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32m · 13
Carla 32m
A tattoo is more,
Than a blotch of ink,
A drawing on skin,
Is more than you think.

Regardless of what,
Your tattoo may depict,
The fine illustration,
Isn’t just what you picked.

It is a symbol,
If humans alive,
And how permanency,
Is all that we strive.

But a tattoo fades,
And we do as well,
Tattoos tell a secret,
That man cannot tell.

Just, before you fade away,
Tell humanity to **** it,
And go live your life,
Before you kick the bucket.
1d · 18
The Past
Carla 1d
Focus on the present,
I try to tell myself,
Do it for your future,
And your current health.

The past is in the past,
Focus here and now,
I try so very hard,
But I don't know how.

I keep looking back,
Over my shoulder,
And time just passes by,
And I just grow older.

I don't know how to forget,
Or rather, not to dwell,
I'm struggling to escape,
The hole in which I fell.

Life is racing by me,
It's going much too fast,
But I guess it'll keep going,
Because I can't ignore the past.
1d · 74
Carla 1d
Memories faded,
Locked with no key,
Hidden in great depths,
Wandering, but not free.
7d · 159
Carla 7d
Sometimes I sit,
Staring at my reflection,
Noticing every minor,
Flaw and imperfection.

A mirror is an opposite,
A flip of reality,
A twisted, woven lie,
Of our actuality.

What we do not see,
On a mirror's face,
Is the flipped perfection,
We yearn to showcase.

We only notice what is wrong,
Never what seems right,
And that is a mirror's fault,
Altering our sight.

But it is just a mirror,
A mere, flipped reflection,
But everyone is filled,
With inner human perfection.
7d · 18
Carla 7d
Roses are red,
Violent, sharp,
With love and life,
Music of a harp.

Roses have thorns,
Making hearts bleed,
Stealing their dreams,
Of ever being freed.

Roses have petals,
Soft as a smile,
Falling down slowly,
As they gather in a pile.

Roses help people,
Trying to win hearts,
But why do we use them,
We'll just get torn apart.

Roses are danger,
But are used to propose,
So many faces,
Of a single rose.
Carla 7d
I'm a writer,
Of the night,
Shying away,
From bright light.

I work at my best,
When no one's around,
So I can write,
In peace, no sound.

This may seem odd,
And it is, really,
But I like to write,
And often, ideally.

But that's not how it goes,
I can't write every day,
Sometimes there's no spark,
And it won't go my way.

But when I get going,
I will not go to bed,
As the night is my ally,
A mate, a good friend.

I prefer the darkness,
It gives me better sight,
This doesn't make sense, but,
I'm a writer of the night.
7d · 16
Carla 7d
A word can have,
Such interpretation,
And the word sinking,
Exceeds expectation.

It can be joyful,
Sinking into love,
Or sinking into sadness,
And sinking from above.

Sinking can be a ship,
With memories aboard,
But when this ship sinks,
They're forgotten and ignored.

Sinking can be anger,
Or sinking with fear,
Hiding away,
From those we hold dear.

Sinking, what a word,
But I can't help and think,
What if I'm waiting,
And am destined to sink?
7d · 33
Lost Love
Carla 7d
A lost love is,
A loosened grip,
A stumble, a fall,
A slip, or a trip.

A lost love is,
A tear down your cheek,
A heart so bland,
A soul so bleak.

A lost love is,
A downcast day,
A maze of misery,
A wall hiding the way,

A lost love is,
Though unwanted, there,
And for it's arrival,
We can never prepare.
7d · 28
Carla 7d
I'm crazy,
I'm weird,
I'm whack,
I'm feared.

But seen,
I've been.

I get these looks,
Though, what do they mean,
I haven't a clue,
But they're rather obscene.

I am an attraction,
That wasn't meant to be,
I've learned that I,
Just shouldn't be me.
7d · 444
Carla 7d
"I posted a poem,
So don't scroll past,
Read, like but please,
Make it fast."

"I'm yearning for approval,
The attention of you,
Just write a nice comment,
What more am I to do?"

I've gone through the effort,
But don't give me my fame,
Because asking for your love,
Just isn't the same.
Carla Jan 2
"Life is like riding a bicycle,
To keep your balance you must keep moving."

