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Luke Martin Dec 2014
I see you you got off, scott free.
You disrespectful swine.
You hateful trash.
You living filth.

Letting me swell with anger.
A violent flower, blooming with a blood dye.
You wouldn't be able to tell.
I have quite the poker face.
I'm so close to bursting.
You can watch if you'd like.
Watch my insides deteriorate.
Watch my lifeless arms come alive.
Only to grasp your washed out neck.

And to those who run the school.
Who let hate crimes happen.
Who think a slap on the wrist is acceptable.
You are to blame as well.

My love would rather side with those who hurt me.
She'd rather just let me burst.
She's not here to comfort me.
Only to respark my firestorm.

I'm so close
Luke Martin Dec 2014
I am the revolution
The nations main spark lit
Right to retribution
But we're retrograde fought fit
Hot spit
The only reason to survive
To lyrically call upon you
So our country can thrive
In your eyes we're alive
In my eyes we've already died
So we'll argue and argue until the point arrives

-Apostle Jones
Luke Martin Dec 2014
Why don't you call me anymore?
I miss the tone of your voice.
Your slight lisp.
The way you stumble over my name.
Your flawed perception of life.
The vacancy of emotion when you lied.
Luke Martin Dec 2014
"I don't know how I loved without you"
Her lips tickled my ear.
I could feel her breath reflect her sincerity
"I do, and it wasn't pretty"
I could feel her tense up, reliving every moment before me.
I wrapped my arms around reminding her where she was
Luke Martin Dec 2014
Eighteen Years, mixed, broken, and lost in the delicacies of life. Lust, love, and dreams more take control.
Luke Martin Dec 2014
You and me.
Alone for once.
Not physically, but emotionally *******.
I see your bare soul.
Left alone.
Killing our monotony.
Luke Martin Nov 2014
I could write about a romance that won't happen. I could write about a romance that has happened. But I won't write about a romance that will happen.
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