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6.1k · Mar 2016
Dance With Me
CautiousRain Mar 2016
Dance with me and pay the price,
it's no big deal, the music's nice,
a twirl, a tap, why won't you glide?
I promise not to hurt your pride.

My heels click and stomp about,
your feet intact, without a doubt,
but something cracks, between us both,
a shattered, silent, bond-broken oath.

My smiles full of blind deceit,
your trust denied in fast defeat,
I've grown tired of this masquerade,
now you wish you hadn't stayed?

I can't believe you thought you'd be my match,
that we'd make it out without a scratch,
but jokes on you, and me too,
this was our final dance, so enjoy the view.
You thought you could dance with me, but we weren't even dancing to the same song. No wonder you walked all over me, we could never be in rhythm. We were never dancing the same steps.
4.3k · May 2015
Soggy Shoes
CautiousRain May 2015
Soggy shoes, rain in blues,
the frigid water splashing,
on my toes; from heels it flew,
walking here, just me and you.

Poking fun, the water runs,
from my feet, from our cheeks,
my steps align, from puddles they lie,
you cast aside a funny glance.

One wrong step, feet and legs all wet,
what a mistake, the ripples make,
displaced by our steps within the rain,
perhaps they'll be okay.

What a gaffe, you just laugh,
these soggy shoes upon my feet,
the rain seems awfully cool, soft whispers said,
it's been nice spending time with you.
3.4k · Sep 2015
Woman With Hat
CautiousRain Sep 2015
"Women who wear hats are the most beautiful."

The way her small smile extends;
the brim of her hat protecting,
capturing its radiance.

Her cheeks, flushed a deep red,
darkened only by the shadows,
of the worn, woven straw.

Her eyes, a dark, vibrant brown,
dancing with soft melodies,
as she hums with warm breath.

"Women who wear hats are the most beautiful",
he said,
*"How interesting is that?"
As I stood with my hat.
Somehow his little comment was the highlight of my day. A poem about myself inspired by a kind man with sweet words.
3.4k · Oct 2015
Hot Pink Soul
CautiousRain Oct 2015
My soul's hot pink,
like them bubble gum squares,
cool, strawberry fizzy drinks,
and a thick candy ice cream.

Those warm, glazed over doughnuts,
cupcakes with light sprinkles,
jelly beans, tufts of cotton candy,
and a tub of small macaroons.

My soul's hot pink,
like them candy hearts, sweet or ****,
chocolate coated easter eggs,
lolipops, and sugar rocks.

Those creamy cakes, fruity tastes,
of gum drops, frozen pops,
of sno-cones drizzled, cookie wafers,
and sweet marshmallows; smoothies.
My soul is pink, hot pink, and no one can stop it from living as it wants to. Not even you.
3.3k · May 2015
Bury It
CautiousRain May 2015
"It's always that easy. The problem is, you don't want to bury it."*

Lock it away, seal the case,
never let it surface or touch your face,
a simple caress, a broken sigh,
it's about time you've said goodbye.

A memory pressed against my cheeks,
I haven't  heard from him in weeks,
it throbs, it hurts, it makes me cry,
why won't this incessant feeling die?

Living, breathing, beating soul,
why must you hurt me so?
Please rid me of this tattered heart,
mend me, lest I fall apart.

Burn it, ban it, **** it now,
these feelings you must disavow,
with fragile lips you kiss farewell,
may these pains part ways from me in Hell.
Shout out to CR for the inspiration. I appreciate the talk we had.
(He's the one quoted at the top of the poem.)
2.9k · Nov 2015
Afraid of the Dark
CautiousRain Nov 2015
"I'm afraid of the dark," he said,
but what he meant, I couldn't grasp.

I'm afraid of the light instead.

What more could terrify me than a future I have to face,
a gleaming torrent of certainty,
a resounding push forward,
but the dark?

The dark is my putty; a shadowy liquid,
a fickleness that prays on hope and fear,
and with it holds an escape.

He fears the dark because it can deceive him.
I fear the light because it is the truth.
Late night drabble.
2.8k · Jul 2015
Broken Snack
CautiousRain Jul 2015
Crispy, and yet thin,
its rough curves shatter and snap,
salty, fragile chips.
A haiku to lighten up the mood. Also because for some reason there's a haiku section on craigslist, and I felt like I was issued a challenge.
2.3k · Mar 2016
Dear Mama
CautiousRain Mar 2016
Dear Mama, you taught me well,
but that's something I'd never tell,
cause complacency is what you preached,
so silence is what I reached.

