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Colin E Havard Mar 2014
The leaves wave at me
In universal greeting,
Renewing life bonds.
The Missing Link - Gaia's Boy Toy
Colin E Havard Mar 2014
Manufactured individualism
Quickly assimilated into societies and cultures
Conditioned to salivate uncontrollably
Whenever marketeers ring their bells;
And the conglomerates ring their hands,
Anticipating chaching, kachinging cash registers
And the ecstasy of zinged credit,
As their manipulations percolate
Through the media-saturated masses, moping
Susceptible to provocation of whims
Due to implanted inadequacies.
The child, youth - by extension, parent;
The socially inept, unconforming conformists,
All fall under the svengali-spjaller's dulcet nagging -  
To Buy! Buy! See you next Tuesday, Suckers!
The Missing Link - Gaia's Boy Toy
Colin E Havard Mar 2014
A zephyr's caress
Provokes listless leaves to dance;
Animates still life.

Mute witness, ancient;
Observing seasons and Man -
Awaiting progress.

Alien life-form,
Symbiotic vitalism
Understood - Unknown.
The Missing Link - Gaia's Boy Toy
Colin E Havard Mar 2014
Now I've bought a Rhyming Dictionary
I can avoid a fatal coronary
Any time I'm fool enough to rhyme.
The Missing Link - Gaia's Boy Toy
Colin E Havard Mar 2014
Cigarettes burnt low -
Stain fingers, damage organs -
Slow, sure suicide.
The Missing Link - Gaia's Boy Toy
Colin E Havard Mar 2014
Once you "shift" - you're off
On a manic adventure, chaotic and mysterious:
Buoyed by a self-aggrandised delusion;
Your off to explore and discover;
To find answers to unposed questions;
To clarify coincidences and follow tenuous connections;
Compelled to experiment and to wander,
Wondering about unfathomables
And your place in the Cosmic hierarchy;
Trying to fit Reality into your newly conceived World;
Trying to fit yourself into a newly conceived Reality.

All information is relevant and pertinent,
Although your filtering system is faulty -
It all relates, even though connections aren't made;
All those colours and sounds and improbable texts;
All those lyrics absorbed and randomly regurgitated;
All those shapes and serendipitous meetings,
Conspire to cement and contradict;
To fuel conspiracies and entrench coincidences.

However, these wondering wanderings
Have their price - and the cost is potentially lethal.
The thin veneer of civilization is threatened
By an unpredictable Actor searching unpredicted truths -
Eventually, a collision of Authority and self-empowered delusionist;
A collision of the socially endorsed and the socially disenfranchised;
A collision with only one survivor -
When you re-emerge from the Institution
You're changed; shattered, re-constructed and de-fused
For the Greater Beast that We call a Civil Society.

[Afterall, I've repeatedly maintained that War {even on the Conceptual Plane}
Is not a Legitimate Occupation, but a sometimes Necessary Evil to protect the Innocents and Idiots working for Our Simple Pleasures in the Essential Evil that is Life as We know it at Present. 10/3/2014]
The Missing Link - Gaia's Boy Toy
Colin E Havard Mar 2014
Boring and rude?
That's a rich call, coming from you!
But rude I'll concede,
Given the circumstances -
You pester me with calls and texts,
And invade my private domain,
And won't listen when I say, "No" -
What would you expect?
That I'd be grateful towards
A drunken lush intruding my peace?
That I'd be receptive to a needy egoism
More entrenched than Catholic Dogma?
No, that is not my way - No!
You can get f**ked! And I told you -
I had to spend an hour
Convincing you I wasn't interested;
That your infatuation wasn't reciprocated;
That, when you're drunk, you're not worth knowing;
That I've heard of your glory days
And your present travails a million times;
That you can't offer me what I need -
A decent conversation, nor a decent *******.

And I told you - I didn't pull punches;
I didn't lie - I wasn't playing games.
I told you in no uncertain terms
And you didn't like my Truths -
Perhaps they touched a nerve?
Rude? Sure, maybe I was,
But there was no other way
To sink these facts through your alcoholic haze.

As for boring - I'll not concede boring.
I may not lead an exciting life,
But boring? No - anything ****.
You've a hide, when every conversation
Begins with an "I", "Me" or "My";
Anyone would think the World revolves around you!
You take egocentricism to a new level;
So self-involved and hard-done-by,
You feel the need to inflict yourself on others.

Adios, me amiga!
And, Hola, me Amigos!
The Missing Link - Gaia's Boy Toy
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