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8.1k · Dec 2015
Serenity Lake
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
'Twas my spring of youth in that lot
That now haunts my mind by that spot
Of which I could not love less -
Wonderful loneliness,
Of the lake's Serenity gown,
With nature circled 'round.

But when Death hath reached its grasp
Upon Serenity's water - poured into his flask,
The sadistic sagacious wind went by
Murmuring the funeral cry -
Then - I finally awake -
To the terrors of Serenity Lake.

Yet I persist that it was not fright!
Simply Death's delight -
Fueled by the Void of Sorrow,
Pierced by Serenity's arrow -
No! - This Love I must define!
The trip to the lake, of thee and thine.

O! - Death's grasp laid in that voracious wave,
Enticing Serenity to be my eternal grave,
Upon that very fatal spot -
Where the two children rot.
For no soul shall ever make,
A Heaven out of Serenity Lake.
3.1k · May 2016
Charleigh Huston May 2016
I ENVY the seas of Neptune that he rides,
      I envy the thrills,
Of his royal chariot of May;
      Gracing these glistening hills.

Gaze upon our journey, Love!
       Where the stars may gleam
On our forbidden melody,
       Bless this love, unto me!

I envy lakes of Swans,
        That flutter on August Eves,
That bless a forbidden Love,
        With newfound Autumn Leaves.

Opened is the portal,
         On this summer's Eve for me,
That jewels and diadems of Wealth,
         Shall never; could never be.

I envy our everlasting light,
         And bells that gently ring
Over that fateful evening,
         That - envy shall bring.

Yet interrupt Spring's blossom,
         Even when our hearts may bleed,
Run into this everlasting night,
         Under the stars with me.
I can see the stars... from America, oh.
2.6k · Feb 2016
Charleigh Huston Feb 2016
In the distance; was a swan's song
    Then - it was gone.

In the distance; was the mist of dawn
    Then - it was gone.

Towards the distance I ran; To live on,
    Thus - I must press on.

In the distance; was Temptation drawn,
    Then - it was gone.
1.5k · May 2016
Charleigh Huston May 2016
My heart must be a SPARROW,
    Because it flies!
My heart must be mortal,
    Because it dies!
Hang that Sparrow from the tree!
    Ah, my sweet Heart,
Why do you burden me?
1.5k · Dec 2015
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
When Black Roses cease to BLOOM,
And violets are Black and Blue;
When Ravens in the dead of Night,
Fall upon our Morning Dew;

This Love that clouds thee,
Upon our Sublimity Day -
Idle in Auroras of August;
To my flower - pray!
1.5k · Nov 2015
Charleigh Huston Nov 2015
Thou I did ALWAYS love,
I bring thee proof!
So the forces above -
May never turn aloof.

Always I speak to thee,
That love is life -
Forevermore that shall be,
Even when we find strife.

The swan's song may always sing,
And thou will forever feel dignity -
But thy honor is what terror may bring,
For men know not of chivalry.
1.4k · Dec 2015
Red and White
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
I've seen roses damasked red and white -
None art like the delight of her cheeks;
But no such Roses;
May cure the breath this mistress reaps.
There art roses by the creek,
But none shall e'er match the sheen;
That lies upon her cheeks,
My reddened Queen.
             Alas, of all the Time; I have only thine -
             To dedicate this rhyme; my loving crime.
1.4k · Jul 2016
Charleigh Huston Jul 2016
The CAMERA that rolls behind a silent film,
Is most distinctly heard -
Lest what Angels gift the snowy valleys,
May mystify His every word.
1.4k · Nov 2015
Charleigh Huston Nov 2015
Your WEALTH burdens me poor,
Prithee me rich,
To sleep on thy satin decor -
Broken is my switch.

You sang your praises,
A different World -
With Wealth's crazes,
Under your wing I curled.

I know not of names,
To any of thy gems -
Colors of stricken dames,
Scarce of diadems.

May I meet the queen?
Her glory I must know;
She remains to be seen -
Under Wealth's woe.

Thy ring is on my hand -
And fear sits on my brow,
During the Wedding grand,
And who is happy now?

There are solaces to know,
When all that glitters is gold -
Along death's row,
O! - A marriage to behold!

Thy far treasure shall suffice,
With Wealth's spool -
Struck on a lady's vice,
While just a girl in school!
1.3k · Dec 2015
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
I went to SLEEP with a Diadem -
Upon my hand;
The Valley of Serenity held Prosy,
During that wedding grand.

