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CJ Dec 2019
Guns blazing red with evidence
Your discontent makes no sense
I'm left dry tears defenseless
Why did you build a trench here?

Kindly take a step left
I'll go to the right.
Just imagine the insight.
CJ Dec 2019
The weight of the world
The tiptoeing
Can we budge a bit
In our self saving?

Constant search
Never map knowing
If love is true
It's in our favour.
CJ Dec 2019
I shall cease to be
If I keep up with your pace
Open up and do you hear me
Shallow graceless race.

Finish line is blury
I'm standing here nor there
I wave my arms for help my dear
Your gaze is unaware.
CJ Dec 2019
Power for you
Tears for me
Control is yours
Mine is gone

Like constantly falling
Until I love you cushions
Hope resides where fear sleeps
I wish you could see
How you ruin me.
CJ Dec 2019
Vice in your words
Snake approach
Reins pulling heart strings
Wishes for changes

Feet frozen solid.
CJ Dec 2019
Love leaps and bounds
Knows no limits
Even in an avalanche
Tumble down within it.

Shed a tear,
Dig your way out.
CJ Dec 2019
Fire bright and crackle
Flame up and never change.
Dancing and forever
Burn, Move, Sway.

Distant darkness yerns for
Eye shine far away
Warm heart
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