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Charleigh Huston Mar 2019
While you live, shine
Have no grief at all
Life exists for a short while
And Time demands its due

Walk above sacred paths
Touch all the hearts yonder
Youth withers as a black garden
And Death lingers like storms

Play about flower fields
Sing of stories and melancholy
Elysium awaits our perfect unity
And Serenity rests all eternity

Ride along lonely carriages
Romance shall ring faux prosy
Heaven yields a warm immortality
And Love awaits above - for you and I.
Based on Epitaph to Seikilos.
Charleigh Huston Feb 2019
Ominous winds circled above,
And I laid my claims to rest;

Hooves trotted about
Upon the moonlit Eve
To entreat forth upon the darkened quarter,
A haze lingering in their hearts;

"Parley, hold the roses,
The daffodils and tulips
The rosemary and thyme
Gather o'er the courtyard,
And let my ballad be at peace -"

"Pardon all further suitors
Amidst this incessant masquerade
Hearts and Souls swirl in angst,
Amidst this ominous parade;

The well of hearts hath run dry
Remaining as bloodlust; misery;
Just younger for the courtyard ground -
Give a prayer, par the bouquet,
To each suitor, that may arrive,
May their destiny prosy -
Through tender clouds
Before they meet the graveyard mound."
Charleigh Huston Dec 2018
Because I could not stop for Death -
He kindly stopped for me -
The Moonlight held but just Ourselves -
And faux Immortality.

We ventured forth - Upon a Summer’s Day
Released of my pleasantries;
My Faith and My Culture,
For his Chivalry -

O’er to plains of Youth
Hath wrought the clouds of Rain -
O’er those fields of Disdain
Until the skies of Dusk;

Dusk yearned for Dawn
Amidst rainbows damasked of Gray -
To tears of Melancholy,
For all Eternity
The first few lines are based on a famed Emily Dickinson poem, with some changes. The rest is my own.
Charleigh Huston Sep 2018
A divine road awaited;
Above the university of pain,
A pathway to the fortune,
And mysticism of divine glory

The scholar beamed his delight,
Another student opened to the world’
; A World of fright
Of Darkness - Nobility,
Chivalry, and Solitude
Away the Scholar proclaimed,
“Tear down your artistic walls,
Turn yet another page
And let it echo through hallowed walls,
All the World’s a Stage.”
Charleigh Huston Mar 2018
A spark laid upon my heart -
Shining my way through

The rainclouds rolled in
Come back
Another day

The light went out
And my soul

Forever it may depart
The light of my life has gone out
Charleigh Huston Mar 2018
Laid to rest,
Sentenced to perish -
Spirits of Divine manifest,
To show me the light again.

Calling to me;
The angels bellow their hymn,
Once more across my coffin;
My wallowing reprieve -

A tear rains down -
For the song of the heavens,
Breaking the jewels
Of the burdening crown.
Charleigh Huston Feb 2018
I built a wall like Berlin,
With our two hearts,
Entwined like a limerick;
Kept within arm's reach -
So when our heads spin,
I'll tear it down -
Brick by Brick
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