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Becca Nelson Dec 2019
If you didn't have her
Would you want me?
Or one of the hundreds of others
That have also probably fallen for you

If you didn't have her
And I put effort into myself
Could I earn your adoration?

If you didn't have her
How could things go?
Becca Nelson Dec 2019
Am I awful?
Because I still think you're using me
Just because I'm nearby and she isn't
Is it okay for me to keep feeling like this?
You told me not to pursue but I never intended to
You have her
And she has everything I don't

I know I'm annoying
A pain in the neck
An easily flustered girl
But you called me cute
You said you loved my laugh

It hurts me so badly
Knowing that you can't see
How badly it cuts me
When you say things like that

When you trace circles over my skin
I want to cut it off
Not because I hate you
But because I can't stop falling

I hate myself for falling for you
Because you have her
And I'm just me

So please spare me my feelings
And tell me,
Am I awful?
Becca Nelson Aug 2019
Please don't hate me
Please dont turn away from me
Please dont leave me alone to rot

That's all I can do in my mind
All I can manage to do
Is beg to not be abandoned
Becca Nelson Aug 2019
I've spent too long
Wondering why,
Why when I do so much
For everyone else
Do they never
Do as much to help me?

Am I being narcissistic with that?
I want to say no
And I also want to say yes

Am I supposed to apologize for that?
How nauseating
Blaming myself
For things I don't understand

I wont blame myself for what you did

Are you serious?
Expecting me to just lower my head
And say
"Yes, it's my fault,
I'm sorry"

I wont anymore
I finally care about who I am

So no,
I wont apologize
Becca Nelson Aug 2019
It's so strange to admit
That I miss touches
That I miss laying against someone
And watching our favorite movie
And knowing it so well
That most of the time
We just quote the lines

I miss feeling someone lips on mine
Distraction kisses
So I get a few more points in a game

I miss being loved
In a Rose tinted light

What am I doing wrong?
Becca Nelson Aug 2019
I'd like to stay here a while,
Is that alright?

Just let me lay here while you talk
And talk
And talk
And I'll listen,
Is that alright?

Can I cheer you on,
When no one else does?
Is that alright?

I'd like to hear you ramble excitedly
About things I dont understand,
Is that alright?

Is it alright for me to care so much,
So devote myself to helping you?

Is it alright for me to put everyone above me?

Is this alright?

Am I alright?
Becca Nelson Mar 2019
Is it right for me to think like this?
To make my choices
Based on how fun someone looks?

Because ****
I feel selfish and shallow
But why should I?
I just want to have fun
What's so wrong about that?

I dont enjoy being bored
So will you be fun?

Why is it such a shock
That a girl like me
Wants fun

The people I spend time around
Aren't the type
To have my kind of fun
And that's fine
Because eventually
I'll find my fun
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