Mama, you taught me well,
to sit and fiddle, do not wail,
but my emotions are worth much more,
when they aren't hidden behind the door.

Mama, you taught me well,
wishing for naught, I let myself dwell,
and so I idolized all the wrong people,
and followed demands like sheeple.

Mama, you taught me well,
to allow myself to mask my yell,
my tears, my frigid fears, my feelings unspoken,
when my heart lay here so broken.

Mama, you taught me well,
to lock myself into my own cell,
and now I feel I need release,
my soul deserves to be at peace.

Dear Mama, you taught me well,
but this sort of life I wish to quell,
and so I say I must change,
your lessons to me, estrange.
I still love you, but I refuse to BE you.
1.8k · Mar 2015
CautiousRain Mar 2015
My heart lay in a cloudy, milky state,
its cold, harsh pressure building up within,
leaving me to gaze, masking purpose.

My eyes, dull, hid the fervor,
encasing it in between my lips,
locking them together; smiling.

My breath remains methodical,
sweet melodies juxtaposed,
along my ears and lungs.

Feet pacing, heart staying,
I cannot last; ba-thump,
my hands begin to tingle.

One look, no words;
head spinning away,
there is no closure.
1.6k · Aug 2015
Ephemeral Solace
CautiousRain Aug 2015
My comforts, an illusion;
a man crafted in the mind,
to soften the blow of reality.

His touch, warm and delicate,
fake and fleeting,
leaving my heart twisted sour.

An intimacy, imagined,
hands merged with the air,
a hot fever overwhelming.

I cannot break free,
from this manmade delusion,
as too much of me relies on him.

Sanity shatters under my breath,
without his sweet embrace,
a broken mind created man in an empty space.
Ok so I felt I ought to face my  reality as of now. The only poem of mine about a figure who does not exist.
1.5k · Oct 2015
CautiousRain Oct 2015
Meet me in the 982.

Where the flowers grow,
pink, red; purple, blue,
and the sun always sets,
a hazy mix, a palette box, a painted mess.

Meet me in the 982.

Where dreams collide,
memories drift, wander, shift,
and the moon is white,
like fine porcelain cups; fragile chips corrupt.

Meet me in the 981.

Where your eyes are hazel,
or are they blue? Maybe green;
haven't you noticed, voices changed,
an ordered desk, books arranged?

Meet me in the 981.

Where thoughts like this,
conglomerate or dissipate,
haven't you ever missed a song,
a smiling face, is something wrong?

Meet me where the numbers touch.

Where colors smell and words taste,
where the universe collapses and reshapes.

Meet me where dimensions merge,
where mirrors break and lights fade.

Meet me in the 982,
where my heart will race,
waiting here for you.
Dimension jumping from the 982? But what if I want you to stay here with me? I guess I can't control that. Idea from the subreddit here:
1.5k · Aug 2015
Piano Man
CautiousRain Aug 2015
Cool ivory, his fingers touch;
A masterful sound.

Melodies crushed, words hush,
Heavy bonds do the notes make,
Beneath the weight of tears.

Pure white, dim-light,
Notes escape from warm breath;
The show goes on.
He played in the lobby, and it reminded me of someone...I felt my eyes begin to swell, so I closed them shut.
1.4k · Apr 2016
Midnight Snap
CautiousRain Apr 2016
You’d think when people made crackers,
They wouldn’t shatter,
But here we are,
Early hours of the morning,
Eating defective crackers,
With cheese, salsa, and laughter,
Cause these pseudo-chips are mocking me,
And the entire row keeps breaking,
But it’s okay,
Because even when things seem to fall apart,
We’re always there together,
Picking up the crumbs,
And making things better.
Part of a poem booklet I made for my friend's birthday.
1.3k · Feb 2016
Pendulum Heart
CautiousRain Feb 2016
Your heart moves like a pendulum,
the weight of the blood carrying;
as it beats, sways, and springs.

Ba-thump, ba-thump, ba-thump; swing.

The sound of your cuckoo-clock heart rings,
resonates, in my ears, and the vibrations echo in my mind;

your eyes blink, tick tock tick tock.

