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Sep 2020 · 354
Charleigh Huston Sep 2020
I am an addict -
For your pain
Your love,
Your roses,
Your touch;

I am a house of cards -
Full of pain
I fall apart
Like rain

But you -
Are to blame
For my;

Addiction to pain
Sep 2020 · 339
Charleigh Huston Sep 2020
For I feel;

broken down

There’s no
Repairs to be done

I am a Machine -
Full of bolts
And scrap
Driving me haywire
I don’t work anymore
Anhedonia - An inability to experience pleasure from activities usually found enjoyable.
Sep 2020 · 456
Charleigh Huston Sep 2020
Our love was a BATTLE;
Between our two hearts
Swords clashed together
Of clanging steel

I refused to bow,
To your royal seal
My sword raised
And cut our love in two;

The battle ceased,
Victory rang prosy
And all I feel
Pain -
Of what I had to undo
Jun 2020 · 217
The Sun Is Dead
Charleigh Huston Jun 2020
Where did you go
I lost my way
Across raging seas
Along stormy nights
Through hellfire
And destruction

Where did you go
I envy your light
O’er Hudson Bay
O’er my city streets

Where did you go
Everything is cold;
Yet burns -
Everything is dark
And nothing shines

Where do I go
I lost my way
Through the endless night,
Deafening silence
Hills of Despair;
Without your light
Dec 2019 · 180
Charleigh Huston Dec 2019
You’re nothing but Ice
You cast shivers on;
My soul

You’re nothing but snow
Falling in flakes upon
My aching heart -

You’re nothing but doubts
Like icy roads
On Christmas Eve

Bestill my mind -
Shiver my soul
Show me your frights
For all I really wanted;
Was your Ice
Sep 2019 · 369
Charleigh Huston Sep 2019
There’s no more;
Liberty -

Sing me summertime blues,
Color me different hues -
Take my joy away -
Set the rain clouds at bay

Drain my time from me -
Allow rain to fall in melancholy,
Sink it all in drugs
Let my heartstrings flutter about -
Lost and forgotten
Fluttering free and misguided
Alone in the dark
Like little lightning bugs.
Jul 2019 · 231
Northern Lights
Charleigh Huston Jul 2019
Of blood and beauty
The northern lights shine
Winding in it’s colors
Dancing with itself
To eternal love psalms -

Without a concern for chivalry
To the world, or unto me,
Let the lights paint my heart
With dashes of validity
Till’ my petals falter,
Away from my black rose,
Away from the world,
Away from their ignorance and doubt

Festivities are benign;
Empty and hollow
Bury them til’ my doomsday
A time far from now
Beneath colored skylights
That only love may allow.
Mar 2019 · 315
Charleigh Huston Mar 2019
While you live, shine
Have no grief at all
Life exists for a short while
And Time demands its due

Walk above sacred paths
Touch all the hearts yonder
Youth withers as a black garden
And Death lingers like storms

Play about flower fields
Sing of stories and melancholy
Elysium awaits our perfect unity
And Serenity rests all eternity

Ride along lonely carriages
Romance shall ring faux prosy
Heaven yields a warm immortality
And Love awaits above - for you and I.
Based on Epitaph to Seikilos.
Feb 2019 · 181
Reine de la Peste
Charleigh Huston Feb 2019
Ominous winds circled above,
And I laid my claims to rest;

Hooves trotted about
Upon the moonlit Eve
To entreat forth upon the darkened quarter,
A haze lingering in their hearts;

"Parley, hold the roses,
The daffodils and tulips
The rosemary and thyme
Gather o'er the courtyard,
And let my ballad be at peace -"

"Pardon all further suitors
Amidst this incessant masquerade
Hearts and Souls swirl in angst,
Amidst this ominous parade;

The well of hearts hath run dry
Remaining as bloodlust; misery;
Just younger for the courtyard ground -
Give a prayer, par the bouquet,
To each suitor, that may arrive,
May their destiny prosy -
Through tender clouds
Before they meet the graveyard mound."
Dec 2018 · 384
Charleigh Huston Dec 2018
Because I could not stop for Death -
He kindly stopped for me -
The Moonlight held but just Ourselves -
And faux Immortality.

