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Caitlin Ayala Oct 2019
Surges of fear
Overtaking what we hear.
Where does the madness end?
Shadows of the day freed at last.

Voices of chaos
Shouting and crying
Where can we be free?
Feeling trapped again tonight.
The last part I’m not sure about but suggestions would be appreciated! :)
Caitlin Ayala Oct 2019
She closes her eyes and thoughts arise
Quiet blankets the mind
Blue light filters on as
Words warm the tired soul

The fear disrupts the frame of time
Words of mouth distract the mind
Sounds quiet down
As the words start straightening out.
Caitlin Ayala Sep 2019
So warm,
So new.
Come closer.
A tingling air,
Ridged with fear
Now a shared air,
Calm with sweet smells
Beating heart,
Rhythmically shared here.
A smile that tore through confusion,
And a face that shined adversely.
A kiss that could..
Could find my way back home
A poem me and a girl read together after I was left in a country I was unfamiliar with in a dream. This was as close as I got recreating this poem I read in my dream.
Caitlin Ayala Sep 2019
I feel weird,
And I feel relieved.
Your face is so soft
And your breathe is so warm.

This is a new feeling,
Sure but so unsure.

I want love
And I want no more pain.
I need you here,
And I need a promise to never leave.

New love,
Old expectations.
Caitlin Ayala Sep 2019
The drive to the airport
Quiet, an unbarring silence.
Sweaty hands interlocked;
Afraid to let go

Afraid I might cry if you let go;
One last goodbye;
Until I see you again,
Until we intertwine again.
Caitlin Ayala Aug 2019
Where grey skies fill my mind,
You are the sunshine that fills me .
You are the sunburn that annoys me,
But also warmth that comforts me.
When sunshine creeps in and wakes me,
It also gives me light to lead me.
The sunshine clears the grey clouds away.
Caitlin Ayala Jul 2019
It chases me;
Waiting to ambush and attack,
Nerves overtaking my chest,
Avoiding to  impress.
Why can’t I just act like the rest?

Bruised and battered,
Used and old,
But you’re so beautiful
Every scar, scratch a story told
So perfect, yet so many scars.
Why can’t I just see like the rest?

Scared and afraid of what to come,
Afraid of more scars.
Useless and imperfect
I want to be perfect;
But there is no undoing a scar.
Why can’t I just heal like the rest?

When you lie to yourself,
It hurts the most;
Trying to smile away the shame,
Disappointing a past self.
A past shell of myself grasping,
Gnawing at my own expectations.
I need to be like the rest.
Any critiques would be really appreciated!
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