This was said by Einstein,
A man of talents, many,
Who would share his thoughts,
For much less than a penny.

He did have a point,
Life simply goes on,
It needs to be savored,
Before a chance is gone.

"It is as easy,
As riding a bike."
But life is harder,
Than we'd like.

It requires skill,
Focus and time,
And sometimes life,
Doesn't go by design.

Sometimes it feels like,
Make-believe, pretend,
But it is still life,
Until the very end.
Jan 2 · 22
Carla Jan 2
Here I am,
Away from home,
But on my own.

I'll live out here,
Until it's time,
To go back home,
To what is mine.

It's my duty,
My obligation,
To be here for,
This relocation.

It feels like years,
This is my void,
But here I am,
I was deployed.
Dec 2019 · 43
Carla Dec 2019
I feel so homesick,
Tears tracing my face,
I sit on my own,
In this new place.

We’ve been here so long,
Longer than a year,
But I miss my home,
Homesickness. My fear.

I miss all the people,
That I left behind,
In the first couple months,
Everything was fine.

We spoke all the time,
But now, barely at all,
Only ‘Sorry wrong person’,
And ‘Accidental call.’

I’m sorry that I left,
But I’m sorry to me,
For being locked up,
And throwing out the key.

I put this on myself,
I left those for which I care,
We’re no longer friends,
Why isn’t this fair?

Why am I so sad?
Why must I cry?
Why am I forced,
To tell them, Goodbye.
Dec 2019 · 88
Christmas in Australia
Carla Dec 2019
Christmas is near,
Summer is here,
Mozzies we fear,
Presents appear.

Bring out the thongs,
And barbecue tongs,
Where Santa belongs,
With our Chrissy songs.

Bondi is packed,
Beer bottles cracked,
Pressies are now packed,
Those, Santa has sacked.

But Australia is burning,
Our stomachs are churning,
A lot we aren't learning,
From how this year's turning.

This is our New Year,
We may shed a tear,
As we live in fear,
As Christmas comes near.
Carla Dec 2019
Blinded by the dark,
A light, nowhere near,
Able to hide my sorrow,
And my escaped tear.

The absence of light,
Is comforting, and not,
But is it really gone,
Or had we just forgot?

All the lights in our world,
Shine with utmost pride,
But in this room of darkness,
The light dares not stride.

I wonder if it's there,
Watching me intently,
Wiping away my tear,
Caressing the dark, gently.

I'm calling out for help,
A light in the distance,
I know you're there, please,
I know of your existence.

So please, reveal yourself,
In this room with only me,
Because you are all the light,
That we just cannot see.
Dec 2019 · 321
Carla Dec 2019
Wind through my hair,
Like water through a drain,
Running through life,
Running through the pain.
Dec 2019 · 40
Danger of the Drought
Carla Dec 2019
Water is of the little,
Rain is rather scant,
Dehydration of the people,
And death comes to our plants.

Drought now lives among us,
Down here in Australia's lair,
Water restrictions are higher,
And no one seems to care.

Who cares about our water?
Or how we waste it all?
They won't care until it's gone,
When there's no water left to fall.

Australians need to know,
Of the dangers we may face,
Because if we fail to understand,
We may no longer have this place.
Dec 2019 · 30
Fire's Cries
Carla Dec 2019
My eyes water,
Smoke grasps my breath,
A steady hold,
Expecting my death.

Fire, smoke, ash,
Winds passing them along,
Roaring, blazing fire,
Singing it's ****** song.

No bush nor grass,
Is any longer safe,
It yearns our surrender,
To steal and end our faith.

We can't defend forever,
We'll run out of supplies,
Please save us before our end,
Before the fire cries.
Nov 2019 · 92
Carla Nov 2019
It's own style.

Sitting next to those,
Who are the same,
But unique in the eye,
Of a loving dame.

A cute little tea set,
Identified by spots,
A woman yearning dearly,
For these matching pots.

Staring at the cups,
Along with their price,
Which seems to be as much,
As a god-worthy sacrifice.

But regardless of the cost,
The woman had the will,
To save up all her income,
Just for this thrill.

And that is what she did,
She got that tea set,
But to drink out of it,
She never let.

She couldn't handle it,
The risk of the task,
To drink from a cup,
Was way too much to ask.

