delicate carols of the streets;
The joyous circle of family -
It would be the happiest season,
If tonight;

I finally entered the light.
Late Christmas poem.
Charleigh Huston Feb 2017
Serenity passed through the mountains,
Through green pastures,
Through a silver moon,
But my Love?

Passes through wars -
Falls in blood and tears,
Turmoil, and doubt;

But always -
Falling deeper in Love for you.
Random gushy shizz at 1 AM.
Charleigh Huston Mar 2018
A spark laid upon my heart -
Shining my way through

The rainclouds rolled in
Come back
Another day

The light went out
And my soul

Forever it may depart
The light of my life has gone out
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
DID the Angel lose her bell,
To the lover's glee?
Down Spring's Well -
Grows her Widow Tree.

Did you sound the Summer's tease?
Echoed o'er August Eve -
In its delicate breeze,
Our Heavenly Reprieve.
Charleigh Huston Nov 2015
DOUBT me, my dim light!
And flicker with me into the night.
Why, the Lord would be forever content
If he could witness only a fraction of your love
Your embracing consent -
That pleases the forces above.
What more may a woman ask?
When her love shall shower thee -
To be immune to the Red Masque,
For all eternity.

It cannot be my faithful heart -
It cannot be my core,
It cannot be our time apart,
It shall not be the love we hath bore.
Have I, a humble maiden,
Faltered her loving prowess?
Thus, heartbreak - I am laden,
The destroyed Summer songstress.
Charleigh Huston May 2016
DUST off your Voodoo doll of Love,
    And take it from your drawer;
Auction it away in Sorrow,
    For another Soul to endure.
Charleigh Huston Nov 2015
ELYSIUM is as far to us
As the gentle winds of dusk -
And the very nearest gloom
That Death shall doom
If in that doom, thou may await
We shall see our Fate -
Serenity of doom,
Or clarity of gloom.

What fortitude your soul contains! -
To fight through our loving pains,
To search for our love’s cure,
Such adversity it must endure!
Only the Lord must give you strength,
To see out our missteps at length -
As the gloom of clarity,
Our love’s Serenity.
Charleigh Huston May 2016
I ENVY the seas of Neptune that he rides,
      I envy the thrills,
Of his royal chariot of May;
      Gracing these glistening hills.

Gaze upon our journey, Love!
       Where the stars may gleam
On our forbidden melody,
       Bless this love, unto me!

I envy lakes of Swans,
        That flutter on August Eves,
That bless a forbidden Love,
        With newfound Autumn Leaves.

Opened is the portal,
         On this summer's Eve for me,
That jewels and diadems of Wealth,
         Shall never; could never be.

I envy our everlasting light,
         And bells that gently ring
Over that fateful evening,
         That - envy shall bring.

Yet interrupt Spring's blossom,
         Even when our hearts may bleed,
Run into this everlasting night,
         Under the stars with me.
I can see the stars... from America, oh.
Charleigh Huston Jan 2016
I ENVY the seas that he rides,
    I envy the thrills,
Of his royal chariot of May;
    Gracing these glistening hills.

Gaze upon our journey, Love!
    Where the stars may gleam
On our forbidden melody,
    Bless this Love, unto me!

I envy nests of Doves,
    That flutter on August Eves,
That bless forbidden Love,
    With newfound Autumn Leaves.

Ajar is the window,
    On the summer’s Eve for me,
The jewels and diadems of Wealth,
    Could never be.

I envy our everlasting light,
    And bells that gently ring
Over that fateful evening,
    That - envy shall bring.

Yet interrupt Spring’s blossom,
    Even when our hearts may bleed;
Run into this everlasting night,
    Under the stars with me.
Charleigh Huston Mar 2019
While you live, shine
Have no grief at all
Life exists for a short while
And Time demands its due

Walk above sacred paths
Touch all the hearts yonder
Youth withers as a black garden
And Death lingers like storms

Play about flower fields
Sing of stories and melancholy
Elysium awaits our perfect unity
And Serenity rests all eternity

Ride along lonely carriages
Romance shall ring faux prosy
Heaven yields a warm immortality
And Love awaits above - for you and I.
Based on Epitaph to Seikilos.
Charleigh Huston Apr 2017
I wish

I could just


From the law,
From the tyranny,
From the injustice,
From the dishonor

Even if

It's in the past
I wish to escape from the tyrant *****.
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
Love is an EXTERIOR to life,
     Interior to death,
Sublimity of madness - and;
     An Angel of breath.
Charleigh Huston Jan 2018
The window opened,
In search of divine delight
- Only nothingness and despair;

The moonlight beamed,
Across a starry night
- With only eternal disrepair;

The waves crashed ashore,
With waves of the ocean blue
- Crystal blue!
Shining like the eyes,
That needed his repair;
Charleigh Huston Nov 2017
Rivers of wonder,
Nights of yonder,
Lights of delight;
And - your eyes - forever somber
Charleigh Huston Feb 2017
Falling... and wondering.

Falling... and pondering.

Falling... and recollecting.

Falling... and memorizing.

Falling... and regretting.

Falling...... and fearing.


And then - awakening.
An excerpt from a story I wrote.
Charleigh Huston Jan 2017
Pen me a Letter,
Hand it to the sky -

Let the Lord bless the words,
Let it flutter with the birds,
Let it pass through the times;
Through the hardships,
And fill it with our Love,

And float down;

- As your heart’s feather.
Just chilling out and writing off the top of my head tonight to break this depression.
Charleigh Huston Jun 2017
I see fire,
In his eyes -
I see burning desire,
Within his delicate lies.