I awoke from Sleep -
When the Gem was Gone from my hand;
And now I weep,
With Sorrow at my command.
1.3k · Nov 2015
Charleigh Huston Nov 2015
ELYSIUM is as far to us
As the gentle winds of dusk -
And the very nearest gloom
That Death shall doom
If in that doom, thou may await
We shall see our Fate -
Serenity of doom,
Or clarity of gloom.

What fortitude your soul contains! -
To fight through our loving pains,
To search for our love’s cure,
Such adversity it must endure!
Only the Lord must give you strength,
To see out our missteps at length -
As the gloom of clarity,
Our love’s Serenity.
1.2k · Dec 2015
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
WILD nights! Daily frights!
Where I with thee -
Under the neon lights,
Shall see our luxury!

Anchor my heart,
In Heaven's port -
Done with the chart,
Done with the court.

Rowing in Heaven's decor!
Silver sea!
Might I but moor
Tonight with thee?
1.1k · Dec 2015
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
PROUD of my forsaken heart from thee;
      Proud of the pain from the Valley of Unrest,
Proud of the times at his behest -
      Not to partake my Love - My Clarity.
1.1k · Dec 2015
The Maiden's Temple
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
In the darkest of our valleys
    By dark angels demented,
‘Twas once a regal temple -
    Serene spring - tauntingly tormented.
A Queen in her Domain,
    It stood there!
Under Lock and Chain;
    A maiden so fair!

Lavender curtains laden;
    On this Temple may flow
Along the Times of this Maiden -
    In the ****** snow.
And every gentle air in that field,
    Of Doomsday,
From the Black Rose’s shield -
    Their aroma passed away.

Witnessing this Ominous blolly;
    Through luminous windows -
Spirits sing in melancholy,
    In the malicious meadows.
Upon this throne I bore;
    A tintinnabulation of air -
Befitting glory’s chore,
    Of this realm’s affair.

With many a jewel gleaming,
    Against the Temple door -
The River’s light came beaming,
    Sparkling for evermore.
A troop of Angels; on their duty,
    At my doorbell, sing -
For the Silent beauty,
    Who burdens the King.

Then, the Reaper came,
    Along the Temple’s River -
For the distressed dame;
    And the sorrows within her quiver.
Above this temple of glory,
    Sagacious scenes bloomed -
Of the maiden’s story,
    The clergy that loomed.

Now; Within that valley -
    Through the reddened windows see,
Figures dancing delicately;
    To her disbanded melody.
The river - now a pale white,
    Is her decor,
Night’s sweetest silent fright -
    And flows - Nevermore.
This is based on "The Haunted Palace" by Edgar Allan Poe, although Poe told the story of a king who eventually met his demise, his castle eventually becoming haunted by the phantoms of his family.

Instead, I told the story of a woman who locked herself away from society - and speaks of how the outside world seems to her.
1.0k · Mar 2017
Charleigh Huston Mar 2017
There upon the ballroom floor;
Lights shone down -
On the couple of the evening grand -
With a choir singing their Love,
And eyes illuminated in beauty,
With stormy hearts ablaze;
That night may forever restore.
When you visit your prom this year or your next slow dance, I hope you find love within your partner's eyes. <3
1.0k · Dec 2015
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
Our NIGHT was wide -
With just a single star,
Above the shore's tide,
Where Angels watched from afar.

Breezy Autumn Eve,
With its Heavenly brush,
Painted our reprieve -
A Scarlet Blush.

Not a Soul went abroad -
To cease the Drums,
That gently applaud,
Under your thumbs.

Feel the fire stoke,
Beneath your grasp -
Donning Love's cloak,
Prithee me to gasp!

Now the Swans Sing,
Within Love's Gown -
The Serenity Spring,
Where I Drown.
967 · Jan 2016
Charleigh Huston Jan 2016
Oh, my forsaken aching HEART!
   We shall forget him; You and I;
Let the lovebirds sing -
   The sorrows to the sky.

Ah, Prithee - Pass me the Gin;
     My heart needs to drown -
To hearken of better days;
     May it falter his Crown!
959 · May 2016
Charleigh Huston May 2016
DUST off your Voodoo doll of Love,
    And take it from your drawer;
Auction it away in Sorrow,
    For another Soul to endure.
907 · Feb 2017
Charleigh Huston Feb 2017
What skyscraper towers above?
O’er the streets of New York?
O’er the couple in a tree?
O’er the passing cars,
To cast love in it’s walls -

With loneliness upon it’s brow;
Barren of anyone’s Love.
901 · Apr 2017
Charleigh Huston Apr 2017
I saw a road with parting paths;
One to the spoils of romance -
The passion in thine eyes,
The rose within your cheeks;
A soul of withering Love.