So instead it stood,
As a lovely display,
In the cabinet of her daughter,
And it still stands there today.
Nov 2019 · 39
Carla Nov 2019
A man's frustration,
A horrid creation,
Feels like truncation.
Nov 2019 · 219
Carla Nov 2019
Flanders Fields,
Where dead men lie,
And mothers mourn,
And children cry.

Flanders Fields,
Where living men sigh,
Reading mates' names,
Their friend, an ally.

Flanders Fields,
Where land is dry,
In mid-summer,
Of early July.

Flanders Fields,
Where children spry,
Asking themselves,
They were gone, why?

Flanders Fields,
Where dead men lie,
And mothers mourn,
And children cry.
Nov 2019 · 30
Carla Nov 2019
This is simple,
I promise you,
That to my word,
I will be true.

It's easy,
Simple as pi,
Step up, don't be shy.

Don't back down now,
You're in too deep,
Keep pushing through,
And you'll play to keep.

This is simple,
I promise you,
So believe in yourself,
You'll have a breakthrough!
Not sure what this is, just a lil nonsense poem, enjoy. Don't know if you've caught on, but I've been using a random generator to pick out words from a certain selection for me. No matter the word, the challenge is to write something, anything. Doesn't need to make sense, but it needs to be written. This is my thirteenth poem that I've written, and it's quite fun, really. Feel free to give it a go, it's very enjoyable and entertaining. Have a nice day!
Nov 2019 · 34
Carla Nov 2019
Show me an indicator,
Of what suggests a traitor,
I'll be an investigator,
For this perpetrator.

We have a common denominator,
I promise, it's for the greater,
Good, this will be a creator,
From this treacherous infiltrator.

Because sooner or later,
You'll have to cater,
The need of this gladiator,
So please, show me an indicator.
Nov 2019 · 19
Carla Nov 2019
Half of wreckless,
Half of greedy,
Half of anger,
Half of needy.

Half a God,
Other, mortal,
A gateway for two,
For worlds, I'm a portal.

Don't know who I am,
Useless, I've always felt,
Blood is shed among them,
As currency, death is dealt.
Nov 2019 · 36
Carla Nov 2019
Fruit of the best kind,
Is all I want to give,
Hand-made, hand-cared, hand-picked,
For as long as I may live.
Nov 2019 · 20
Carla Nov 2019
Kept under surveillance,
Under lock and key,
Something for safekeeping,
Special, just for me.

I keep it under wraps,
Secret, hidden away,
Saved for someone special,
For a very special day.

No one can see,
Before I deem them fit,
For the thing I hold dear,
So, deal with it.

About this thing,
I care too much,
To let some commoner,
Feel its touch.
Nov 2019 · 71
Carla Nov 2019
Friendly, pleasant,
Easy to like,
Taking your stance,
Ready to strike.

Regardless of your antics,
I am not intrigued,
For I am not a simple man,
And I'm rather fatigued.

I don't understand,
Why you take your aim,
And fire for me,
I'm not the same.

Not like you,
Or up to standard,
Where you heard this,
Surely, it's slandered.

I'm not likeable,
So why you shoot for me,
Is unbeknownst by myself,
It's very hard to see.

You and I are different,
You, defined by popularity,
Then me, defined by smarts,
And my mundane ability.

You are you,
You're likeable,
This isn't the 1100s,
This isn't a round table.
Nov 2019 · 43
Carla Nov 2019
What is shared,
Is to cherish,
Not to disregard,
Not meant to perish.

Love is a thing,
So delicate, fragile,
Distributed willingly,
Confirmed with a smile.

To give out this love,
Is a simple process,
Something achieved,
Simply needed to confess.

Your job is not difficult,
Just be you, so cute,
And I promise that my love,
To you, I will distribute.
Nov 2019 · 28
Carla Nov 2019
In the bushes,
A man sits still,
A hole in his heart,
He yearns to fill.

By causing this pain,
On unsuspecting deer,
Causing their strife,
Sharing his fear.

How he does this,
Is poetic, at least,
Vicious and blood-thirsty,
This man's feast.

His heart is punctured,
So he punctures them,
With a bullet,
Sharp as a gem.