We ventured forth - Upon a Summer’s Day
Released of my pleasantries;
My Faith and My Culture,
For his Chivalry -

O’er to plains of Youth
Hath wrought the clouds of Rain -
O’er those fields of Disdain
Until the skies of Dusk;

Dusk yearned for Dawn
Amidst rainbows damasked of Gray -
To tears of Melancholy,
For all Eternity
The first few lines are based on a famed Emily Dickinson poem, with some changes. The rest is my own.
Sep 2018 · 377
Charleigh Huston Sep 2018
A divine road awaited;
Above the university of pain,
A pathway to the fortune,
And mysticism of divine glory

The scholar beamed his delight,
Another student opened to the world’
; A World of fright
Of Darkness - Nobility,
Chivalry, and Solitude
Away the Scholar proclaimed,
“Tear down your artistic walls,
Turn yet another page
And let it echo through hallowed walls,
All the World’s a Stage.”
Mar 2018 · 214
Charleigh Huston Mar 2018
A spark laid upon my heart -
Shining my way through

The rainclouds rolled in
Come back
Another day

The light went out
And my soul

Forever it may depart
The light of my life has gone out
Mar 2018 · 296
Queen of Despair
Charleigh Huston Mar 2018
Laid to rest,
Sentenced to perish -
Spirits of Divine manifest,
To show me the light again.

Calling to me;
The angels bellow their hymn,
Once more across my coffin;
My wallowing reprieve -

A tear rains down -
For the song of the heavens,
Breaking the jewels
Of the burdening crown.
Feb 2018 · 570
Charleigh Huston Feb 2018
I built a wall like Berlin,
With our two hearts,
Entwined like a limerick;
Kept within arm's reach -
So when our heads spin,
I'll tear it down -
Brick by Brick
Jan 2018 · 340
Charleigh Huston Jan 2018
The window opened,
In search of divine delight
- Only nothingness and despair;

The moonlight beamed,
Across a starry night
- With only eternal disrepair;

The waves crashed ashore,
With waves of the ocean blue
- Crystal blue!
Shining like the eyes,
That needed his repair;
Jan 2018 · 432
Witch Hunt
Charleigh Huston Jan 2018
A noose hung high,
For the man lost of mind -
The town gathered round'
For the hanging tree mound
With shouts
With stones
With condemnation
To an innocent man bound;
A burning avatar yield,
Dead - by word of town.
Why is everything such a witch hunt nowadays? What happened to innocent until proven guilty? People are crazy today!
Jan 2018 · 389
Charleigh Huston Jan 2018
Dance with me;
Under this moonlight -
A song hangs prosy,
Through the January air ~

Give me your heart,
Send it to the angels -
Ut benedicta cor meum
Ut novus dominus est scriptor;
Up into the air,
Of our divine night
Jan 2018 · 276
Death of Christmas Eve
Charleigh Huston Jan 2018
There's no poem to describe,
Death on a Christmas Night -
Amidst the stars of the city,
The toys idle in their shops,
The delicate carols of the streets;
The joyous circle of family -
It would be the happiest season,
If tonight;

I finally entered the light.
Late Christmas poem.
Jan 2018 · 630
Charleigh Huston Jan 2018
The eyes of Times Square stared in wonder,
To a New World just yonder -
A World of Hope,
A World of Love,
A World of Faith;

Yet all I see;
Is despair - repetition
Like a song,
Forever on repeat ''
Happy New Year.
Nov 2017 · 400
Eyes of Venice
Charleigh Huston Nov 2017
Rivers of wonder,
Nights of yonder,
Lights of delight;
And - your eyes - forever somber
Sep 2017 · 386
Charleigh Huston Sep 2017
Chivalry prevails all,
On this mired moonlit mascarade;
None may avoid its shadow,
None evade its pride.

Charity it ensures, of pride,
May channel it's empathy;
Through bells - Silver bells!
Carried with stride!
Sep 2017 · 278
Road to Joy
Charleigh Huston Sep 2017
Play your violin!
Play it again -
Through our city streets
Through the eyes of wonder,
In the luminous windows -
Of people in our road -
Where hearts finally meet;

Upon our Road to Joy.
Sep 2017 · 380
Charleigh Huston Sep 2017
I found our new Earth
Our divine Love and Lord,
On this new world;
Our new Jerusalem,
Our new Oasis.

*** nostrae Telluris novum inveni:
Et Domini nostri divinam amore, de hoc mundo;
Nostra urbs Jerusalem,
Beata noster novus Oasis.
I'm looking for my Oasis.
Jul 2017 · 700
Charleigh Huston Jul 2017
Nothing in the shadows
Lurking in the dark
They know my name -
Curling with their fake smiles

Just watching me
Watching me burn

Wither in fire,
Give me their mark -
And find something;
More in their eyes.
Inspired by "Abracadvre" by Elena Siegman
Jun 2017 · 406
Charleigh Huston Jun 2017
I see fire,
In his eyes -
I see burning desire,
Within his delicate lies.