I see fire,
O'er his lips -
I see fading stars,
Within his eclipse.
Charleigh Huston May 2016
I FOUND a phrase for thought
I only had but one;
And that defines me -
On this walk to the Sun.

To the Demons lurking in the dark -
What genesis would begin?
Would light the sky with fireflies?
And find our night within?
Charleigh Huston Dec 2016
I see FROZEN leaves;
Shimmering in the snow,
Reflecting the stars,
Entranced in their glow -

And the heart flutters down,
Like a frozen leaf;
With their glow fading away,
In a Winter motif.
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
GOING to him? Pen the letter!
Tell him of our glory days,
When life was better -
Before my soul was a haze.

Tell him of my sorrow,
During the Wedding grand -
Just down the road to-morrow,
Where the Doves shall land.

Tell him of the quest,
For mine own hand,
My soul at rest -
At the Wedding grand.

Tell him before that night,
To peace my pitiful plight,
Cure all of my fright -
From the Rich delight.

He shall tell thee of my Seal,
Of my chained hand,
Of the soul he shall steal -
From that wedding grand,
Where fear was on her brow;
And are you happy now?
Charleigh Huston Nov 2015
HAVE a little butterfly in your heart?
Amidst a tiny garden of loving grace,
Where the angels never part -
And light shines upon thy face?

And the river of that garden shall flow -
Until the dying swans sing,
When the world is shattered with reddened glow.
Then - our love shall be their wing.

Have a little butterfly out in March?
Fluttering over the river's overflow?
Where the flowers never parch -
Far from the days we know.

And later in August we may lay,
Within the meadows of life -
Where thou is my summer's day,
And I remain the river's wife.
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
HE held a Belt around my life -
I could hear the buckle snap!
He held to my neck, a knife;
My own lifetime trap.
He is the Lord's Duke -
And I am his title-deed.
He is dedicated to fluke,
No matter how much I plead.

He rings his loving bell -
And I face the toils.
This Lightning fell,
Upon his coils.
To live in his Time,
Enticed by his Angels divine -
Whose invitation, know you not;
Of whom I must decline?
Charleigh Huston Jan 2016
Oh, my forsaken aching HEART!
   We shall forget him; You and I;
Let the lovebirds sing -
   The sorrows to the sky.

Ah, Prithee - Pass me the Gin;
     My heart needs to drown -
To hearken of better days;
     May it falter his Crown!
Charleigh Huston Nov 2015
I shall HIDE within Spring's flowers,
       And attach your love to my chest,
So it can ring to the highest towers -
Until my soul is put to rest.

I shall hide within Spring's flowers,
To forever fade from your gaze
And receive my rightful dowers -
A loneliness, without your praise.
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
The Valleys of Joy are Cold,
My Heart is like Coal;
My luminous windows are bold,
In this Death of Christmas Soul.
I tear this dreary eve,
For the joys of lore;
The Cheerful Core -
Of my delightful reprieve.
        This vast aghast; phantasms shall not last;
        Collar thine delight; from this Christmas Past.
Charleigh Huston Dec 2019
You’re nothing but Ice
You cast shivers on;
My soul

You’re nothing but snow
Falling in flakes upon
My aching heart -

You’re nothing but doubts
Like icy roads
On Christmas Eve

Bestill my mind -
Shiver my soul
Show me your frights
For all I really wanted;
Was your Ice
Charleigh Huston Nov 2015
IF you were coming in the Fall,
I'd ignore Serenity Spring
And falter Winter's call -
To the Summer's day that you bring.

If I could only see you in a Year,
I'd have Angels take us an Eternity -
Without a Minute to Fear,
In time's Serenity.

If only I could make Time stop -
When you slip the Ring on my hand,
So the Bells forever ring atop,
And Echo through the land.

If when our Life is gone,
And Death sends us away -
And the Swan sings her song,
Not far from thee, I shall lay.

Yet we falter Life's delicate wing,
And disturb its nest of glee -
Though our love may sing,
It will never reach Heaven's tree.
Charleigh Huston Dec 2018
Because I could not stop for Death -
He kindly stopped for me -
The Moonlight held but just Ourselves -
And faux Immortality.

We ventured forth - Upon a Summer’s Day
Released of my pleasantries;
My Faith and My Culture,
For his Chivalry -

O’er to plains of Youth
Hath wrought the clouds of Rain -
O’er those fields of Disdain
Until the skies of Dusk;

Dusk yearned for Dawn
Amidst rainbows damasked of Gray -
To tears of Melancholy,
For all Eternity
The first few lines are based on a famed Emily Dickinson poem, with some changes. The rest is my own.
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
IN thee I spot the lands of May,
The mountain's ice peak,
The stormy summer's day -
The crystal creek.

In that everlasting Love,
In the meadows where Angels play -
Shall we join our Dove,
Upon an August day?
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
I'VE got a dagger here;
    Silenced in its sheath,
Waiting for Love; may it lowly appear.

I've found an ally of Death,
    Far from the divine Souls of Light,
In a Dying Heart's breath -
    Bled from the Dagger's Plight.
Charleigh Huston May 2016
LET me not dwell on a Spirit's dream,
        By a Lover's pain;
But only endure my everlasting plight -
        So it may arise again.
Charleigh Huston Jan 2016
LET me not dwell on a perfect dream,
    By a Lover’s pain;
But only adjust my everlasting plight -
    So it may arrive again.
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