So he sits in bushes,
Before he announces,
His presence among them,
Then . . . he pounces.
Nov 2019 · 262
Carla Nov 2019
War is a play,
A theatrical piece,
Readying the cast,
Before decease.

Props in hand,
Mics linked up,
To calm yourself,
Drink from death's cup.

A play for onlookers,
To watch and stare,
Ready before,
The speakers blare.

Before the crowds,
We are attacked,
A play repeated,
To reenact.
Nov 2019 · 29
Dearest Australia
Carla Nov 2019
Dearest Australia,
How much you make me weep,
As we drown in sorrow,
Ash from the sky, knee-deep.

We wait for the war,
Against climates to end,
But we cry for help,
No longer able to pretend.

Our sweetest, dearest country,
A place we would call home,
Has become unsafe for families,
Unsafe to call our own.

We cannot keep the children,
Worry and stress-free,
So please help us Aussies out,
Please, Australia, help me.

There are so many things,
About our country we cherish,
But we just sit and watch,
As the flames engulf, as we perish.

Dearest Australia,
I need your support,
So help a mate out,
At Macquarie's Port.
Nov 2019 · 119
Carla Nov 2019
I sit and look,
At children around,
Sitting, chatting,
Playing games they found.

I sit alone,
And watch them play,
Thinking about them,
In another day.

What they aspire,
To do with their lives,
Is currently ignored,
As this room thrives.

But I'm watching,
Waiting for their move,
To life, themselves,
They are trying to prove.

So I sit, listen,
Wait for them to act,
I’ve mastered this skill,
Attention, I will not attract.
Nov 2019 · 27
Carla Nov 2019
A dilemma before a donkey,
Between two hay bales,
Teasing, tantalizing,
To choose, he fails.

Sitting and dying,
Perishing of thirst,
Because he couldn't decide,
Which bale to eat first.

A paradox they say,
Is this idea of free will,
A paradox they say,
Is capable to ****.

The hay is tantalizing him,
Tearing him to shreds,
Causing him to stand and watch,
The hay bales, 'til he's dead.
Nov 2019 · 25
An Untimely Call
Carla Nov 2019
Getting a call,
At an untimely hour,
Of untimely news,
Causing you to cower.

Receiving news,
Of an 'accident', so called,
Sitting, listening, waiting,
Sat, listened, bawled.

A loved one involved,
A head on crash,
All hopes and wishes,
Put aside to trash.

News, not the good kind,
Not good at all,
And this was entirely thanks,
To that untimely call.
Recently I found out my Aunt was in a car accident. She will be fine and make a full recovery, but I decided to heighten my emotions and write something from the perspective of a person who lost a loved one in a crash. Who lost everything in the blink of an eye. In my case, I'm lucky my Aunt isn't encased in wood, but for anyone who has lost someone, I'm sorry.
Nov 2019 · 693
Carla Nov 2019
No matter what religion,
Or what race,
Or what name,
Or what face.

Through all the torture,
Through all the hate,
In the end we all,
Meet the same fate.
Nov 2019 · 33
We Are Poets
Carla Nov 2019
We are lovers,
Loving those in need,
Those who deserve it,
Who sit broken, they bleed.

We are friends,
Of the paper and ink,
Writing what we want,
With little time to think.

We are tenants,
Of a place we call home,
Writing freely in this space,
Which we wish to own.

We are dreamers,
We live in our heads,
Connecting our thoughts,
With thousands of threads.

We are poets,
Writers of the arts,
Sharing deep secrets,
From the deepest of hearts.
Nov 2019 · 49
Lest We Forget
Carla Nov 2019
The time has come again,
Of commemoration,
To the men who fought,
At their final destination.

Years and years ago,
Let out, was a vast strife,
And among that war,
A man who lost his life.

Remembering those soldiers,
Lines and lines of men,
Who dreamt of protecting,
Since they were merely ten.

They fell while serving,
But their dreams were met,
And on this solemn day,
We say, “Lest We Forget.”
The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, a minute of silence is shared among Australians all over the country for Remembrance Day. Two years ago, I wrote a poem about Remembrance Day for a competition and decided to write another this year.
Nov 2019 · 194
Carla Nov 2019
"Living the same year,
Seventy-five times,
And calling it life,
Is the greatest of crimes."

