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Charleigh Huston Sep 2020
I am an addict -
For your pain
Your love,
Your roses,
Your touch;

I am a house of cards -
Full of pain
I fall apart
Like rain

But you -
Are to blame
For my;

Addiction to pain
Charleigh Huston Sep 2020
For I feel;

broken down

There’s no
Repairs to be done

I am a Machine -
Full of bolts
And scrap
Driving me haywire
I don’t work anymore
Anhedonia - An inability to experience pleasure from activities usually found enjoyable.
Charleigh Huston Sep 2020
Our love was a BATTLE;
Between our two hearts
Swords clashed together
Of clanging steel

I refused to bow,
To your royal seal
My sword raised
And cut our love in two;

The battle ceased,
Victory rang prosy
And all I feel
Pain -
Of what I had to undo
Charleigh Huston Jun 2020
Where did you go
I lost my way
Across raging seas
Along stormy nights
Through hellfire
And destruction

Where did you go
I envy your light
O’er Hudson Bay
O’er my city streets

Where did you go
Everything is cold;
Yet burns -
Everything is dark
And nothing shines

Where do I go
I lost my way
Through the endless night,
Deafening silence
Hills of Despair;
Without your light
Charleigh Huston Dec 2019
You’re nothing but Ice
You cast shivers on;
My soul

You’re nothing but snow
Falling in flakes upon
My aching heart -

You’re nothing but doubts
Like icy roads
On Christmas Eve

Bestill my mind -
Shiver my soul
Show me your frights
For all I really wanted;
Was your Ice
Charleigh Huston Sep 2019
There’s no more;
Liberty -

Sing me summertime blues,
Color me different hues -
Take my joy away -
Set the rain clouds at bay

Drain my time from me -
Allow rain to fall in melancholy,
Sink it all in drugs
Let my heartstrings flutter about -
Lost and forgotten
Fluttering free and misguided
Alone in the dark
Like little lightning bugs.
Charleigh Huston Jul 2019
Of blood and beauty
The northern lights shine
Winding in it’s colors
Dancing with itself
To eternal love psalms -

Without a concern for chivalry
To the world, or unto me,
Let the lights paint my heart
With dashes of validity
Till’ my petals falter,
Away from my black rose,
Away from the world,
Away from their ignorance and doubt

Festivities are benign;
Empty and hollow
Bury them til’ my doomsday
A time far from now
Beneath colored skylights
That only love may allow.
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