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Need gives birth to Desire
Desire hides behind her mother
Appreciation decays to Addiction
Until Appetite refuses Satiation
Dependency’s family tree
Can be quite controlling
the barefooted blind man complains
about the hot sand under his feet
when all he wants is water
of the oasis a few steps away
and he turns from his guide

journeys are many moments
that take trust, patience, and grace
Chandler Ames Feb 26
bully and beast
tummy and tongue
circus trainers thankful
that they tame lions
Chandler Ames Feb 26
out there somewhere
exists a world where no task remains
straight and narrow
nest for each sparrow

waves steady fill e'ery shore
fill my eyes with chore
ah, close to sleep
still scattered sheep

go on and slumber
go on and fold your hands
drink your wine in remembrance
but forget about the broken bread
dogs will eat those falling crumbs that the baker loves
scattered sheep become the choicest meat
but hired hands never weep over flocks and fleece
lost to dogs on another's land

quite the comedy that the sparrow learns to fly
pushed out o' nest at the most convenient time
quite the travesty that a shepherd must leave the 99
in chase of what was forced out the 'fold.

ocean waves turn from tasks to tears
as understanding fills the years
my brother suffers, my neighbor dies
as the fragrance of my Father's love
turns to rot and stench and sty
but the birdbath's baptism is too wet
so i'll go on a crooked wretch

out there somewhere
exists a world where one less task remains
trust and treasure
nest for one more feather
and while i don't know where it lie
i know which way to fly
but i never liked migrations
more than the bed where i'll die
Chandler Ames Dec 2019
I grew up a little boy
With a mom and a specter
Looking for food
Looking for love
By 13 I hadn’t learned yet to read
My friends and I ran the streets
Looking for blood
Looking for love
By 17 I was on my own
My friends shot, and shots became my friend
Looking to numb
Looking for love
By 25 I was a father of three
My kids dependent on me, and I went to drink
Looking to run
Looking for love
By 40 I didn’t remember anything
Woke up in Jail, again, and needing to think
Looking to God
Looking for love
By 50 I’m still on the street
By 50 I still have to drink
A man stopped by to greet
He asked me some questions
Gave me some food
And I cried
He came back, and was angry that after two days, I still hadn’t changed
But it was 50 years that made me this way
The man went home
Looked in the mirror
And saw that he was a drunk like me
Unable to change on his own
And where he had met another with hate
He was met with love
And he hated himself for it.
Why do we hate ourselves?
Chandler Ames Jul 2019
I think I know what I believe
Then I don't
I do know what I don't believe
Everyone else knows what I believe
More than me
They see how I live
Chandler Ames Jun 2019
chasing a ghost
looking behind the curtains of belief
in the closets of statements
chasing a ghost
checking the cabinets of actions
down the stairs to the heart
I see the ghosts
and I **** them with judgment
in the name of perfection
I see the people
******! I’m a murderer!
making more ghosts to chase
keeping me lonely forever
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