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it's like a lustful liqour night.
like cool cigarettes.
warm bodies.
cold blades.
heavy words.
violent music.
vicious stares.
haughty hands.
like gunpowder waiting to jump the bullet.

it's like me and you.
the audacity you have to suggest touching me.

after all the pain you caused. after all of the shear kindness, I painfully gave at the expense of your weakness.

the audacity I have to even consider crawling to you.

I am not weak. I deserve better.

wake up, lover girl. he is not your project.
Adrian S Nov 26
I can not cut the ties that bind and this indeed is binding me.
Adrian S Nov 25
I'm tired of being a prisoner, within these cement walls, the days drag on behind me, it's a never-ending throng, of pointless conversations as we pass from cell to cell.

I long for the day when we transfer to the prison at least it's free and open, open for discussions. Open for my heart to cling to a dream drawing passion. Because today I'm tired of being a prisoner, in false hope, broken love, and fake laughter.
Adrian S Nov 24
It's not fair for me to be the one who keeps these strings attached

when my heartstrings were the ones he played with

but life's not fair so maybe now I'll admit I played with his heartstrings too... softly and unknowingly cutting away at them
Adrian S Nov 22
i wasn't very subtle

he knew my green eyes lied

but for a girl who always tells the truth

its hard to hide my bedroom eyes
Adrian S Nov 22
he was right

and i didn't even know

as his mouth drew music out of me

at that moment i knew

i was innocent....
#*** #love #sad #heartbreak
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