To the lost forest -
Of distraught
Of terror,
Of abandonment from your Soul.
883 · May 2016
Charleigh Huston May 2016
Not with a SWORD is a heart slain,
       Not with the Angel's Tune;
Is a mirror of wonderment,
       That gleams in the Dark of the Moon.

Lash at the Guardian Golem,
        Until it falls -
Collar them the noble,
        For the keys to the heart of the Doll.

Sagacious was the bird,
         That the maiden descried;
Just above the chamber,
         To the heart that died.
860 · Jan 2016
Charleigh Huston Jan 2016
I ENVY the seas that he rides,
    I envy the thrills,
Of his royal chariot of May;
    Gracing these glistening hills.

Gaze upon our journey, Love!
    Where the stars may gleam
On our forbidden melody,
    Bless this Love, unto me!

I envy nests of Doves,
    That flutter on August Eves,
That bless forbidden Love,
    With newfound Autumn Leaves.

Ajar is the window,
    On the summer’s Eve for me,
The jewels and diadems of Wealth,
    Could never be.

I envy our everlasting light,
    And bells that gently ring
Over that fateful evening,
    That - envy shall bring.

Yet interrupt Spring’s blossom,
    Even when our hearts may bleed;
Run into this everlasting night,
    Under the stars with me.
832 · Dec 2015
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
I'VE got a dagger here;
    Silenced in its sheath,
Waiting for Love; may it lowly appear.

I've found an ally of Death,
    Far from the divine Souls of Light,
In a Dying Heart's breath -
    Bled from the Dagger's Plight.
819 · Jan 2017
Charleigh Huston Jan 2017
Pen me a Letter,
Hand it to the sky -

Let the Lord bless the words,
Let it flutter with the birds,
Let it pass through the times;
Through the hardships,
And fill it with our Love,

And float down;

- As your heart’s feather.
Just chilling out and writing off the top of my head tonight to break this depression.
798 · Dec 2016
Charleigh Huston Dec 2016
The finest tune plays,
Through December streets -
A girl’s eyes twinkle;
Amidst the snow’s velvet sheets.

And if every heart was her snow?
They would drift in grace -
For no snowflake;
Ever falls in the wrong place.
779 · Nov 2015
Charleigh Huston Nov 2015
MINE by the divine right of Kings correction!
Blessed I am by his royal seal! -
Within his Love selection,
That no Thief may steal.

Thou is mine - here in vision;
Veto Death's repeal -
Dated, titled - with perfect precision!
And forevermore be mine, while the ages kneel!
772 · May 2016
Charleigh Huston May 2016
A SOLEMN thing it was,
      To see a woman white as can be,
And wear, under forbidden bells of melody,
      Her hallowed gown of mystery.

Such a timid thing to drop a life,
       Into the wedding's well;
A well so bottomless, that it shall return -
       Eternity until.
Poem about arranged marriage. Because.
761 · Dec 2015
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
ONE blessing had I -
    Of only thee,
Under morning's gaze,
   At the Tranquil Tree.

In this one dream,
   I cast my prayer;
To Heaven's gleam,
   For inner bliss.

Give me no more of the cold -
   That freezes my Love,
Phantasms of my soul,
   And grounds the crystal Dove.

This Heaven below Heaven above,
    Clouded by his Rain -
Love's longitude lavished it's lull,
    This Judgement cured it's Pain.

One joy is diverse;
    One Paradise must defer,
One tear is a flood;
     I speculate no more.
760 · Jan 2016
Puppet Master
Charleigh Huston Jan 2016
There is a Puppet Master,
  Who strings her spirit,
Silences her melody;
  Taketh her merit.

There is a Puppet Master,
   Of the ethereal plane;
A Soul of Thieving Spirit,
   Dead for their mortal Dame;

There is a Puppet Master,
    Closing his show -
For just one Spirit,
    Scalped by a Damsel aglow.
758 · Nov 2015
Charleigh Huston Nov 2015
I have no LIFE other than this,
And to lead it here -
By the back of thy hand,
Dispelled me to tear.