A paraphrased saying,
Of Robin S. Sharma,
Reliving a bad day,
And calling it karma.

Repeat; Repeat; Repeat,
Stuck on one word,
Repeat; Repeat; Repeat,
It begins to seem blurred.

Repeat; Repeat; Repeat,
No longer sounding of dialect,
Repeat has become faint,
The word has lost its effect.

It seems to be the meaning,
That the word has lost,
No longer sounding real,
This seems to be the cost.

The cost of repeating,
The same over and over,
Yearning for some luck,
A lucky four-leaf clover.

Nothing seems to help,
Stuck in this trance,
No escape is found,
That was my last chance.
Nov 2019 · 72
The Spirit of My Cat
Carla Nov 2019
You burdened me,
With a name so cruel,
Who names a cat,
After a company of jewels?

Coco Chanel,
Yes, that’s who I was to be,
I did not name the brand,
But the brand named me.

Don’t get me started,
On that obnoxious mutt,
Chua, you called her,
I barely made the cut.

A terrible dog, she was,
I couldn’t stand her breath,
When I decided to catch a bird,
She’d claim it as her death.

And you know who,
Is at fault for this?
It’s you, human,
At the cost of my own bliss.

All because of you,
Alex and Sharron,
You were my downfall,
To the bird's talon.
Nov 2019 · 39
Teenage "Love"
Carla Nov 2019
Teenage love,
Is a sensation,
Filled with irrationality,
And temptation.

No way on earth,
Am I romantic,
Nor am I "in love,"
But I have become frantic.

I told this one guy,
That I might . . . you know,
And the fact I won't say it,
Just goes to show . . .

The awkwardness I felt,
Telling a guy, friends for a year,
And being friend-zoned twice,
By someone I hold dear.

It wasn't easy,
Not even in the slight,
And the conversation ended,
With him saying goodnight.
Nov 2019 · 48
Carla Nov 2019
The needle spins,
Round and round,
I'm lost out here,
Never to be found.

The compass never lies,
The needle never stops,
The trail twists and turns,
The door always swaps.

Left is a passage,
But nothing seems right,
Straight ahead is a trail,
Backwards is a fight.

The needle spins,
Out of control,
I chose this journey,
I must take the toll.
Nov 2019 · 52
On My Little Key Set
Carla Nov 2019
On my little key set,
I have a couple things,
I have an Eiffel Tower,
And an angel with wings.

I have a little flashlight,
And a ‘Bazinga’ too,
I have a couple photos,
Which aren’t at all new.

But on my little key set,
I only have 3 keys,
For the house and mail box,
To check when I’m free.

You may start to wonder,
Why are keys so rare,
That’s because these keyrings,
Make me smile and stare.

I got the Eiffel Tower,
In Paris, you see,
And the angel from my mother,
Who said she thought of me.

A flashlight for the night,
As I’m afraid of the dark,
And ‘Bazinga’ from my parents,
I promise it’s not that stark.

Now for the two photos,
They’re from a birthday event,
One is with my mother,
Who didn’t know how much it meant.

The other is with my cousins,
Four to be exact,
They’re all such good people,
And that statement is a fact.

All these things mean something,
They keep me at great ease,
And that is why my key set,
Has so little keys.
Nov 2019 · 26
Carla Nov 2019
Sparklers go off,
Light emitted,
A birthday princess,
In a dress well-fitted.

Party pipes ring,
Filling one with sound,
Leaving no one behind,
No unsmiling face around.

Knife brought out,
To cut the cake,
The very first slice,
For the princess's take.

Sparklers go off,
Fire everywhere,
Nothing can help,
Can only stand and stare.

Party pipes ring,
Like a siren's sound,
Hearing a shot,
And a thud to the ground.

Knife brought out,
No cake in sight,
Blood's decoration,
Is that of the night.
Nov 2019 · 14
Mirror, Mirror
Carla Nov 2019
Mirror, mirror,
On the wall,
Who is the fairest,
Of them all?

Mirror, mirror,
Tall you stand,
Who is the greatest,
In all the land?

Mirror, mirror,
Mighty, strong,
Tell me who,
Is in the wrong?

Mirror, mirror,
Don't play this game,
Who is the stunning,
Most bewildering dame?

