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Theo Mar 8
Always so hungry
But he doesn't mind
He'll bring me plates of meat and wine
He'll say "Go on and eat."
And who am I to decline
That pig headed man is much to kind
Theo Mar 8
I know the horned beast
Watches me from the trees
But I can't say I mind
It's whispers or sweet lullabies
Theo Mar 8
I see them in my dreams
The family that left me
Your long white hair it suffocates me
Your red stained hands hold my throat
So when the Deities look down on the burden you have become
Oh my dearest Icarus they'll hold you up to the sun
Theo Jan 15
I'm going to sit here and hug myself for awhile
While my mind screams and fights itself
I'll still show myself love
When things get hard and I tear myself apart
I'll hug myself for awhile
When you weren't there for me
proved you were what I fear
Just like everyone else
But I was there for myself
Theo Dec 2020
I'm going to turn myself into a great big beast and rip myself to ribbons! I swear my mental state gets worse by the second and I'm going to lose it! I want sharp teeth and big 'ol claws! I want to lay in the woods undisturbed for years and get up like i haven't been taking a thousand year nap! Eldritch beings don't have to worry about genders or medication, they only have to worry about what form is the easiest for humans to comprehend without their brains melting! I'm going to take my claws and teeth, and dig them into my ribcages! Every texture, smell, taste, everything!!! Has become absolutely unbearable! I don't want to talk I want to snap, growl, and snarl like some rabid animal! I want to be left to huddle in my corner and rot! I hate it!
Theo Dec 2020
I've been forgotten
I've been betrayed
So I'll curl up and become nothing
That's all I ever was
It's all I'll ever be
Theo Dec 2020
I brought you home
I tried to help you up
I was still down
I couldn't find my home
And you bashed my head in
You saw the venom in my words
You ignored the tears in my eyes
And double-checked to make sure I had died
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