Jennifer M Aug 14

She looks in the mirror and with glazed over eyes sees the reflection staring back at her.

Dark circles, pale face, chapped lips, scars, bruises, sad blue eyes, and bone.
Nothing but bone.

Standing-she clutches the bathroom sink-as if it is her only lifeline.
Her once sparkling blue eyes leave the mirror and slowly move to the edge of the sink.

She sees the razor blade—an object which has now become her only escape.
Her only friend.

With trembling hands, she picks up the shiny metal razor blade.
Tears begin to fall from her dark sunken eyes.

She places the blade between her thumb and forefinger, takes a shaky deep breath and presses down. She cuts the inner part of her arm.

She cuts until she feels nothing.

She cuts until she is numb.

Jennifer M Aug 7

In the wintertime
Snow falls softly on the ground
Like my tears for you.

Autumn comes and goes
As well as the falling leaves
Thoughts of you remain the same.

Summertime brings heat.
As the scorching sun beats down
My passion grows strong.

Springtime brings new birth.
New flowers begin to bloom.
Feelings turn to love.

Jennifer M Aug 7

It began when you were all too young.
The black eyes. The broken ribs. The busted lips. The bruises.
While you should have been outside playing with your friends,
You were in your room crying black and blue tears and covering up your bruises.
You thought moving away would make it stop-but it didn’t stop.
And even now, you are in your room crying black and blue tears and covering up your bruises.
The bruises he gave you, the man you call daddy.
Your life is a lie and you live in constant fear,
Wondering when the next blow will be your last.

— The End —