Mirror, mirror,
On the wall,
Please, I beg you,
Answer my call.
Nov 2019 · 141
The Ol' Switcharoo
Carla Nov 2019
Playing a trick,
On a good friend,
Can never signify,
The relationship end.

A funny little gag,
The ol' switcharoo,
Left us waiting, watching,
Nothing else to do.

A little misplacement,
For our own laughter,
Waiting in anticipation,
With what might happen after.

A bad detective he'd be,
Seemingly blind,
Our friend struggles,
His hat, he won't find.

A good friend indeed,
But I wonder what'll go down,
With our hats replaced,
Will he laugh or frown?
Yes, my friend and I switched his hat out for mine and we are waiting for him to realise what is happening. Once he does... well, we'll see.
Nov 2019 · 18
Coil of Pythons
Carla Nov 2019
Stacking upon each other,
A coil of pythons stand,
Tails holding their weight,
Holding hand in hand.

The pythons work their hardest,
Prancing on their prey,
Yearning a sweet defeat,
But there is more at play.

A master of disguise,
A master of deception,
One will stop at nothing,
These pythons no exception.

The coil of pythons stand,
Holding each other strong,
A war to attempt success,
For a place where they belong.
Carla Oct 2019
Love is a social construct,
An empty train to conduct,
A missile set to self-destruct,
A faint light, by trees, obstruct.

A forest of unknowing,
Lies are of the showing,
In the trees, blowing,
A struggle is ongoing.

It will be the end,
All made up, pretend,
No way to defend,
No longer a friend.

Causing you strife,
Haunting your life,
Were husband and wife,
Now a blunt knife.

Useless, neglected,
*****, infected,
All memories collected,
No longer respected.

Life isn't simplified,
This relation long has died,
Told and forced to take a side,
No rules left to abide.

Slashed and yelled to go away,
Waiting like a sitting prey,
Filled of an emotional buffet,
Soon to become a vicious fray.

This surely can't be right,
Wasn't supposed to cause a fight,
Grasping for thin rays of light,
In the darkness of the night.

Impossible to find,
They say love is blind,
But I was defined,
By a tightly closed mind.

They said this was our time ahead,
Chose not to listen to what they said,
I was fatefully filled with dread,
On the floor, my soul had bled.

They have nothing left to say,
No one there for my dismay,
Just needing someone to come stay,
I'm left, lodged in this cliche.

Only destruction in its wake,
Love isn't blind, but love is fake.,
Nothing to give, just wanting to take,
Until it drives you to finally break.

Love is a social construct,
An empty train to conduct,
A missile set to self-destruct,
A faint light, by trees, obstruct.
Oct 2019 · 57
Overcoming Depression
Carla Oct 2019
Depression is a beast,
Of utter madness,
A being filled with stress,
And overwhelming sadness.

Inflicting its own pain,
On unsuspecting townsmen,
Never taking a break,
Striking again and again.

A mighty sword won't cut it down,
Neither will an arrow,
A dove isn't able to show it love,
And it can't learn freedom from a sparrow.

This treacherous monster,
How grand, how tall, 
Has no way of being taken down,
No way it will somehow fall.

This monster is strong and you are weak,
Or that's what it wants you to think,
But with time and spirit alone,
You can fight it with a blink.

It will cease, and it will fall,
It will leave you to not defend,
It will find another victim,
And you have made the monster your friend.
I have a tendency to do many weird things, and one of those weird things is writing about a random topic someone gives me in the shortest amount of time I can manage. So this was made in about 5-10 minutes and it was fun to make! I suggest doing this challenge if you're struggling with ideas and such. It helps a lot.
Oct 2019 · 46
Carla Oct 2019
Innocence is a bird,
A free-flying fowl,
Free from worries and weight,
Free from the nights’ howl.

A bird of love and wellness,
A dove of utter flight,
A sparrow home at last,
An owl in the night.

A single speckled feather,
Dropping, graceful, to the land,
Lighter than the sunlight,
Warmer than the sand.

Innocence is a bird,
A creature of liberty,
Innocence is in us all,
A part free of hostility.
This was made in a short amount of time for a friend, so it's a bit choppy, but I enjoyed it so here you go!

Side Note: Yes! The site is back! A miracle of the ages. Thank the lords of Poetry.
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