Ba-thump, ba-thump, ba-thump; swing.

Our eyes lock, whispers linger,
as our breaths synchronize to your metronome;
our feet fumble, tip tap tip tap,
and our time becomes lost in the sound:

Ba-thump, ba-thump, ba-thump; swing.
To my boyfriend with a quickened heart.
1.3k · May 2016
The Manipulator's Puzzle
CautiousRain May 2016
He knew the importance of words
and treated life like a crossword;
taking hints and context to places
that he never knew were possible,
solving them faster than his mind could keep,
he was full of it,
and every letter got him closer
to his dreams of entitlement.

Oh you've solved it, all right,
but his genius was limited,
nothing but words on a page;
The puzzles? He'd just skimmed it,
and each box became his defeat
for his words would no longer speak.

He could only solve the same book;
shoulders up, blamed his luck
on his limited palette,
maybe he'd done better if he invested
in a thing like vocabulary.

A forgotten mission, a new edition,
blew around in his mind,
but somehow he never could manage
to find the time
to understand these riddles' complexity,
and so to this challenge, *he'd flee.
I throw so much shade at this point, I ought to be a total eclipse of the sun.
1.1k · Aug 2018
CautiousRain Aug 2018
Speak to me in numbers
Something tangible
Equate your feelings with something
I can infer
Without asking you to
Work these problems over again.
this ****** has me writing the same type of poem again
1.0k · May 2015
La Mentira Del Nombre
CautiousRain May 2015
Hot, salty tears, muddled,
with the bitter, icy spray,
enveloped by the Atlantic,
desposed by pedigree.

Peoples, of all lifetimes,
swiftly, abducted from their blood,
with lament, embraces ripped apart,
sin left disguised, ousted love.

Lumber structures, like cages,
repressing their last breaths,
left few ongoing in the waves,
desposed by traitorous men.

Forceful souls, whose tongue called out,
reshaped their gruesome plight,
to overthrow the tides and toils, who,
ousted them at the site.

Desde África, a Cuba,
y entonces a América,
los abogados se lucharon,
y tomaron un caso de libertad.

Para un barco se llama Amistad,
todos los malhechos son,
la gente Mende querían justicia,
y tomaron parte por el mundo.
Lo siento en caso mí español no es perfecto...
997 · Jun 2015
Night Flight
CautiousRain Jun 2015
Ascending among the brilliant stars,
Varied blue, white, yellow, red;
Distinct and somewhat poignant,
Draped beneath the sky overhead.

Orion unsheaths his weapon,
Ursa major does not roar,
These bears and men who cannot see,
Lend faces to the whispy air as they soar.

Dark clouds, dim lit and hazy,
Among the moon's soft shine,
Each image is reflected,
In the city's humble skyline.

Descending alongside comets,
Hot, burning, coarse rocks,
Break free from godly confines,
And dance among men, stars, and clocks.
984 · Jan 2018
Melt Me
CautiousRain Jan 2018
I want my body to merge with yours.
Like a hot mess,
with our wax candle hearts
boiling over, coated in flame,
gasping for oxygen to keep burning,
I want to melt into you.
God, I love him so much. !!!! I showed him the poem and he replied "I want to melt into you too" <3 <3 <3
956 · Apr 2016
CautiousRain Apr 2016
He'd always leave at 2:53 P.M.
Swoosh fwoump.

It was only a matter of time,

I wanted to be free.

He'd strap me to a chair and whisper,
sweet stories that you'd coo to *a child,

with sour breath running down my neck,
his greasy forehead pressed against my tear-stricken cheeks;
it'd deteriorate and culture in my ears.

His scent engulfed my mind,
my body, my soul...

He made a grave mistake,
dressing me in grimy socks,
making me dance skin-to-skin,
forcing me to kiss him, call him.

Oh no, you see,
he should have known.

I betrayed his trust, I'd pay the price,
"Isn't that right, Leila?"

That's not my name.

"Now Leila, darling, you're going to be a good girl,
for Daddy, aren't you?"

That's not my name.

"Leila, sweetheart, I can trust you, can't I?
Hmm? This will be our little secret,"

That's not my name.

"Aw, don't tell me, dear, beautiful Leila,
you aren't scared, are you?"

That's not my name.

I knew him well,
after a few months,
and his smell was musty,
only when I let it be.

He always liked sweets,
like me.