Tie me to your hanging tree!
Start the action anew,
Our life cannot be -
Where your sorrows are few.
747 · Dec 2015
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
May I have a WORD?
     With the warrior's sword?
         That pierces the broken heart?
It malices it's melodies -
     And plays a Love Song;
Woven into a Wedding Bell.
Alas, to his loving I tell,
    On that Embracing day -
So tell the Songstress;
     Play it again - Play it away.

Where doth runs the heartless man?
      Whoever roams this day,
Sobbing to its sunset,
       For a pointless victory.
Behold the fallen warrior!
       The sorrowful swordsman slain -
Time's latest victim;
        Alas - a Love only in Vain.
736 · May 2017
City Soul
Charleigh Huston May 2017
She's the sweetest thing from down in Brooklyn,
Took my soul on a train ride,
Back to Upper West Side;

Her hair was like the Hudson Bay
Running off with my soul downstream,
Taking it back away -

She's like roses,
Perched upon Times Square;
Swaying in the November air
700 · Nov 2015
Charleigh Huston Nov 2015
SHE rose to his towering rule,
The plaything of his life -
Love's rusting tool,
Of husband and wife.

She hath paid her heart's due -
Once struck by Death's love bow,
Her senses laid few,
Far from what she used to know.
Her heart lays upon Death's trail,
Bleeding endless waves -
Forevermore without fail,
Until she meets the graves.

Love she missed in the new day,
Of glorious awe -
Under the showers of May,
Her beating heart still raw.

Unmentioned tensions galore,
In that home just down the road,
The marriage they both bore -
Where blood soon flowed.

Alas, the man's mind!
Possessed was he,
By Death's kind -
To forever torment she.

Bleak stormy dreary eve,
Where an ominous draft -
Set Death's yarn to weave,
Death's conniving craft.

Spirits had swallowed he,
Consuming his soul -
And burdening she,
So the funeral bells may toll.

This phantasm he may abide,
Love's ending scythe -
Against her butchered hide,
The forces Death may writhe.

And behind that home,
Just down the little road -
The blood may roam,
For the marriage she abode.
698 · Jul 2017
Charleigh Huston Jul 2017
Nothing in the shadows
Lurking in the dark
They know my name -
Curling with their fake smiles

Just watching me
Watching me burn

Wither in fire,
Give me their mark -
And find something;
More in their eyes.
Inspired by "Abracadvre" by Elena Siegman
675 · Dec 2015
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
HE held a Belt around my life -
I could hear the buckle snap!
He held to my neck, a knife;
My own lifetime trap.
He is the Lord's Duke -
And I am his title-deed.
He is dedicated to fluke,
No matter how much I plead.

He rings his loving bell -
And I face the toils.
This Lightning fell,
Upon his coils.
To live in his Time,
Enticed by his Angels divine -
Whose invitation, know you not;
Of whom I must decline?
666 · Nov 2015
Charleigh Huston Nov 2015
Just in nine MONTHS time,
Thou will be brought to life -
Prithee mine heart sublime,
Into the seas so rife.

Right in front of me,
For a couple of weeks,
Below the giving tree -
Next to Heaven's creeks.

I'll hold thou in my hands,
Nevermore than truth -
My unmade plans,
Written in sand.

Come slowly, Heaven!
My lips are for thee,
When the months are seven -
My delicate bee.

Reach late my flower,
Hold tight to my thumb -
From your unborn tower,
The Chamber that hums.
A different kind of love. Inspired somewhat by "Small Bump."
665 · Jan 2016
A Maiden's Dream
Charleigh Huston Jan 2016
Take a kiss upon thy brow!
In parting, I shall bow,
On this royal wedding vow -
I am not wrong, to deem
That my days have been a dream;
Yet my spirits writhe to play,
Within the night, upon a fateful day,
Within a void, in Eternity sewn,
Is it; henceforth, less alone?
All I may see or seem,
Is only a melancholy of a Maiden's dream.

I stand behind a crystal door,
Of a crimson-coated shore,
With a ring upon my hand
With diadems at my command -
Faith in the river’s creek,
Drives the maiden to Sleep,
While she may weep - While she may Weep!
Alas! May I ever grasp
The kingdom’s only clasp?
Alas! May I ever crave
Another sagacious wave?
Is all that I may see or seem,
But a melancholy of a Maiden's dream?
Based on "A Dream Within a Dream" by Edgar Allan Poe.
661 · Jan 2017
Charleigh Huston Jan 2017
Mirror on the wall,
What drought just yonder shall fall?

