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I don't know where I began.
I don't know where I'll end.
But I don't need to.
I know where I am right now.
I'm with friends. I'm with you.
And to me, that's a pretty
great place to be.
Sometimes, feelings stay
Even when we beg them to leave......!!!
Why can’t I stop loving him though it hurts too much to bear.....!!💔💔💔
 Feb 22 Chad Young
i think that the most damaged people in the world
are the kindest
and the softest

because they know
that scabs can be picked
and you can bleed
My mind is like a Sunday morning in a weekend farmer’s market. Alive, chaotic and beautiful.
Lost spirits at dawn
come to my prickled
ear & sing to me
a midnight song.

Promise me, you won't
float away in the zephyr, nor
take too long,

for I am left with
the lost spirits
at dawn.
 Feb 20 Chad Young
How is it three years, and I still have the same dreams?
Can you explain that to me, lovely sparrow?
Clutching olive branch and yew bark
Grabbing in the dark for cold water, sweating down the glass
Bitter chlorine and calcium built up on the face
Mineral finger-paints, broken down with linseed oil and worn palms
Your eyes behind those old glasses, working clay on the wheel
Such pride in glazed pots collecting rain on the patio
Paving stones laid in sand, the last few crooked on account of the cervesa
Dry in the mouth like panting dogs, deadweight collapsed on threadbare carpet
How do we convince ourselves that it is desirable to be alone?
I hold you in my arms in a dream, whoever you are
Pulling all the strands out of a wicker basket, creating uselessness
Chattering keys on a laptop like shivering teeth
Coughing, faceless, men, the embodiment of misery in this night
The most beautiful pair of eyes I've ever seen, what other secrets lie beneath
that hijab?
Just a passing glance, most of the people we see, we will never see again
How is it some make such a profound impression with nothing more than a
Lying under the Joshua tree, surrounded by dirt roads leading nowhere in particular
Warm water mingles with the sweat on your lip
A sigh that send chills through me
The restless wind, nothing more
You're a dangerous
I'm told.
"Stay away from him"

"You are a treasure"
I'm told.
They say my compound
will never mix well
with yours

But the closer
we got,
the more I felt
our electricity.

The moment
your hand gently grazed my cheek
& our lips slowly came together

I knew our elements were
meant to combine.
 Feb 17 Chad Young
I always find a way to disappear
because that's what they did to me.
I can't say it's wrong or right
but it's what comes natural to me.
She would hold my hand

and look at me.

Pearls in her eyes,

like mine.

I don't have her eyes,

hers are blue,

mine are green,

but I could see myself in hers,

a faint mirror image

like looking into a lake.

Pearls on her cheeks,

whiter than mine.

I have young cheeks,

still burning red,

reacting like a traffic light,

to everything new and exciting.

She said that changes,

when you're older.

We sat there,

mine hand in hers.

I don't have hands like that,

hers are long like pianists,

wrinkled and full of character,

interesting hands.

Mine are young and smooth,

like a dolls hands.

So small they disappeared,

when we held hands.

And so freezing cold,

I would take her hands,

just to steal a little warmth.
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