He was disgusting,
and my wrists ran red with incisions;
he'd lick them clean.

He'd always leave at 2:53.

"Oh Leila, sweetheart, I expect dinner when I get back,
won't you be a good girl,
and do as Daddy taught you?"

That's not my name.

So I did.

This kitchen was charming,
as much as his worn dining ware,
lined with cracked roses painted by Chinese overseas,
wondering when they would be used.

This was the first time I'd seen him genuinely smile,
"You look especially beautiful, tonight, Leila,
perhaps it's the sparkle in your eye,"

That's not my name.

He took a sip.

His glossy eyes hovered above his glass,
and his gaze drifted over to me,
in my grimy socks and brown-stained apron,
my long, dark hair drapped over my shoulders.

Another glass,
another glass,
another glass,
sugary sweet,
down his lips,

He liked sweets,
dripping, sipping,
sugary sweet, nectar,
cool, smooth,

He'd always leave at 2:53.


2:53 P.M.

Silence at 2:00-

I'd heard him cry,
"Leila, Leila, Leila,"

That's not my name.

He'd always leave at 2:53,
He would never leave at 2:53,
2:53 P.M.

*I left at 2:53. Silence.
Prompt was ******, and I had just watched a video on how to escape a kidnapping, so yeah....
FUN FACT: Read all the bold as its own poem. Do the same for the italics. See how that makes you think.
948 · Mar 2016
Honeysuckle Kisses
CautiousRain Mar 2016
Darling, your touch, elegant,
like a soft petaled flower,
transfixes me in place,
and your scent drives me mad.

Warm sweet tastes,
like nectar, sugar drops,
trail across my skin.

Those flavors, refreshing,
like honeysuckle on a Summer afternoon,
bold and vibrant like the Sun,
coat my lips like morning dew.

My heart flutters,
like a hummingbird, fast,
and the only thought tormenting me,
is the desire to relive it again.
His kiss was so sweet, I didn't know how else to compare it but to honeysuckle.
903 · Nov 2018
CautiousRain Nov 2018
He was truly indebted
to my hyposmia,
As perhaps without it,
I could have smelled
That swindling, two-timing
Lying *******.
Once a cheater, always a cheater
sorry for the vulgarity (again), but I am channeling that inner southern woman who writes a song about hating her husband....that I never had.
I really do have hyposmia though, I can't smell most things
884 · Jul 2017
Go Ahead
CautiousRain Jul 2017
Go ahead and kiss me,
Pull me close,
Interlock our fingers,
Become my prose.
Funny how I write this even though I feel otherwise.
877 · Nov 2015
CautiousRain Nov 2015
You've become my rock,
I have to say, in this,
ever expansive planet, drifting,
among the vastness of outer space.

You're my sun, my North Star,
something warm that brings me home,
and I have to admit, this is,
a feeling I cannot kick.

You're my friend, as its said,
and I thank God for your smile,
your presence and honest jests,
you've made my life worth living;
you're the best.
To those friends who keep me sane, and make me feel safe. I love you the most. <3
861 · Apr 2017
CautiousRain Apr 2017
Flash forward.

Progress isn't possible
without a little dip in the pool
so keep looking back;
trip over the wires,
set them off and see what happens.

Flash forward.

Drag me through the mud,
but don't let me look
at the mess I've made
in the mirror.

Flash forward.

Hear that voice.
Hear it.
Hear it and weep.

Flash forward.
Flash forward.
Flash forward.

*Please don't take me back there.
Tbh I am pretty sure I am not okay but at the same time???? not much I can do about it so gg life, thanks so much
855 · Aug 2016
CautiousRain Aug 2016
Somehow I knew you before
in a cottage;
in tepid water;
in the absence,
waiting in
my own prayers,
and in dreams detailing
small snippets of the to-be
like clippings of newspaper.

I thought I’d lost you,
and I waded through hail
and quicksand,
trying to dig deeper,
but I hadn’t met you yet,
so when I started to remember
these sounds
sleeping in my mind
I knew I had to trek back.

Your voice plays,
like a record long saved, tucked away,
playing as it did the very first time;
each touch, a step
to a dance I always loved
but convinced myself I’d forgotten;
your smile, a comfort lost in childhood
a sun shining in my memories,
and I knew I recognized it.