Searching upon the brink,
I lost my way;
Until the reflection was gone -
Away in just a blink;

Then, tell me mirror -
Do they understand;

Being experimental with my style tonight. Why not?
654 · Dec 2015
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
His CHARM invests her grace,
The Love she beheld -
Through the tears on her face,
Collar her Spirit dispelled.

Paint her your Gentle Art,
Colored with Dreams -
Never to Depart,
In Charm’s Streams.
645 · Jan 2016
Charleigh Huston Jan 2016
A SOLEMN thing it was,
    To see a woman white as can be,
And wear, under forbidden bells of melody,
    Her hallowed gown of mystery.

Such a timid thing to drop a life,
    Into the wedding’s well;
A well so bottomless, that it shall return -
    Eternity until.
634 · Jan 2016
Charleigh Huston Jan 2016
There is a divine light in thine -
Under a Lover’s seas;
Where the oceans sing this rhyme,
To burden a Threshold.

Spill me the symphonies
Of the forgotten man’s wake -
For a lone man’s Threshold,
Is home to Sorrow’s stake.
630 · Jan 2018
Charleigh Huston Jan 2018
The eyes of Times Square stared in wonder,
To a New World just yonder -
A World of Hope,
A World of Love,
A World of Faith;

Yet all I see;
Is despair - repetition
Like a song,
Forever on repeat ''
Happy New Year.
615 · Dec 2015
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
MY valor is my doubt,
     His Love is my fear,
My utmost qualities -
     To him; lowly appear.

Lest I improve,
     For his beloved need;
The highest King -
     Shall speak his loving creed.

Chain me to my abhorrent abode,
     Of his discontent -
At the Altar of the church,
     Unto my sacrament.
584 · Dec 2015
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
GOING to him? Pen the letter!
Tell him of our glory days,
When life was better -
Before my soul was a haze.

Tell him of my sorrow,
During the Wedding grand -
Just down the road to-morrow,
Where the Doves shall land.

Tell him of the quest,
For mine own hand,
My soul at rest -
At the Wedding grand.

Tell him before that night,
To peace my pitiful plight,
Cure all of my fright -
From the Rich delight.

He shall tell thee of my Seal,
Of my chained hand,
Of the soul he shall steal -
From that wedding grand,
Where fear was on her brow;
And are you happy now?
574 · Dec 2015
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
A SUMMER day's grace for thee,
     At the sublimity of dawn!
Melancholy melodies - tintinnabulation;
     Of the dew upon the grave's lawn.

For thee to gleam, I'll flood the stream -
     And let it runneth o'er;
Prithee me, Chivalry!
     Drown it - ah, forevermore!
570 · Feb 2018
Charleigh Huston Feb 2018
I built a wall like Berlin,
With our two hearts,
Entwined like a limerick;
Kept within arm's reach -
So when our heads spin,
I'll tear it down -
Brick by Brick
551 · Dec 2015
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
The WAY I read thy letter is this -
With a locked iron door,
Chains off my wrist,
Laid on the chamber floor.

And then I am Serene,
To counteract a knock -
Never to be seen,
Never to pick the lock.

My eyes drift to the wall,
Upon the glooming clock,
For when I hear a call -
My love ship must dock.

Here in Serene I shall rot,
To the delights you know!
And sob for lack of Heaven - but not
The Heaven thou bestow.
549 · May 2016
Charleigh Huston May 2016
WHEREVER we take our flight,
     Into the everlasting night;
I shall follow,
     Into yet another plight.

Wherever those stars shall fade,
     Into the ethereal plane;
Embrace the Love of my words,
     Into yet another masquerade.
Wrote this free verse earlier.
544 · Dec 2015
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
DID the Angel lose her bell,
To the lover's glee?
Down Spring's Well -
Grows her Widow Tree.

Did you sound the Summer's tease?
Echoed o'er August Eve -
In its delicate breeze,
Our Heavenly Reprieve.
538 · May 2016
Charleigh Huston May 2016
A TITLE divine is mine,
For a Wife without
A second of the Lord's Time.
Set this Prison free,
Burdened onto me -
The Queen of Chivalry.
Royal is all but the
Crown -
Diadems of my Death.
A lake to Heaven opens,
When two eyes meet
A Crystal to Crystal -
Rebirth - Renaissance;
Clouded -
Just in moments
Of a Loving Victory -
Erased away,
With the Title

Of Wife,
      And Husband,
And on her mood's decay,
Breaking their melody,
In this life,
Is it ever her own day?
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