I see fire,
O'er his lips -
I see fading stars,
Within his eclipse.
May 2017 · 736
City Soul
Charleigh Huston May 2017
She's the sweetest thing from down in Brooklyn,
Took my soul on a train ride,
Back to Upper West Side;

Her hair was like the Hudson Bay
Running off with my soul downstream,
Taking it back away -

She's like roses,
Perched upon Times Square;
Swaying in the November air
Apr 2017 · 352
Charleigh Huston Apr 2017
I wish

I could just


From the law,
From the tyranny,
From the injustice,
From the dishonor

Even if

It's in the past
I wish to escape from the tyrant *****.
Apr 2017 · 901
Charleigh Huston Apr 2017
I saw a road with parting paths;
One to the spoils of romance -
The passion in thine eyes,
The rose within your cheeks;
A soul of withering Love.

To the lost forest -
Of distraught
Of terror,
Of abandonment from your Soul.
Mar 2017 · 1.0k
Charleigh Huston Mar 2017
There upon the ballroom floor;
Lights shone down -
On the couple of the evening grand -
With a choir singing their Love,
And eyes illuminated in beauty,
With stormy hearts ablaze;
That night may forever restore.
When you visit your prom this year or your next slow dance, I hope you find love within your partner's eyes. <3
Mar 2017 · 478
Charleigh Huston Mar 2017
I like to watch the wind -
Sweep away the troubles,
Sweep away the fallen,
Sweep away the doubts;

Complaining all the while;
With jealousy,
While the Wind -
May only rejoice.
Random stuff because I can't sleep!
Feb 2017 · 505
Charleigh Huston Feb 2017
Serenity passed through the mountains,
Through green pastures,
Through a silver moon,
But my Love?

Passes through wars -
Falls in blood and tears,
Turmoil, and doubt;

But always -
Falling deeper in Love for you.
Random gushy shizz at 1 AM.
Feb 2017 · 402
Charleigh Huston Feb 2017
Falling... and wondering.

Falling... and pondering.

Falling... and recollecting.

Falling... and memorizing.

Falling... and regretting.

Falling...... and fearing.


And then - awakening.
An excerpt from a story I wrote.
Feb 2017 · 908
Charleigh Huston Feb 2017
What skyscraper towers above?
O’er the streets of New York?
O’er the couple in a tree?
O’er the passing cars,
To cast love in it’s walls -

With loneliness upon it’s brow;
Barren of anyone’s Love.
Jan 2017 · 661
Charleigh Huston Jan 2017
Mirror on the wall,
What drought just yonder shall fall?

Searching upon the brink,
I lost my way;
Until the reflection was gone -
Away in just a blink;

Then, tell me mirror -
Do they understand;

Being experimental with my style tonight. Why not?
Jan 2017 · 819
Charleigh Huston Jan 2017
Pen me a Letter,
Hand it to the sky -

Let the Lord bless the words,
Let it flutter with the birds,
Let it pass through the times;
Through the hardships,
And fill it with our Love,

And float down;

- As your heart’s feather.
Just chilling out and writing off the top of my head tonight to break this depression.
Dec 2016 · 798
Charleigh Huston Dec 2016
The finest tune plays,
Through December streets -
A girl’s eyes twinkle;
Amidst the snow’s velvet sheets.

And if every heart was her snow?
They would drift in grace -
For no snowflake;
Ever falls in the wrong place.
Dec 2016 · 272
Charleigh Huston Dec 2016
And what MIGHT moves the tallest mountain?
What finesse may it hold?
Only the strongest of Love -
May be so bold.

And what night shall she sing?
What might shall the bell toll?
For only the mightiest Love -
Is pure of Soul.
Dec 2016 · 423
Charleigh Huston Dec 2016
I see FROZEN leaves;
Shimmering in the snow,
Reflecting the stars,
Entranced in their glow -

And the heart flutters down,
Like a frozen leaf;
With their glow fading away,
In a Winter motif.
Jul 2016 · 1.4k
Charleigh Huston Jul 2016
The CAMERA that rolls behind a silent film,
Is most distinctly heard -
Lest what Angels gift the snowy valleys,
May mystify His every word.
Jul 2016 · 468
Charleigh Huston Jul 2016
I have but the most MODEST desires;
For what lies in heaven -
And within my words they lay,
A soul; broken in Eden.

But what wrought my prayers?
What would suffice?
I found but just one Desire -
That the Lord may entice.

Alas - upon God I prayed -
“Oh, Great Lord, I request for thee;
Grant me a heathen of yours,
For anyone but me.”

A smile writhed upon His brow -
His holy light faded;
The ghouls danced around me,
Their smiles jagged and jaded.