You had to be ethereal.
Late night thoughts eat at me.
850 · Apr 2017
CautiousRain Apr 2017
Lest we forget your mistakes;
they seep into mine
making us both cold sinners.
Reverse haiku challenge. 7/5/7 syllables.
844 · Jul 2015
Transient Smile
CautiousRain Jul 2015
Feelings soon forgotten,
Had it not been for him,
Lips unlike before; fragile,
But the flutter all the same.

Playful, light glances,
Reveal much of the heart,
A renaissance began anew,
Inside the mind, body; start.

Awkward steps, a cold voice,
Washing over like the tide,
Left true to see a fleeting stance,
As they said their final goodbye.

Pure reflections of the face,
Left a smile to trail the sky,
The sun would whisper, clouds abound,
To dissipate among the stars.
France left my heart to wander, and my soul to question.
841 · Feb 2016
Drowning Girl
CautiousRain Feb 2016
The river's current starts slow,
chilled streams trickling,
toes shifting, in the dark blue-gray;
almost unpleasant to the touch.

As she wades, the pull becomes stronger;
ice cold, it entraps her chest.

Slwoosh fwssh, she winces as the wind picks up,
and her mind goes still; resilient.

Drifting, her body gives way,
fwuomp, pssshhh.
Almost lifeless do her eyes wash,
away into the water's murk.

Like a ship stranded at sea,
her body struggles to withstand,
water filling her lungs like the hull;
her cheeks pale and wet.

Gasps break the water,
sending ripples as wide as her eyes,
and the tormenting storm laughs;

Each time it moves, grabs, without asking, takes without giving,
and she floats.
Based on a poem I wrote at least 4-5 years ago, and I think this is a better adaptation of it. I no longer called it The River Beneath My Feet, but Drowning Girl based off of the line "A lesson learned from the drowing girl" and I worked from there. No original lines are left in this adaptation, I believe.
828 · Nov 2015
What Does She Do?
CautiousRain Nov 2015
What does she do when you sit in distress?
Your bowtie askew, this I asked:

What does she do when you stay up late, a restless fit;
an empty plate,
you do so sit, what does she do when you silently wish?

What does she do when you cope and pray, when you have wasted your entire day;
dreaming and hoping,
but to your dismay, what does she say when you look away?

What does she say when you laugh and cry, and how does she feel when you say goodbye? Does she smile, and beg to stay? I bet you wish it were that way.

What does she do when it comes to you, is this the life for just two, or are you rushing by too fast? Or must you hide behind your mask?

What does she do when you seem content, but can't muster a single, calm reply,
when I ask...
What does she do to your heart that I can't grasp?
Inspired by my friend whose heart is going mad.
813 · Oct 2015
CautiousRain Oct 2015
Throats burning, hearts clenched;
these pains, migraines, swell,
escape in small gasps, words,
spoken, broken, written in haze.

A victory: small, tall;
Warm, cold, bright, bold.
Blood runs thick, chills,
scattered thoughts race free.

Littered eyes, tries, soft cries,
do they decieve, believe?
Do they call out, shout, bribe,
or do they stop, drop, and die?
A "good death."
812 · Dec 2018
CautiousRain Dec 2018
The absence of you
has been so fulfilling
that despite what love I had to give,
I have found peace
in not giving.
I don't know if I want anyone or anything else for awhile. I need to think on it, he has really ruined it.
810 · May 2015
CautiousRain May 2015
Drugs, drinks, and the inebriated,
young lungs filled with toxic scents,
their hearts bursting at the beats,
laughing, ***** dancing,
as they're blinded by their age.
Dedicated to the senior party, where my eyes were opened to the ilk.
797 · Mar 2017
CautiousRain Mar 2017
Stay with me, somehow,
and see the world as I see it,
pretty and dreary,
though more dead than alive,
and squint your eyes into the sizzling desert,
riddled with hollow bones,
and look further to the flowering cacti;
then maybe you would see me reflecting back
in its fruit and know that it is my life;
I tempt death's grip,
but he cannot reach one so destined to survive
regardless of such extremes of hot and cold
or of such arid landscapes,
but I musn't sip at the clouds searching for water,
and maybe I'd admit I've tried,
so stay with me, somehow,
and discover me for yourself.
okay so maybe I am in a bad state but at least I haven't died yet
775 · Nov 2015
Sweet Twos
CautiousRain Nov 2015
February, you sing,
as the smallest (month), together we ring.