I exited the temple that dreary night -
My prayer was lost,
The stars shined upon it;
And God - shined embossed.

That weary instant arrived;
A tale for a Maiden’s Grave,
Spoke he, “Whom you may ask,
Shall be there on your final enclave.”

Thus, a shiver; and a look upon the skies,
Within the ominous wind -
As not a cloud laid above,
And no star remained aligned.
Jun 2016 · 335
Charleigh Huston Jun 2016
The WATER of New York,
Has flooded once more;
And I am upon a heart’s door,
Without a droplet to spare;

Yet fine Water; runs dry,
When a heart rains,
And not a droplet can be found
In the clouds of it’s sky.
Wrote this the other day!
May 2016 · 549
Charleigh Huston May 2016
WHEREVER we take our flight,
     Into the everlasting night;
I shall follow,
     Into yet another plight.

Wherever those stars shall fade,
     Into the ethereal plane;
Embrace the Love of my words,
     Into yet another masquerade.
Wrote this free verse earlier.
May 2016 · 538
Charleigh Huston May 2016
A TITLE divine is mine,
For a Wife without
A second of the Lord's Time.
Set this Prison free,
Burdened onto me -
The Queen of Chivalry.
Royal is all but the
Crown -
Diadems of my Death.
A lake to Heaven opens,
When two eyes meet
A Crystal to Crystal -
Rebirth - Renaissance;
Clouded -
Just in moments
Of a Loving Victory -
Erased away,
With the Title

Of Wife,
      And Husband,
And on her mood's decay,
Breaking their melody,
In this life,
Is it ever her own day?
May 2016 · 772
Charleigh Huston May 2016
A SOLEMN thing it was,
      To see a woman white as can be,
And wear, under forbidden bells of melody,
      Her hallowed gown of mystery.

Such a timid thing to drop a life,
       Into the wedding's well;
A well so bottomless, that it shall return -
       Eternity until.
Poem about arranged marriage. Because.
May 2016 · 3.1k
Charleigh Huston May 2016
I ENVY the seas of Neptune that he rides,
      I envy the thrills,
Of his royal chariot of May;
      Gracing these glistening hills.

Gaze upon our journey, Love!
       Where the stars may gleam
On our forbidden melody,
       Bless this love, unto me!

I envy lakes of Swans,
        That flutter on August Eves,
That bless a forbidden Love,
        With newfound Autumn Leaves.

Opened is the portal,
         On this summer's Eve for me,
That jewels and diadems of Wealth,
         Shall never; could never be.

I envy our everlasting light,
         And bells that gently ring
Over that fateful evening,
         That - envy shall bring.

Yet interrupt Spring's blossom,
         Even when our hearts may bleed,
Run into this everlasting night,
         Under the stars with me.
I can see the stars... from America, oh.
May 2016 · 473
Charleigh Huston May 2016
I LIVE with him,
      On every dying day;
Until it's sundown,
      Calls my own decay.

Only foreboding is the Love of mine,
      A divine right that he;
Painted the seas invisible,
      No marriage granted me.

I live with him,
       I stand alive today;
Behold the melancholy,
       Of our dying decay.

Teach me the Time -
       That counts our days;
For our Love is darkness,
       In a sagacious haze.
May 2016 · 274
Charleigh Huston May 2016
LET me not dwell on a Spirit's dream,
        By a Lover's pain;
But only endure my everlasting plight -
        So it may arise again.
May 2016 · 287
Charleigh Huston May 2016
I found a SPIRIT down in the meadow,
Just by the fireside on New Year’s night;
    I held his words to my chest.
“When there ever is a sea of Love,
Hold your gaze into it’s eyes.”

And two days past the four scores of End,
As I breathed February’s Air,
    Donning the Queen’s Gown;
The spirit came around the bend -
“Love for the Maiden so fair,
Who’s loveship; in the sea went down -
And are you happy now?”
May 2016 · 1.5k
Charleigh Huston May 2016
My heart must be a SPARROW,
    Because it flies!
My heart must be mortal,
    Because it dies!
Hang that Sparrow from the tree!
    Ah, my sweet Heart,
Why do you burden me?
May 2016 · 883
Charleigh Huston May 2016
Not with a SWORD is a heart slain,
       Not with the Angel's Tune;
Is a mirror of wonderment,
       That gleams in the Dark of the Moon.

Lash at the Guardian Golem,
        Until it falls -
Collar them the noble,
        For the keys to the heart of the Doll.

Sagacious was the bird,
         That the maiden descried;
Just above the chamber,
         To the heart that died.
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