I suppose it was only fair,
that I fall in love like this,
my birthday, and your holiday,
we always have to share.

Although mine creeps before,
avoiding the martyr of your Saint,
and I know that it still kills me,
as I patiently drift upon your shore.

Sweet twos, you and I,
together we strive, linked by the stars,
and I think, perhaps, my soul admits,
I'm never ready to say goodbye.
757 · Oct 2015
Third Love
CautiousRain Oct 2015
My love for you is a different kind,
less explosive and hardened;
no longer plagued by ecstasy.

No romance, roses, or advances.

My love for you is a different kind,
not light-hearted, friendly, or smooth,
lacking tact, natural, or loose.

Not friendship, laughter, and chances.

My love for you is a different kind,
ostracized in form, yet firm, careful,
restless, persistant, and withdrawn.

Not lost, forgotten, or resentful.

My love for you is a different kind,
and I don't know what to do.
Tired. So very very tired. I am not sure what I feel for him anymore, but it is tearing me apart.
734 · Nov 2018
So Obsessed
CautiousRain Nov 2018
Why would you pretend
that you weren't in love with me;
continuing to play so dangerously
against others' skins,
trying to tempt something
from within yourself to not be
so **** obsessed,
so obsessed, I see,
that as soon as I was let go,
you looked inward
and started to project parts of me
onto every other girl.
If you want a girl to have the exact same behavior and ideals as me and you QUOTE ME to them even though these aren't your opinions, they're mine, you're hoping you can mold them INTO me
that's scary and NOT how it works at all
728 · Apr 2016
Living Lips
CautiousRain Apr 2016
I'm thriving.

It's impossible for our lips to meet,
just once,
without waiting for their next venture,
and how unreasonable it is
to stop
when your taste lingers:
and desirable.

Oh how I could never leave
your kiss of life,
as it draws me close,
our skin brushing against each other;
and how unforgiving it would be
to let such an organic touch die
without savoring its movements.

Let it be heard,
my love,
that I am truly living.
Asdfjkl; I'm weak again. He leaves for two weeks and this is going to be rambles with form, again...
713 · Apr 2016
Sunflower Stealer
CautiousRain Apr 2016
That neighbor of yours is a sunflower stealer,
No doubt about it,
And I think they made a grave mistake,
Picking flowers like that,
Because they missed the most beautiful one of them all,
You know,
Because when they picked them, they let you go.
Part of a poem booklet I made for my friend's birthday.
711 · Sep 2016
Metal Clang
CautiousRain Sep 2016
Palpitating palpitating
boom boom bust
a little bit of water makes a metal heart rust
palpitating palpitating
boom boom pow
your gears wound up but you don't know how
palpitating palpitating
boom boom crush
too many repairs make a weak heart mush.
It's one of those days
709 · May 2015
Something Strange
CautiousRain May 2015
There's something strange about him,
it's sorta hard to place,
but his smile is much too wide,
as it sits upon his face.

I used to think about it,
as I laid down in my bed,
but maybe, just maybe,
it was only in my head.

Yet others seemed to notice,
the awkward, unsettled glare,
and I too became conscious,
there's a little bit more there.

I took a breath, walked away,
but digging in my back,
were his eyes and eerie smile,
plotting its attack.

I should have known he was no good,
not for me at least,
he always seemed a bit unhinged,
some say a mighty beast.

He disappeared, for years it seemed,
no eyes, no smirks, no laughs,
but when he returned to me, he said,
he hadn't done so on my behalf.

There was something strange about him,
it was sorta hard to place,
but his smile was much too wide,
as it sat upon his face.
672 · Apr 2016
A Collector's Chance
CautiousRain Apr 2016
What are the chances,
a woman like me,
so obsessed with flowers,
branches and leaves,
finds something so beautiful,
so lovely pressed against my chest,
so intoxicating,
that without another thought,
I had to have him too?
I just collect so many flowers, leaves, sticks, pinecones, and rocks that my desk still looks like the outside.
He's just so beautiful, like the things I collect, I want to hold him close and look at him forever.
666 · Apr 2016
My Kaleidoscope
CautiousRain Apr 2016
Why is it that you always look so

When you laugh so much
that your face flushes red,
when your pink shirt reflects in your cheeks,
or when you stand in the sun,
bathed by the orange-yellow, white,
light beaming off your brow in specks,
when you surround yourself in leaves
of greens, dark and not,
and when you lean in close
to your computer screen,
and the purple-blues bounce off your nose.
Ahahahaha I'm weak
663 · May 2016
CautiousRain May 2016
Preguntame por qué la luz no la hará brilla,
o de qué manera
los arboles encinar transformaron
a ceniza y polvo,
consumen en el fuego,
y por qué nadie oyendo los gritos del bosque
llegaron para pagar sus respetos.

Estas soldados de madera necesitaron lluvia,
como lágrimas a la faz de una viuda afligida,
para calmar las llamas,
entonces, tomaron gotas de agua para pacificar sus dolores,
y en la noche, cuando todos era silencio
ellos dormían en el viento sin ansia,
como es el estado natural para madre tierra.

English version:
Ask me

Ask me why the light won't shine,
or how
the oak trees transformed
into ashes and dust,
consumed in the fire,
and why no one, hearing the cries of the forest,
came to pay their respects.

These wooden soldiers needed rain,
like tears in the face of a grieving widow,
to calm the flames,
so, they took drops of water to pacify their pains,
and at night, when all was silent
they slept without anxiety in the wind,
as is the natural state for Mother Earth.
Because it's been a while since I tried using spanish :P
661 · Apr 2016
CautiousRain Apr 2016
It's so unfair to us roses,
to be admired by every passing glance,
but what of our desires?

It is only fair we get a chance,
to peruse among such lovely sights,
and instead of glorifying our petals,
we could take fascination in your image.
Me? A softie? No way! Not like...not like I keep comparing him to flowers or anything. Okay, I do. I've got it bad, you guys.
655 · Jul 2015
Pull The Trigger
CautiousRain Jul 2015
Pull the trigger, take a hit,
poison drips from fingertips,
each pill shimmers upon the floor,
a deadly grip if taken more.

Casing lined in gold or silver,
with each hit, it takes a sliver;
a busted brain, a mangled heart,
they knew the risks from the start.

A curtailed cry, cut short goodbye,
two bullets settle in throat and thigh;
eyes rolled back in a glassy stare,
lips pulled apart, a forbidden pair.

Pull the trigger, take a hit,
blood runs red from fingertips,
men resting silent upon the floor,
the chamber clicks to silence more.
647 · Jan 2016
Stagnant You
CautiousRain Jan 2016
I drowned all my memories of you,
and let them drift to the bottom;
sea foam bubbled as you sank, and the thick green froth gurbbled when you plunged-
into the abyss, my cavern of exile.

I had to **** you so I could live;
but the fish, too, became intoxicated,
and so they were gone; crushed coral littered your descent into the black ink, to the places my mind won't reach.

My feet placed firmly, barefoot, caloused, in the chilled sands of time,
watched the water go still, and the sounds of life, birds, and the wind ceased, all the while the salty smell of defeat rest across the monotone blue.

I had to **** you.
Welcome 2016, the year of self healing and strength.
601 · Jun 2016
Bruises and Bandages
CautiousRain Jun 2016
Head pulsing; eight o'clock,
hair pulling has to stop,
burning purple, dull eyes,
barely breathing, sleep deprived,
drowning bodies cannot rest,
bandaged up,
what a mess;
pressure building and collapsing,
draining, lazy, and containing-
I would rather not.
598 · May 2015
CautiousRain May 2015
Thumbs fumble and caress,
exacerbated in mid-movement,
stress refusing to slip away.

Toes fidgeting, mouth stuttering,
eyes glossed beneath their cage;
warm lips sewn shut by breath alone.

Throat burning, stomach churning,
every sound becomes a bell,
every word garbbled; unnerved.
587 · Feb 2017
Unbreakable Flower
CautiousRain Feb 2017
I'm the kind of flower
that grows out of concrete,
but with one look,
I appear just like a ****.

I've got a reinforced stem
and a will to burst through the cracks;
I don't wilt without water,
and I refuse to cut back.

I grow in adversity,
under the shade, in the dust,
in the hard rock pressing against
my roots, when it's rough;

but I'm not some simple dandelion
waiting for grubby hands to rip from the dirt,
I'm a flower, not a ****,
I cannot be deterred.
Feeling kind of...strong, but not necessarily confident wise, but perhaps a bit of irritation mixed in.
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